Will Ferric Citrate (By Keryx) Become The Drug Of Choice For CKD/Dialysis Patients?

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By Johnny Bevers

  • Ferric Citrate has numerous health benefits that help CKD patients manage serum phosphorus and iron stores

  • Drug is approved by the FDA

  • Helps those on dialysis to avoid intravenous iron infusions lowering bundle costs for dialysis clinics

  • Improves patient quality of life and could extend mortality

  • Improves the economics in dialysis clinics

  • Drug will be readily available in December 2014

Keryx Biopharmaceuticals CEO, Ron Bentsur, recently spoke at the Rodman and Renshaw 16th Annual Global Investment Conference.  During his lecture, he outlined what he believes is a blockbuster drug that helps patients with chronic kidney disease on dialysis.  A transcript of the discussion follows:

“First, I want to thank Rodman and Renshaw for inviting  us  to present at the conference.   With no further ado, I want to basically  tell you about the updated Keryx story, now that we have our first  FDA approval for ferric citrate in dialysis patients.  So, before we start,  I just want to caution that I will be making forward-looking statements, so I do encourage anyone who is interested  in the company story to read our disclosures that are  available on the Internet; in particular the risk factors that appear in our public filings including the most recent 10K for 2013 and the second quarter 10-Q.  So, in terms of the company’s evolution, we are a very typical biotech story, if you will… We started out with early-stage development, some early clinical work and we became a later stage development company and I’m very happy to say that now we are a fully integrated commercial entity,  we have a very strong clinical team as well as a very strong commercial team and we’re ready to go.  Our first FDA approval is for ferric citrate  as many of you around the room know.  This was approved last Friday on September 5th by the FDA and what it is, is a prescription proprietary pharmaceutical grade drug and right now were still using the generic name ferric citrate.  Initially the name Zerenex, which we were using for several years was approved by the FDA, but subsequently that approval was rescinded and now its part of the re-review of the name occurred as a result of the fact that we had to submit a major amendment which led to the three month PDUFA extension, that I’m sure many of you remember.  So, right now we’re in the process of basically getting a brand name approved by the FDA and we do believe that we will have a brand name certainly by the time we launch the product which is approximately 12 weeks from today.   The indication for the compound is the control of serum phosphorus  in patients with chronic kidney disease on dialysis and we plan to sell the drug as I just mentioned in the United States beginning in the fourth quarter approximately 12 weeks from today and also keep in mind  that the drug is already marketed in Japan; that approval came in January of this year with the launch  bar partners Japan tobacco Torii; that launch occurred in May of this year, and also, we have submitted the MAA which is the European filing a few months ago  and we expect a decision by around the middle 2015 for our filing in the European Union.  Just a couple of words in terms the chronic kidney disease market in the patient population where these patients all reside.  So, obviously when you think about chronic kidney disease, that’s a very substantial pyramid of about 25 million people, and right now we’re focused on (in terms of the first approval) the dialysis patients in the US, so there are approximately 450,000 dialysis patients, and approximately 80% of those patients are on phosphate binders chronically, so hundreds of thousands of patients make up the addressable patient population and they’re all in dialysis clinics.  When you think about the typical dialysis patient, this is a patient who is very burdened, they have elevated phosphate, they have vitamin D issues, they are anemic, iron deficient, obviously, they need the required retro co esis for red blood cell production and so on;  and when you think about the dialysis treatment, they come in three times a week, like clockwork for sessions that can be anywhere from 3 to 4 hours at a time, they take multiple medications, including phosphate binders, but a whole host of other drugs, including many IV medications as well, such as IV iron and ESAs; and it’s very important to mention that all these parameters whether it’s anemia parameters including the iron parameters such as ferritin an TSAT are monitored routinely in the dialysis clinics; our drug is not going to change any of that, so we will essentially be part of the routine monitoring that these patients undergo.  When you think about the dialysis providers, who are these companies that provide these dialysis services?   So, there are about 15 main (or key) dialysis providers including the two big ones including Davita and Fresenius that cover about 90% of these dialysis patients in the country, and these are dialysis providers that essentially provide treatment, A-Z for these patients, the minute they walk in, they are fully taken care of in terms of nurses, in terms of dietitians, in terms of social workers, and so on.  The dialysis providers really are responsible for the well-being of the patient and obviously that’s what they try to provide;  but at the same time, these dialysis providers are also businesses, so they need to think about their profitability, so when you think about that aspect of the dialysis providers, you also need to think about the bundled payment system.  This is a capitation system that was put into place at the beginning of 2011, and it covers the dialysis procedures so there’s a set fee that the dialysis providers receive every time a patient comes in for a dialysis procedure.  But, also the IV drugs are covered under the bundle.  So, IV iron, the Vitamin Ds, and also the ESAs of course.  It’s very important to keep in mind, that these drugs (the drugs that are in the bundle currently), represent a cost center for these dialysis providers.  The oral drugs, which include the phosphate binders, are not in the bundle, and they are not expected to be in the bundle until 2024.  The dialysis providers do not pay a penny for those drugs-that’s all through reimbursement.  On one hand, you’ve got IV drugs which is a cost center.  On the other hand, you’ve got oral drugs, which they don’t pay for.  It’s very important to understand that these providers; not only do they need to take care of the well being of the patients which I think they do fairly well, but they also need to worry about the economics of running a business.  There was no better example about the shifting of the usage of these medications such as we saw when the bundle was introduced in January of 2011.  Before the bundle was introduced, there was a fairly high amount of ESA usage, and a relatively lower use of IV iron; and that kind of crisscrossed as the bundle came into being.  The use of ESAs started to decline because it was a higher priced point drug as opposed to IV iron, and to compensate for that (remember the well being of the patient comes first), so the use of IV iron went up.  Again, these are all the toggling types of decisions that dialysis providers need to make.  Keep in mind that with the bundle that’s put in place, they are financially constrained, they need to find new ways to continue to generate the profits that they seek to make; keeping in mind they need to first of all take care of the patient.  So, when you think about our phase 3 study (the long term phase 3 study), the primary end point in that study was the control of serum phosphorus.  Then we had secondary end points of serum ferritin, TSAT, and then the use of IV iron, and the use of ESA versus the active control group.  It’s also very important to mention that these secondary end points were all analyzed by using a statistical hierarchy, so we had to hit first of all, phosphate (obviously), but then we had to hit ferritin, with a P value of  .05 or better, then we can move on to TSAT, and so on.  I urge all of you to seek out and read the recently published results from the study in the The Journal of the American Society of Nephrology publication.  It’s a highly prestigious nephrology journal; and that data is all there, and I certainly urge all of you to read that.  But, just to kind of touch on the data that we saw… so, the primary end point was phosphate, and you can see there that we hit that with a high statistical significance, and then we moved on to the ferritin and TSAT.  It’s very important to understand that ferritin and TSAT are the key differentiators.  The minute you can show a difference in ferritin and TSAT, that demonstrates that you have iron absorption.  Once you’ve got iron absorption as an oral compound, and you prove that, everything else really flows from there.  So, your ability to reduce IV iron, your ability to reduce ESAs, you would not have that if you don’t have an increase in iron stores, or iron absorption.  So, those two parameters were particularly important for us, and you can see that those were achieved with very highly statistically significant results.  Then, as essentially a byproduct of the fact that the drug was able to increase iron stores, that also led to dramatic reductions in IV iron versus the active control group and ESAs.  Now, moving on to the label…  Of course, we would’ve liked to have seen more in the label; however, we do believe that there is sufficient differentiation in the label as it currently exists, and in fact, we would not stop including the risk of extending the PDUFA further, if we didn’t believe that.  