Monthly Archives: August 2013

An Inside Look At the Casa Del Mar In Galveston

By Johnny Bevers If you’re looking for a great hotel in Galveston Texas that’s right on the beach, check out the Casa Del Mar for a clean, convenient stay with a great view of the beach and very close to surrounding attractions.  This is a completely unpaid and independent review of the Casa Del Mar … Continue reading

Ehow Is Stepping Up Their Game With “Ehow Now”

By Johnny Bevers Ehow is hoping to connect a little more with its users through a new platform called “Ehow Now”.  This all new feature allows Ehow visitors to interact with real, live professionals to get answers to their toughest questions.  This should help improve “live” interaction with the professionals behind Ehow articles and videos.  … Continue reading

Where To Find Approved Driving Courses In Texas

Legally driving in Texas only requires a valid driver’s license, but safely driving can often require additional training, such as a defense driving course. Defense driving is the practice of using recognized safe driving best practices to maximize a motorist’s ability to identify and respond to traffic hazards in a timely and responsible way. While … Continue reading

Fishing In Texas? Don’t Forget That License!

By Johnny Bevers Texas has some of the best fishing in the world, but if you’re not licensed, you could face hefty penalties by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  To avoid the hassle, simply stop by one of your local retailers and pick one up.  You’ll find that fishing licenses are fairly cheap and … Continue reading

Water Parks in Dallas and the Surrounding Metroplex

If you’re looking to get wet and take a break with the kids, why not check out one of the amazing water parks surrounding the Dallas Fort Worth area and the northeast portion of Texas?  While there are plenty of ways to cool off, one of the most effective (and definitely most fun) has got to be a … Continue reading