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10 High Paying Part Time Jobs to Supplement Your Income

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By Johnny Bevers

With the effects of the recession still affecting many people, there are countless individuals who are looking for ways to supplement their income and to start earning more money.  Whether its due to being laid off, or just because bills are starting to pile up, when its time to find an extra part time job, there are many options to choose from.  Here are ten of the top high paying part time jobs that can help supplement your income and leave you and your family in a more comfortable position.

1. Tutoring

tutoring pays good student and tutor together

The average tutor can typically make up to $27/ hour by offering their services.  There are many parents who are eager to help their children with their studies and to pay for personalized tutoring.  There are professional tutoring associations that you can find jobs through or you can offer your services independently.  Tutors are needed in all different subject areas.  There are also some local schools that hire private tutors for their students.  Schedules are often flexible and most tutors work less than 10 hours a week.  According to reports from EduVentures, the tutoring industry is estimated to be worth about $5 to $7 billion per year, and this market is growing at more than 5% annually.

2. Fitness Instructors

Check your local gym for fitness instructor positions, as most are always on the look out for new people to teach their classes. Most gyms already have a set routine for their instructors to follow, they simply need someone to lead the workout. If there is a class that you are particularly interested in such as yoga or pilates, you can take a few extra certification programs to officially become an instructor. For popular workout trends like Crossfit, there is often a weekend class that can be taken in order to become an instructor.

The schedule for fitness trainers is very flexible, and many people with full time jobs are able to teach a class before and after work. Most fitness instructors will make around $40 per hour. Most gyms will even offer free or discounted memberships to instructors, making this a great way to save even more as you supplement your income. The job outlook for fitness trainers is reportedly excellent. Through 2020, fitness instructor jobs are expected to grow faster than the average occupation.

3. Freelance Writers

If you are particularly good a writing, then working online as a freelance writer or blogger can be a powerful way to earn extra income. There are companies looking for all types of writers from magazines looking for experienced freelancers to those looking to hire beginning writers for product descriptions. In fact, most major publications are now hiring freelancers who work from home instead of having a staff full of writers, to create their stories. With opportunities for all skill ranges, there are plenty who can find professional writing as a way to earn substantial extra income. The hours are flexible, and writers and bloggers can often earn an average of more than $40/hour with the right clients, and the industry is only growing.

4. School Bus Drivers

While you will have to get a commercial driver’s license before starting, being a school bus driver is a great way to supplement your income. Typically there are two shifts; an early morning and an afternoon, and many schools allow drivers to work whichever one fits their schedule. Typical hourly wage is from $12.40 to $16.70. However, in many urban markets, the pay is almost double that amount. Many urban school drivers can earn around $30/hour. As many schools, particularly public schools continue to get more crowded, they are looking to hire more school bus drivers. In fact, this Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that school bus driver employment is expected to increase by around 10 percent by 2016.

5. Customer Service Representative

Working as a customer service representative is an ideal position for those seeking a flexible schedule as they earn supplemental income. Most of these professionals who are looking for extra part time work can work early morning, evening, late night or weekend shifts. Many companies also allow their customer service representatives to telecommute, or work from home. The average salary for one of these individuals is $15.92 an hour, but many are able to make more with experience. Companies from all types of industries are constantly looking for representatives with some of the most common companies hiring these representatives being credit and insurance agencies and major retailers.

6. Retail

Whether you are selling furniture, electronics, clothing or anything in between, retail stores are almost always looking to hire new workers. Typically these individuals only need a high school diploma or G.E.D. The average retail sales person makes about $12.00/hour, but many specialty stores and boutiques are able to pay much more. Retail stores typically have different hours than traditional offices, meaning those looking to supplement their income can often work nights, weekends or holidays to earn extra cash. While 39% of retailers will hire workers just for the holiday season, for those looking for work during this time of year, about 43% are looking to hire permanent workers that will stay year round.

7. Bar Tending

Receiving a bartenders license usually doesn’t take more than a few weeks, and working as a bartender on nights and weekends is a great way to supplement an income. Many bars, restaurants, breweries and wineries are all looking for bartenders to add to their team. Typically a bartender makes about $11/hour at an average establishment, but most bartenders earn far more than their daily salary in tips with every shift. Those who are looking to work less regular schedules will find that catering companies, wedding venues and reception halls are often looking to hire bartenders as needed for evening events.

8. Medical Transcriptionist

Working as a medical transcriptionist or as a medical data entry professional is a great way to earn supplemental income. Typically you do need a certification to find higher paying jobs, and you also need excellent typing skills. There are many companies and hospitals who are hiring at-home medical transcriptionists. In fact, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta hires countless employees, from all over the country that work at home in these positions. The typical medical transcriptionist will earn between $12 and $17 an hour, with higher paid professionals earning more than $20/ hour. Those who do this full time typically make around $50,000 per year.

9. Virtual Jobs

Thanks to the power of the internet, there are countless virtual jobs that can be performed as a way to supplement your income. Typically, these jobs can be done before or after your normal job, full time, or on the weekends. Those who are particularly well versed with social media can take virtual jobs updating companies Facebook or Twitter accounts. There are also many looking for virtual web design services, data entry assistance and for virtual assistants. There are countless sites such as, and that help pair employers with virtual employees. Jobs can start low but there are many who can make $40/ hour or more with these online jobs.

10. Offering Your Own Services

Those who are looking to supplement their own income on their own time, may want to consider offering their own services in their community. This can be anything from lawn mowing and general handy work or babysitting, dog walking and cleaning houses. You can charge as much money as you see fit, and you can make your own schedule. You may be surprised to find the type of services that people are eager to pay for.

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