So, when you look at the pharmacodynamics section, the iron absorption, the increase in ferriting and TSAT, and serum iron for that matter, are clearly there.  That is the key differentiator folks.  That allows you then to see these other effects that we saw in the clinical trials.  In addition to that, when you look at the warnings, clearly, it states again, that there is iron absorption with ferric citrate the monitoring the ferritin and TSAT part, as I alluded to in the prior slide, that is routine…  We’re not changing anything in the monitoring of iron parameters in dialysis centers.  That is routine (part and parcel) of regular visits that these patients come for.  When you look at that warning and precaution, we believe it clearly alerts the physician to the fact that they may need to reduce or all together discontinue the use of IV iron when the patients are on ferric citrate just like we saw in the phase 3 study.  So, again, we believe that ferric citrate is the only phosphate binder that has that; the increase in iron stores, that makes it differentiated.  All the other phosphate binders control hyperphosphotemia; well, we do that too.  But none of the other phosphate binders increase iron stores with all these benefits that could come about by doing so.  When you think about it visually, in terms of phosphate binding, we’re the same as the other phosphate binders.  Certainly, the market leader is Phoslo and Renvela.  We’re non-calcium based, Phoslo is calcium based as many of you know, and we’re the only ones that can increase iron stores, so we, again, truly feel that we can set a new paradigm in the way patients are treated for their hypophosphatemia and also to increase iron stores and generate benefits on that front, and we believe that ferric citrate could become the dominant phosphate binder on the market.  It’s not going to happen day one, give it a little bit of time, but we believe that it will happen.  When you think about the hypophosphatemia market in the US; this is essentially the growth graph that we’ve seen over the last five or six years; the annual growth rate or the CA has been above 10% in terms of revenue and right now it’s approaching 1.3 billion in the US,  the market leader in terms of dollars and also in terms of scripts is Renvela; and then you have the other two ones  which are PhosLo and Fosrenol; and again this is a growing market with patient population growth of about 3% year on year and the pricing obviously exceeds that and you end up with a CAGR of about 11 or 12%.  Now shifting gears to our commercial effort.  Again, that something as the CEO of the company excites me very much because I think we’ve put together a very strong commercial team.   Greg Madison who is standing over there in the room.   Many of you may know a little bit about his bio but Greg headed up the Genzyme renal division for a couple of years including the launch of Renvela which was one of the most successful launches in the history of renal drugs and we’re very fortunate to have Greg as the chief operating officer and leading the charge on the commercial front.  In addition to Greg, we’ve been able to bring together a team of very seasoned, very experienced senior managers, each within their own disciplines,  so marketing, operations, sales, and payer access, and again I urge you to look at some of the bios of these people; very, very distinct experiences in the key areas that were looking for… renal, phosphate binders, etc.  When you think about the ferric citrate launch and what were doing right now, as we head toward the expected launch in about 12 weeks.  The offers have been extended to the majority of the sales reps or the slots that we need to fill, so were targeting just under 60 sales reps for the launch.  Two thirds of those roles or slots have already been filled; again with people that were essentially hand-picked by all these folks that I mentioned earlier who are heading up the key parts within the commercial team; and of course, now we can begin formal contracting discussions with the payers.   We had a lot of informal discussions with them prior to the approval, now that we have the approval we can begin the formal part of the discussion on formulary; and again we expect the launch to occur within 12 weeks of today.   When you think about the growth opportunities for the company, now we need to shift our eyes to the right side of this pyramid of chronic kidney disease and what it is that we’re doing in pre-dialysis, or chronic kidney disease stages 3 to 5, so,  it’s a very large patient pool… we believe that there are easily well over one and a half million people that have chronic kidney disease stages 3 to 5 that are also suffering from iron deficiency anemia, and that is the target population that we are going to go after in pre-dialysis.   when you think about anemia and chronic kidney disease  the overwhelming majority of of the patients will become iron depleted  and many of them will start suffering from anemia  even before they go on dialysis  and when you think about the oral preparations for iron that are available  they typically don’t work  for a variety of reasons  they could either be poorly tolerated  or they just don’t work in terms of of efficacy  or they’re not absorbed adequately so we believe there is a tremendous window for  drugs such as ferric  citrate  and we party proven that in the phase 2 study  for an oral iron-based drug  that actually works in this indication and we believe we can really address; essentially an undertreated  or an untreated patient population that runs in the hundreds of thousands if not millions. When you think about the phase 2 study that we conducted that was completed about nine months ago; this was a double-blind placebo controlled study looking at chronic kidney disease patients stages 3 to 5 who also had iron deficiency anemia, and you can see the results there the primary endpoint in fact was  phosphorus and TSAT it was a co-primary endpoint but we also look at other parameters like ferritin and of course hemoglobin which is the path forward if you want to get a drug approved in pre-dialysis.   We showed statistically significant results along all those parameters, and our phase 3 study which is pending commencement, we expect to start that this month, so in the next couple of weeks, we will be looking at hemoglobin as the primary endpoint.  This will be a pivotal study; if we succeed with this study we believe that  we will be able to file an FN DA for label extension to go into pre-dialysis. We are going to target enrollment of 230 patients, at stages 3 to 5 chronic kidney disease with iron deficiency anemia.  The primary endpoint, as I mentioned before, is hemoglobin.  At week 16, there’s going to be a two month safety follow up, so all together a six month program.  This is something we’re doing with the hematology division within the FDA, so we filed an IND within that division and that’s going to be routed through that division.  In terms of the international expansion, we talked about the Japanese approval that occurred earlier this year and the launch that occurred a few months ago.   Just a couple of words on the economics.  So, first of all, the end-stage renal disease market in Japan for phosphate binders (or the dialysis market) is about $350 million, growing at about pretty nice clip year over year,  and the first branded phosphate binder to ever get approval in pre-dialysis, not just dialysis; that approval occurred about a year ago, and ferric citrate which is sold under the trade name Riona in Japan was the second one, so that approval in January covered both dialysis and pre-dialysis in Japan.  In terms of our economics, we are owed double-digit royalties that start at the low teens escalating to the mid teens, and there are still are about $55 million in cash milestones that are due to us based on sales thresholds in Japan.   I also discussed the European marketing authorization.  Before we filed our MAA in Europe,  so that’s the equivalent of the NDA in Europe, earlier this year and we expect an action date around the middle of 2015,  and we are determining the path forward in other geographies such as Latin America, Eastern Europe and places like that.  So, let’s just recap and talk about the milestones what people can expect over the next few months.  So, we had the Riona approval in Japan or the launch that occurred in the second quarter of this year.  We did have pharmaco-publications that were made public, highlighting what we saw in the clinical trials, the ability of ferric citrate in those clinical trials to lower IV iron and ESA use by way of its ability to increase iron stores.  You’re going to continue to see a flow of information on that front.  Obviously, September 5th  was an exciting day for us with the FDA approval of ferric citrate in the US.  We do expect to initiate the pivotal phase 3 pre-dialysis study testing ferric citrate for iron deficiency anemia in pre-dialysis patients in the US; that’s expected to occur in the next few weeks, this month.  In terms of the commercial launch, that I discussed, we expect that will occur approximately 12 weeks from today.  And ASN, we expect will be an exciting conference for us.  It’s the biggest nephrology conference of the year.  For us, it’s particularly important for us this year because it will be just ahead of our launch and we expect to have several data presentations there and I also urge you to look for additional journal publications that will occur over the next few months highlighting the clinical benefits and highlighting the pharmeco-economic benefits that we see with the compound.  So, we do look forward to an exciting and eventful  next few months ahead.”

I know that the above presentation is lengthy, but I felt it necessary to lay the ground work for what I’m about to tell you about ferric citrate.  This is a drug that benefits patients on dialysis and was recently cleared by the FDA.  The hard part is over; and Keryx will soon begin marketing the drug in the United States, while continuing to establish the markets in both Japan and Europe.  Remember, the approval in Japan is complete with the ability to treat dialysis, and pre-dialysis patients.  Keryx has double digit royalties and milestone payments being accrued daily.  European approval will be here in the middle of 2015 and will catalyze sales once marketed.

Because it offers outstanding results as both a phosphate binder and an iron store producer, dialysis clinics will be able to cut their costs and run more efficiently by not having to provide IV iron.  Since iron levels are checked frequently by healthcare providers, there’s no increased testing requirement for those on ferric citrate.  So, the big question on everyone’s mind is how much money will it make?  Well, if you assume that ferric citrate will become the market leader for 400,000 patients across America (only), and the company sells the drug at $5,000/year per patient, you’re looking at gross sales of $2B annually.  If you assume a 20% overhead rate, you’re looking at $1.6B in earnings.  Carry that through to a PE of 15 and the company is worth $24B.  That’s more than 20 times what it’s selling for in the market today.  Now, lets say things don’t go quite as planned, but they get approval in Europe and are granted a label extension for pre-dialysis patients…  Well, since these patients are looking for phosphate binders and are probably anemic and iron deficient, they’re medical providers will almost certainly want to try the drug on them.  This has the potential to explode the stock beyond the $100 mark.  Ok, I know it’s hard to predict the future, but I for one am very LONG KERX for all of the above reasons.

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By Johnny Bevers Facts About Silverfish Bugs Silverfish bugs can be easily identified by their scaly silver exoskeleton and antennas. They have scales that cover nearly the entirety of their body and are only an inch in size at most. Nearly unidentifiable by the naked eye, they can be hard to get rid of once … Continue reading

The Top 5 Cloud Computing Companies For Small Business in 2014

Edited By Johnny Bevers Written by:  Gilbert Baca, New Braunfels, TX; Tex.Org Contributor Cloud computing companies exist throughout the world, literally and figuratively.  Many are public computer network companies that you see every day.  Publicly traded companies like Google and Microsoft are some of the largest providers of cloud storage in the world.  Cloud storage … Continue reading

Oil Field Jobs In Texas

By Paul Titley, Tex.Org Contributor Oil field jobs in Texas are growing due to oil’s high price and demand throughout the country.  Texas has the highest oil output of any US state – producing around sixty million barrels of crude oil every month.  This equates to approximately one third of the USA’s entire crude oil … Continue reading

How to Eliminate Brown Recluse Spiders

By Johnny Bevers If you’re looking to kill the poisonous brown recluse, here’s some great information on what they look like, where they live, and how to permanently rid yourself of them to protect you and your family.  Brown recluse spiders are small, sandy brown spiders that commonly have a violin shaped mark on their … Continue reading

The Top 10 Reasons People Shop At J.C. Penney

 By Johnny Bevers In the United States today, there are very few department stores that are as popular as J.C. Penney.  Today there are J.C. Penney stores in every state in the US and more are being opened every year.  With millions of dedicated customers and a growing fan base, there is no denying the … Continue reading

Where To Find A Personal Injury Attorney In The Dallas Texas Area

By Johnny Bevers Have you or someone you know recently been hurt and are looking to be compensated with the help of a personal injury attorney in Dallas?  If you are, then you have certainly come to the right place as we are about to provide you with reliable names that can meet any of your … Continue reading

Top 10 Items Found On A Hospitality Management Job Description

By Johnny Bevers Writing an effective hospitality management job description can be difficult.  It is recommended that you keep it short and concise, while making sure to lay out all the responsibilities your potential employee will be responsible for.  Managers handle many aspects of the work place and should be informed of what their duties … Continue reading

How To Become A Yoga Instructor – Step-By-Step Guide

By Lisa Czachowski, Tex Contributor Edited: By Johnny Bevers If you have ever had the desire to be a yoga teacher, you will find there are several, easy step-by-step instructions you can follow to help you learn to become a yoga instructor.  A career as a yoga instructor can be a rewarding experience for any … Continue reading

How the Texas Lemon Law Works To Protect Consumers

By Johnny Bevers If you have a new motor vehicle that seems to forever be in the garage then the Texas Lemon Law could be a very valuable tool for you.  Some cars are lemons, no two ways about it; and these cars can cause no end of heartbreak for their owners, who have to … Continue reading

Complete List Of Oil Field Companies Hiring Now!

Since the last article we did on the Texas oil fields was so popular, we’ve decided to do another featuring nothing but companies who are hiring oilfield workers right now!  We’ve received literally thousands of comments from our readers requesting that we put together an article that tells them who exactly is hiring and how … Continue reading

How the Texas Virtual K12 Academy Works

By Lisa Czachowski, Tex.Org Contributor The Texas Virtual Academy (TXVA) is a much talked about online school, designed to provide online learning opportunities for children from 3rd through 12th grade. The goal of this virtual academy is to offer children with the opportunity to learn in a manner that is most fitting for their own … Continue reading

The “Flappy Bird” Iphone Phenomenon

By Johnny Bevers The wildly popular and ferociously difficult iPhone game, Flappy Bird, was a huge success upon release on May 24, 2013.  It was highly criticized as a “quick job” for its below average graphics and outrageously hard gameplay.  This, however, didn’t stop it from making a ton of money and having a huge … Continue reading

Presumptive Signs Of Pregnancy Without A Test

By Johnny Bevers Even if you don’t have a way to get your hands on a pregnancy test proper, there are still many presumptive signs of pregnancy without a test.  A number of these signs can mean a lot of different things, of course, but any combination of these signs can mean that you are, … Continue reading

How Much Were Gas Prices The Day Obama Took Office

There’s a viral picture floating around Facebook that’s a snapshot of a gas station with prices the day President Obama took office.  The station owner snapped the photo recently, but these were pretty close to the prices when Obama took office.  Whoever originally came up with the idea was genius!  Now, truth be told, gas … Continue reading

Why You Should Defragment Windows Often – A How To Guide

Defragmenting a hard drive is a very important task in a Windows environment.  If you run any version of Microsoft Windows, defragmentation is an important part of computer maintenance.  Microsoft has always included a defragmentation tool within its operating systems from Windows Millennium on up to XP.  Very limited in early versions the newer defragmentation tools … Continue reading

How Much Car Designers Make And How To Become One

By Johnny Bevers Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a car designer or what a car designer’s salary even looks like? If you have then you’re in luck as this content is geared directly toward you. Stick around as we discover what it takes to become a car designer, what … Continue reading

The Top 5 Highest Paying Criminology Careers In America

By Johnny Bevers Criminology careers can be both profitable and gratifying. Many find being on the right side of the law to be the greatest thing one can do with their lives. Before one can deem themselves a lawman (or woman), they need to think about the different possibilities and avenues of achieving their chosen … Continue reading

How Appointment Setters Can Grow Your Business

By Johnny Bevers If your company has yet to explore the benefits of professional appointment setters; you may want to consider these services and what they can offer in terms of potential business growth.  Many companies in all different industries have found that professional appointment setting services can actually help grow their business.  On a … Continue reading

Using CCleaner To Speed Up Your Computer’s Performance

By Gilbert Baca (New Braunfels, TX), Tex Contributor, Having a slow computer can really drive you nuts!  Clicking and waiting, particularly when you are in a hurry will make you pull your gleaming hair out.  There are a lot of reasons that a computer can be slow.  Computer may be old and out of date.  The … Continue reading

How Much Do Court Reporters Make and Who’s Hiring?

By Johnny Bevers This article will provide a detailed look at the question:  How much do court reporters make?  It will also provide an overview of the industry as a whole and provide information on training, certification, the duties of a court reporter, the advantages and disadvantages of being a court reporter, employers of court … Continue reading

Easy Exercises to Help Reduce Breast Size

By Johnny Bevers There are many women today who feel as though their natural breast size is too large. Whether they are concerned about aesthetics or feel as though their breasts are interrupting their daily activities, there are many women are looking for ways they can easily reduce the size of their breasts without turning … Continue reading

How The Pyxis Machine Works And Why It’s Used

By Johnny Bevers For many that have medical background and knowledge, an introduction to the Pyxis Machine (more commonly known as the Pyxis MedStation system) may not be necessary.  But for the remainder of us that sincerely had or have not heard of it before, the following article has been constructed to give you a … Continue reading

All About Metronidazole For Dogs

By Johnny Bevers We all want the best for our pet so it is wise to know just a little about any medication your vet has prescribed them.  Metronidazole is commonly administered in the form of Flagyl.  Flagyl is the brand name; metronidazole is the active ingredient it contains.  From now on in this article … Continue reading

Where Can I Get A Meningitis Immunization Vaccine?

By Johnny Bevers It is important that you and your family are vaccinated against meningitis as this disease can be life-threatening – we’ll show you where to go and explain meningitis symptoms in a nutshell.  In addition, it is somewhat contagious and treatment is not always effective even if the disease is caught early enough. What … Continue reading

How the Green Tea Diet Helps With Weight Loss

By Johnny Bevers You probably don’t need another reason to drink green tea. After all, it’s delicious, smooth, and the flavor can easily be changed to suit your tastes for the day. In addition to its soothing qualities, research has been done about green tea that proves that it’s not only an autoimmune booster, but … Continue reading

10 High Paying Part Time Jobs to Supplement Your Income

By Johnny Bevers With the effects of the recession still affecting many people, there are countless individuals who are looking for ways to supplement their income and to start earning more money.  Whether its due to being laid off, or just because bills are starting to pile up, when its time to find an extra … Continue reading

Should You Ship Your Car Overseas When Taking A New Job

By Johnny Bevers If you’re wondering how to ship your car overseas, we’ve got inside information that will help make your decision.  It’s a wonderful experience to leave your homeland and venture off to a new country or continent in search for greener grass.  Speaking from personal experience, as one who has lived abroad for more … Continue reading

How To Make Your Own Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream (Cheap!!)

By Johnny Bevers Let’s face it, anti-aging products are expensive, so start saving today by making your own anti-wrinkle eye cream.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised how cheap the ingredients are and how effective homemade eye cream actually is.  Just follow these simple instructions, keeping in mind that you will have leftover ingredients that you can … Continue reading

How Water Works to Encourage Weight Loss

By Johnny Bevers Water is one of the most pure and basic elements that you can put into your body.  However, while simple and natural, water is also extremely powerful as well. The right amount of water has the power to lose weight and shed unwanted fat.  Those who want a healthy body and who … Continue reading

What ACLS Certification Is and How Being Certified Can Further Your Career

By Johnny Bevers ACLS Certification is an important qualification for healthcare providers and professionals.  ACLS stands for Advanced Cardiac Life Support and once you have passed this course you are considered qualified to deal with cardiac arrests, and other heart-related emergencies.  Put simply, it’s a qualification that may help you save a life.  Many high … Continue reading

What A CPA Firm Does And How They Can Help Your Business

Increasingly, businesses both in the real and virtual world are choosing to employ the help of a CPA Firm.  CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant and it is in this area, as well as others, that a CPA Firm operates.  A CPA Firm can provide services to your business that may negate the necessity of employing … Continue reading

How To Shrink Large Pores On Your Nose

By Johnny Bevers If you’d like to shrink those unsightly pores on your nose, your not alone in your quest for facial perfection.  For many people, having large pores on your nose can be a distressing subject.  Society has never pushed the importance of looks more than they do today.  Hopefully, fewer and fewer are learning now … Continue reading

All About Guinea Wasps And How To Get Rid Of Them

By Johnny Bevers Have you ever been stung by a Guinea Wasp?  I have, and the first time it happened when I was a boy…  I’ve never forgotten that experience and I remember exactly the circumstance and how painful the sting really was.  As much as many of us may wish ill upon insects such as wasps however, … Continue reading

How To React To An Eggplant Allergy

By Johnny Bevers Eggplant, or “aubergine” in British English, part of the nightshade family, is a glossy, purple fruit that grow on vines, much like tomatoes, and are prized for their meaty flavor and tender texture; unfortunately, some people are allergic to them.  Eggplant is a good source of fiber; vitamin B1, B6 and K; … Continue reading

How Garcinia Cambogia Can Help You Lose Weight

By Johnny Bevers Check out Garcinia Cambogia if you’re trying for some weight loss?  That cursed word, “fat” that we all hate to confess we have too much of and trying to shed those excess pounds seems to be a never-ending endeavor of dieting and having to do the most appropriate exercises.  There appears to … Continue reading

Can You Really Send A Text Message From A Tablet Computer?

By Johnny Bevers I never knew I could send a text message from my tablet. One day, after my phone died, I found myself needing to text my son to pick up something from the store.  He had borrowed my cell phone charger, leaving me with no way to charge my phone.  After doing a … Continue reading

American Giant Brings Manufacturing Back To The United States

By Johnny Bevers According to Fortune magazine (Jan 13, 2014), American Giant (based in San Francisco) is bringing  apparel manufacturing jobs back to the United States.  In 2011, Baird Winthrop (a former investment banker) decided to start making American-made hoodies.  By cutting out wholesalers, American giant sales directly to consumers from their website.  While labor costs … Continue reading

How To Make Your Own Graduation Announcements

By Johnny Bevers Graduation is an important event, and you will almost certainly want to invite people to share this mile-stone with you, both at the ceremony itself and afterwards at some kind of celebration.  More and more people are choosing to make their own graduation announcements to inform people of their success and to invite … Continue reading

Why Bananas Are Good For You

By Johnny Bevers Ever wonder why bananas are good for you?  Bananas have several health benefits and only a few negatives.  Unfortunately some people are allergic to bananas and that’s really the only negative.  The benefits are many.  First, can really help with your mood as they contain tryptophan and 30% of your days vitamin … Continue reading

How To Make Your Very Own Tick Repellent

If you’re tired of ticks that try to feed off of you and your animals and you don’t feel like running to the store to purchase some over-priced repellent, do not fret.  Like many other products on the market, prices don’t seem to be dropping much anywhere.  Many people are resorting to their own homemade … Continue reading

The Absolute Best Grand Re-opening Ideas For Your Business

By Johnny Bevers Have you recently undergone some much needed re-modeling and restoration to your business or have you just re-located? All the same, you should remedy any thoughts or concerns about customers you may have lost or those who are curious as to your next step. Why not plan a grand re-opening for your … Continue reading

How To Make Your Very Own Contact Solution

By Johnny Bevers If you wear contact lenses, then you are aware that contact lens solution is a regular part of your monthly budget.  While contact solution doesn’t cost a whole lot, it is a regular expense and one that it would be nice to cut down on.  Well, seeing as contact solution is fundamentally just … Continue reading

10 Natural Alternative Beta Blockers For Great Health

If you thought natural beta blockers didn’t exist, think again!  For individuals like myself who are opposed to taking medication for the body’s well-being, there is hope for those individuals out there who feel completely restricted to medicinal beta blockers.  Whatever medicine is produced to help maintain the body can definitely be found in foods … Continue reading

The Absolute Best Texting Games For You and Your Friends

By Johnny Bevers If you have a little time to kill, then one entertaining way to spend it is to play some interactive texting games with a friend.  The only criteria for a good texting game are that it is simple and fun!  So, improve your word power, test your general knowledge or just have … Continue reading

Tips And Tricks For Playing Bocce Ball

By Johnny Bevers Imagine two rich elderly noblemen standing out in the hot Italian sun with their servants while whispering in Latin to each other, gently sipping wine from their vineyards and enjoying the Mediterranean breeze as they try to out-match one other in a relaxing game of what much resembles modern-day Bocce.  Such an … Continue reading

How To Start Your Very Own Mobile ATM Business

By Johnny Bevers Technology has put us into an age where we can stay in the comfort of our own homes, work, play, shop and have anything we need delivered right to our residence.  If you are a person that enjoys and wants to preserve this kind of lifestyle with some passive side project and … Continue reading

How Technology Is Having A Positive Effect On Education

By Johnny Bevers The positive effects of technology on education are many and are changing the way our children, and indeed anyone in education, is learning.  Technology at school means that students are better able to research outside or inside the classroom; they have access to a greater range of instruction; and are able to … Continue reading

Duck Butter And Its Various Meanings

By Johnny Bevers While searching the Internet the other day, I came across a disgusting term known as “duck butter”.  According to the urban dictionary, duck butter accumulates in the scrotum area as a result of not cleaning the area for several days, or even weeks.  The result is a greasy buildup of some of the … Continue reading

What Is Biomedical Engineering?

By Johnny Bevers Biomedical Engineering (sometimes abbreviated as “BME”) is a relatively new, but quickly growing field that combines the fields of engineering, medicine and biology in order to provide solutions to a variety of medical problems.  Essentially, biomedical engineers use engineering principles in a medical context.  So, they might be involved in designing prosthetic … Continue reading

Why Contractors Have To Get Bonded And Insured

By Johnny Bevers If you are getting into a contracting business, then it would be very advantageous for you to review, brush up on, or learn all that you can about being bonded and insured before you get the business ball rolling.  Your company “egg” can literally be shattered and laid to waste before it … Continue reading

Today’s Most Common Advertising Techniques To Promote Your Business

Most anyone who has solid business experience should be quick to suggest that one of the best (and common) forms of advertising – if not the best – is word of mouth.  It costs absolutely nothing and as we all know, word can travel very quickly.  But when you are seeking to draw in thousands … Continue reading

How The World Is Doing On the UN Millennium Development Goals

By Johnny Bevers For those individuals who follow news regarding the United Nations, they should have heard and been well aware of the UN Millennium Development Goals or (MDGs). Many might even wonder today what has happened since these goals were put into motion. Whether this is your first time hearing about the MDGs or … Continue reading

Salary Expectations & Training Requirements for Physical Therapist Assistants

By Johnny Bevers A physical therapist assistant salary is dependent on experience, location, training and on the particular position he or she may hold. Generally, though, average salaries are extremely handsome for physical therapy assistants, and training to become one is not particularly time consuming. A physical therapist assistant’s primary duties are to assist a … Continue reading

Salary and Job Opportunities for Marine Biologists

By Johnny Bevers It is extremely difficult to say exactly what a marine biologist salary is, as this salary varies greatly according to qualifications, experience and the exact position.  There is a vast array of job opportunities for marine biologists and, depending on the position, a marine biologist might find him or herself: tagging squid; analyzing … Continue reading

Why Respidol (Risperdal) Is Prescribed And What Its Side Effects Are

By Johnny Bevers If the development of new psychotropic medication (like Respidol) is any indication, then mental illness must surely be on the rise at rates that are beginning to top the charts.  I’m sure anyone taking mental notes of all these new medications is probably about ready to give up at any time.  The … Continue reading

How Much Does Propecia Cost and Does It Really Work?

By Johnny Bevers   Propecia is proving to be an effective treatment in the fight against male pattern baldness, but concerns do still remain over Propecia cost.  Male Pattern Baldness, or Androgenetic alopecia, is a common form of baldness in men with approximately 50 percent experiencing it at some point in their lives, usually once … Continue reading

How the Reverse Trendelenburg Position Aids Surgeons

By Johnny Bevers History and Overview of the Reverse Trendelenburg Position The Trendelenburg position was first invented by the German doctor, Friedrich Trendelenburg and was designed to be used in different surgical procedures to improve access to certain parts of the body during different procedures.  The Trendelenburg is a position where the patient is laid … Continue reading

Does Cocoa Butter Really Prevent Scars?

Over the years of conversations and discussions I have had with countless people, I find it truly amazing that the subject of cocoa butter and what it can or cannot do, just simply cannot be agreed upon.  I have heard people swear by it and that it helps the skin with scarring and others simply … Continue reading

How To Really Clean A Pillow Top Mattress Pad

By Johnny Bevers Keep your pillow top mattress pad clean with our simple (easy-to-follow) instructions…  It’s easier than you might think! A good quality pillow top mattress can provide wonderful cushioning and comfort for a great night’s sleep, especially if you suffer from any kind of back or muscle pain. However, like all mattresses, they … Continue reading

The Top Five Culinary Schools in the World

Although you don’t need to attend culinary school to become a great chef, it certainly does help. Notable chefs such as Marco Pierre White, Keith Floyd, Charlie Trotter, Heston Blumenthal and Koumei Nakamura all attended a culinary school. It is extremely unlikely that these chefs would have achieved such notoriety had they not studied such … Continue reading

Want To Become A Respiratory Therapist? A Guide To Education, Salary, And The Best Locations To Work

A respiratory therapist (RT) is a type of practitioner of health who is specialized in treating people with disorders that affect their cardiopulmonary system.  Some of the common ailments are those with asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, cardiovascular disorders and other forms of trauma.  Respiratory therapists work beneath general administration of a major professional such as physician … Continue reading

Attractive Salaries for Mortgage Brokers as Housing Markets Bounces Back

By Johnny Bevers What Do Mortgage Brokers Do? As housing demand increase, property buyers in the U.S are increasingly turning to mortgage brokers to negotiate mortgages on properties. Mortgage brokers are agents, who act as middlemen between people seeking mortgages: the borrowers, and financial institution: the lenders. These mortgage brokers may work as individuals or … Continue reading

What You Need To Know About Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance –we all heave a big sigh when we think about it.  Just another boring expense; surely we can do without it?  Wrong! Whether you rent a whole house, an apartment or just one room, insuring your belongings is a must.  Not all insurance companies will cover rented rooms or properties, so chances are … Continue reading

What is the Average Cost of Artificial Insemination?

By Johnny Bevers Artificial Insemination, or AI, is a medical procedure that was introduced in the early part of the last century.  The procedure is one where the sperm of a male donor are placed directly into a woman’s uterus or, less commonly, into her cervix or fallopian tubes.  This means that the sperm will … Continue reading

What is a Signature Bond and When is it Used?

“A signature bond, often called a recognizance bond or no collateral bond, is one of the four main court bonds that a judge might set at a court hearing.  Essentially  a court bond is a legal agreement, or promissory, that the defendant presents him or herself at court to face trial at a future date … Continue reading

How Much Is Malpractice Insurance For Doctors?

The often dismaying subject of medical malpractice insurance costs have become less and less avoidable for medical practitioners each and every year across America. With nearly all fifty States making it mandatory law to acquire such insurance, if those applicable haven’t by now, it is vital for them to get educated on the entire matter … Continue reading

How You Can Communicate (In Private) With “Burn Phones”

“Privacy is becoming a thing of the past, but with a pre-paid “Burn Phone”, you may be able to reclaim your Constitutional right to privacy.”   By Johnny Bevers   Are you tired of the thought that the National Security Agency (NSA) tracking your every move from the coordinates on your mobile (cellular) phone?  Or, for … Continue reading

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Serotonin And What Can You Do About It?

By Johnny Bevers   Perhaps you feel lost at times, seemingly forgetting things and sometimes not being able to sleep well.  The regular stresses in your life seem to be taking a toll on you, and your moods are swinging from here to there all at once!  One good reason behind all this could be … Continue reading

The Latest Innovations In Rotating Christmas Trees

You know the feeling, you decorate your Christmas tree and somehow it always ends up looking out of balance where you have put less decoration on the back purely because it doesn’t get seen. Think again, wouldn’t it be fabulous to get a full 360 degree view of your tree and marvel as your friends … Continue reading

How To Get Certified As A Real Estate Agent In Texas

By Johnny Bevers   The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) is based in Austin and is the agency responsible for policy that leads to becoming certified as a real estate agent in Texas.  Their sole aim is protect the users of real estate services and ensure economic growth within their state.   All applicants for a … Continue reading

Becoming a Paralegal In Texas

If you’re interested in a career in the field of law but are concerned about the time and cost involved to become a lawyer, you may consider attending school to become a paralegal.  These professionals assist attorneys with tasks like research, writing, and organization.  Read on to learn more about the life of a paralegal, … Continue reading

The Sales Tax Rate in Texas: What is It and How It Works

By Johnny Bevers Perhaps you’re thinking of putting up your own business in the state of Texas.  Whether you intend to sell tangible personal items, offer taxable services, or lease spaces, one of the most important things you ought to learn about is the applicable sales tax rate. To be able to carry out your … Continue reading

How to Get a Learner’s Permit to Drive in Texas

By Johnny Bevers Like many other states, Texas has a graduated license program that is designed to reduce the high number of accidents among teen drivers.  This means that there are several steps that brand new drivers need to take before getting a full license for the first time.  This process can be complicated and … Continue reading

Benefits From The Texas Veterans Commission

First opened in 1927, the Texas Veterans Commission was created as the State Service Office to assist veterans of war. Their sole aim has always been to act as the voice of the Texas veterans and assist them to obtain the benefits their fellow citizens want them to have in exchange for their loyal service in the … Continue reading

How To Get Licensed Through The Texas State Board of Physical Therapy

By Johnny Bevers If you live in Texas and are considering a career in physical therapy, you’ll need to take an educational path that will allow you to become licensed by the state’s board of physical therapy. This involves completing the course of study required by the Texas administrative code and taking an exam required … Continue reading

Texas Vehicle Inspections – What You Need To Know

By Johnny Bevers To avoid being issued a ticket in Texas, you are required to have your vehicle inspected.  The inspection is a simple set of basic checks to ensure that your vehicle is in a road-worthy condition with all instruments working correctly.  The vehicle will also be checked to ensure that it is not emitting … Continue reading

Becoming a Fashion Designer: Education, Salary, Connections

If you’ve always loved fashion and are forever flipping through Vogue and sketching dresses you wish you could wear, a career in fashion design just might be for you. Though you can attain a position in the design world with just a high school education, additional training at an accredited college or university can help … Continue reading

Where To Find Title Loans In Houston Texas

For those looking to borrow cash against a paid off or nearly paid off car a title loan can be a great alternative.  But that term can be confusing; does one get to keep their car during the loan? How difficult is it to obtain a title loan?  Where does one go in the Houston … Continue reading

How Much Do Orthopedic Surgeons Make After School and Expenses

An orthopedic surgeon concentrates in surgery, related to the medical discipline of orthopedics, and will operate on injuries to bones, joints etc.  There are general orthopedic surgeons and also those who have trained to work on a particular area of the body, such as the spine.  The surgeon may also decide to concentrate on one … Continue reading

What Is The Salary For A Radiography Technician and What Do They Do?

If you’re looking for a high-paying job in the medical field without committing to at least eight years of college and graduate study, you may want to consider a career as a radiographer. A radiographer, or radiological technician, takes X-rays of patients at hospitals, urgent care centers, and other medical settings. The average radiography salary … Continue reading

The Importance Of Diversity In The Workplace

The workplace is becoming more diverse all the time.  In turn this is forcing companies to consider their hiring practices so that they are not viewed as discriminatory.  Diversity can include differences in gender, age, ethnic group and even those with disabilities. There are several key benefits to a diverse workplace and a lot of … Continue reading

What Is Liability Insurance and What Does It Really Protect You Against?

By Johnny Bevers What You’re Protected Against When You’re Covered With Liability Insurance: An insurance policy is a legally binding contract taken out by an individual with an insurance company. The individual agrees to pay which can either be paid as a single payment or in installments and this is in exchange for a confirmation from … Continue reading

What Is A CNC Machinist And What Do They Do?

A CNC Machinist is a skilled trade professional who is well versed in the setting up and operation of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines that are used most often in the manufacturing process. These machines may be used in the construction of parts and finished goods for many different industries. Just some of the industries … Continue reading

How Much Do Mechanical Engineers Make?

By Johnny Bevers Want to know how much mechanical engineers really make?  Well check out our perspective below for a salary survey and critical information you’ll want to find out about before taking the plunge into this (sometimes) lucrative career field. The financial crisis of 2008 and subsequent recession highlighted a fact that has been … Continue reading

What Lipotropic Injections Are and Why You Should Get Them

Originally used to help combat liver related illness in the 1930s, lipotropic injections are growing in popularity in a bid to help people struggling with obesity and weight loss. What Exactly Are Lipotropic Injections? Early use of lipotropic injections was to help fight fatty liver disease, which is when lipids gather in the cells found … Continue reading

Government Shutdown – The Republicans Next Move

By Johnny Bevers As we enter the third day of the government shutdown, the Republican’s next move might be to give the Democrats everything they want! Listen, if they want it bad, then give it to them bad.  Remove the ability for the President to issue Executive Orders that grant waivers to his constituents and insist that … Continue reading

Dallas Area “Must See” Attractions

Dallas is a big city in every sense of the word, offering numerous attractions for just about any personality. There is a little bit of everything in Dallas and that is precisely what people enjoy about it. I will be covering some of the more unique places to visit in Dallas and why you need … Continue reading

When Visiting Texas, Should You Consider A Day Trip To Mexico?

By Johnny Bevers Day trips to Mexico aren’t what they used to be.  With all the Mexican violence surrounding the cartels, travelers have become weary of making the jaunt across the border.  Still, some tourists find it appealing to visit with the locals and are compelled to take the risk.  If you decide to venture … Continue reading

How To Qualify As A Pharmacy Technician In Texas

Becoming a pharmacy technician in Texas is a simple and rewarding career path that is as easy as taking a ninety question test. There are not a lot of requirements and the process is simpler than you would think. It’s all up to you to get out there and go get that job. Here’s some very … Continue reading

An Inside Look At the Casa Del Mar In Galveston

By Johnny Bevers If you’re looking for a great hotel in Galveston Texas that’s right on the beach, check out the Casa Del Mar for a clean, convenient stay with a great view of the beach and very close to surrounding attractions.  This is a completely unpaid and independent review of the Casa Del Mar … Continue reading

Ehow Is Stepping Up Their Game With “Ehow Now”

By Johnny Bevers   Ehow is hoping to connect a little more with its users through a new platform called “Ehow Now”.  This all new feature allows Ehow visitors to interact with real, live professionals to get answers to their toughest questions.  This should help improve “live” interaction with the professionals behind Ehow articles and … Continue reading

Where To Find Approved Driving Courses In Texas

Legally driving in Texas only requires a valid driver’s license, but safely driving can often require additional training, such as a defense driving course. Defense driving is the practice of using recognized safe driving best practices to maximize a motorist’s ability to identify and respond to traffic hazards in a timely and responsible way. While … Continue reading

Fishing In Texas? Don’t Forget That License!

By Johnny Bevers How To Obtain A Texas Fishing License Texas has some of the best fishing in the world, but if you’re not licensed, you could face hefty penalties by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  To avoid the hassle, simply stop by one of your local retailers and pick one up.  You’ll find … Continue reading

Water Parks in Dallas and the Surrounding Metroplex

By Johnny Bevers If you’re looking to get wet and take a break with the kids, why not check out one of the amazing water parks surrounding the Dallas Fort Worth area and the northeast portion of Texas?  While there are plenty of ways to cool off, one of the most effective (and definitely most fun) has got … Continue reading

Big Bend – A Bird Watchers Paradise

By Johnny Bevers If you’re a bird watcher and you happen to be around the Big Bend area of Texas, you’re in for an incredible treat!  The Big Bend National Park is a premium site for some of the rarest birds in the country.  Some of these birds are on the endangered species list and … Continue reading

How to Get Your Business License in Texas

For prospective Texas entrepreneurs, starting a business (and getting your license to do business) is more than just the first step toward financial independence and a greater degree of control over their lives. The process is complex and often full of unexpected costs and complications, one of which is can be the acquisition of the … Continue reading

Romantic Getaways In Texas

By Johnny Bevers If you’re looking for the most romantic spots in Texas to take your lover on a secluded vacation, you simply must read the following….  We offer the insight you’ll need to make your romantic getaway an event that neither of you will ever forget.  Despite the best efforts of popular culture to … Continue reading

Army Announces Closure Of Two Texas Brigade Combat Teams

The Chief of Staff of the Army, General Raymond Odierno announced the closure of two Texas Brigade Combat Teams today.  They include the 3rd Brigade Combat Team (BCT), 1st Armored Division, Fort Bliss, Texas, and the 4th BCT, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas.  Fort Bliss is located just outside of El Paso and Fort Hood … Continue reading

Hotels Near Sea World San Antonio

For family-friendly fun, few vacation destinations can top the SeaWorld family of amusement parks. While there are a few scattered about the country, a great option for a budget-conscious trip is the San Antonio, TX park. Although San Antonio is a popular vacation spot in its own right, for the most part travel there won’t … Continue reading

The Top 10 Places To Visit While You’re In Houston

When it comes to vacation destinations in the U.S., there is no shortage of cities to choose from. You don’t have to travel to the Big Apple or San Francisco to find plenty of things to do though, and the attractions in Houston, TX showcase that fact. Located near the Texas and Louisiana border, Houston … Continue reading

The Best Colleges In Austin TX

Attending college has long been considered the obvious “next step” after a student finishes high school, and in today’s economy a college degree may be more necessary than ever to qualify for many of the most desirable jobs. Recent high school grads aren’t the only ones who should strongly consider attending college in their near … Continue reading

Head To Galveston For Your Next Texas Vacation

Galveston, the fоrmеr hоmе оf fаmоuѕ Gulf Cоаѕt ріrаtе Jеаn LaFitte, hаѕ survived the deadliest hurricane іn US hіѕtоrу tо bесоmе а tор tourist attraction.  Galveston’s unique ѕtуlе blends hіѕtоrіс landmarks, buildings, hоtеlѕ and hоmеѕ with mіlеѕ оf sandy bеасhеѕ and ѕtаtе-оf-the-аrt attractions. If уоu аrе the kind who lіkеѕ the sun and the sea, Galveston, … Continue reading

How To Visit Houston On The “Cheap”

If you’re planning a trip to Houston and don’t have alot of money to spend on lavish hotels, you should consider some of Houston’s well kept secrets.  You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy Houston, just a little “pre-planning” and you can have a wonderful time with very little money. … Continue reading

The Best Hotels In Downtown San Antonio

As the 2nd largest city in the state of Texas and the 7th largest in the US, San Antonio has much to offer for tourists and businessmen alike. It is considered to be one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and this is reflected by the amount of people that come and … Continue reading

Where To Find Police Jobs In Texas

If you’re looking for one of the many police jobs in Texas, you should first start by asking yourself which community you’d like to live in and whether or not you have personal or family ties to the people there.  Right off the bat, you’ll have some “skin in the game” because you’ve got a reason … Continue reading

Why People Stay At The Omni Hotel In Dallas, TX

 The Dallas Omni Hotel Dallas, TX is one of the prime locations in the United States for tourists or business travelers.  Each year, over 28 million domestic visitors come to Dallas in order to enjoy the many restaurants, shopping centers and cultural of historical attractions.  While the hotel has plenty to offer, Dallas is a … Continue reading

How To Pass The Texas Driving Test

To learn how to pass the Texas driving test with a successful score it is important that you take the time to study and prepare yourself adequately.  Much of what the test consist of is knowledge.  You will need to know the rules of driving and road signs for the written part of the test.  You should also … Continue reading

Where To Attend Community College In Dallas TX

For those located in the Dallas, TX area you will find you have a variety of Community College choices.  Each Community college offers classes that may suit your educational needs.  The following will identify community colleges in and near the Dallas, TX area as well as major programs they have to offer. Eastfield College   … Continue reading

Unintended Consequences Of The Obama War On Weapons

Before Christmas, I was in the market for a Colt AR-15 as I carried this exact weapon in the military… so it was more of a memento for me.  At the time, these guns were available and priced at approximately $1100.  Now that the ban on assault weapons is near certainty, prices have doubled and … Continue reading

The Fundamental Differences Between Republicans and Democrats

To understand the fundamental differences between Republicans and Democrats, it is very important to consider their history as to their intended purpose for becoming a political party.  It is equally important to consider what their fundamental core beliefs were and how they have stuck by their beliefs through their voting record. History of the Democratic … Continue reading

Jobs In Wichita Falls Texas

  “Jobs in Wichita Falls are plentiful with employers ready to hire you today!  Use this short guide to get started on your job search and be sure to visit their web sites to see if you can match your expertise to their needs.  You will find that opportunities abound and learn what is necessary … Continue reading


Marriage is one of the important events in everyone’s life and couples everywhere try create that perfect magical moment to cement their memory as the best time of their lives.  There are certain rules that have to be followed by every couple planning to get wed as every state across United States of America has … Continue reading

Cabela’s Medical Excise Tax

UPDATE:  APPEARS THIS WAS A GLITCH IN CABELA’S SYSTEM.  OR, WERE THEY JUST GETTING READY FOR THE NEXT PHASE OF OBAMACARE?   It appears that Cabela’s has became the national leader in helping President Obama collect tax for Obamacare.  We’ve found at least 3 different receipts stipulating a “medical excise tax” on goods purchased at … Continue reading

How To Get Your Notary Public In Texas

By Johnny Bevers Understanding how to get your notary public in Texas is not a difficult process but it is important that you know what is required to qualify, what duties you are expected to fulfill and how to avoid legal consequences by becoming knowledgeable. Application as a Texas Notary Public Each individual who wants … Continue reading

Tex.Org Supports Going Over The Fiscal Cliff- Here’s Why!

TEX.ORG Opinion On The Fiscal Cliff: As I read through the pages and pages of on-line controversy surrounding going over the “Fiscal Cliff,” I can’t help but think that it’s the right thing to do.  I mean what does it all really mean anyway?  Here’s the so called “Cliff” in a nut shell: Taxes go … Continue reading

How To Qualify For WIC In Texas

Before showing you how to qualify for WIC in Texas, first you should understand its purpose.  Proper nutrition is essential for healthy living.  A well balanced diet that provides what the body needs is a body that is encouraged to stay healthy.  The state of Texas recognizes this need and makes nutrition provisions for mothers … Continue reading

How to Get Your Motorcycle License in Texas

Texas is a big state, and with it are miles and miles of roads.  Combined with often ideal weather, one of the best ways to get around is by motorcycle.  The highways provide numerous exhilarating rides and some of the best views found in the whole of the United States.Getting a motorcycle license in Texas … Continue reading

Texas Toll Tag Facts

The state of Texas has gotten very “high tech” when it comes to how Texans pay their toll fees.  The “TxTag” program allows Texas citizens to place a sticker right behind the mirror on the inside of their windshield to avoid waiting in lengthy toll booths.  When your car passes through a TxTag booth, a … Continue reading

Medicaid Eligibility in Texas

Medicaid is the government-provided health insurance aimed at low income people and families. Qualification for Medicaid is decided through a means-tested process, funded by a combination of federal and state government. How to qualify for Medicaid in Texas There are three requirements in order for an individual to qualify for Medicare. Texas follows the federal … Continue reading

Top Universities in Texas

Texas is home to a broad number of Universities. Those considering studying in the state have a large selection to choose from, though not all may be suitable. Here we look at the top universities in Texas and their background to help make the all important selection. University of Texas, Austin UT Austin is one … Continue reading

Warrant Search and Arrest Records In Texas

If you want to hire an employee and need to do a back ground check on him (or her) you can easily get information related to warrant search in Texas.  Running background checks for a person who has applied for a job in your organization to reveal any criminal records or search warrants issued is … Continue reading

Texas Unemployment Office

   By Ann Marie Moore, Tex.Org Contributor The Texas Unemployment Office provides you with financial benefits as a qualified worker who is laid off by a company or whose hours are cut through no fault of your own.  The company you worked for invested in what is called Unemployment Insurance in accordance to the Texas Unemployment Compensation … Continue reading

Texas A&M Bookstore

Those visiting the Texas area looking for a little bit of retail therapy, combined with a some local history and culture could do a lot worse than heading to the Texas A&M Bookstore.  Based on a leafy boulevard around two miles East of Eastwood airport, this is not, as the name suggests, a mere bookstore. … Continue reading