Monthly Archives: September 2013

Dallas Area “Must See” Attractions

    Dallas is a big city in every sense of the word, offering numerous attractions for just about any personality. There is a little bit of everything in Dallas and that is precisely what people enjoy about it. I will be covering some of the more unique places to visit in Dallas and why … Continue reading

When Visiting Texas, Should You Consider A Day Trip To Mexico?

By Johnny Bevers Day trips to Mexico aren’t what they used to be.  With all the Mexican violence surrounding the cartels, travelers have become weary of making the jaunt across the border.  Still, some tourists find it appealing to visit with the locals and are compelled to take the risk.  If you decide to venture … Continue reading

How To Qualify As A Pharmacy Technician In Texas

Becoming a pharmacy technician in Texas is a simple and rewarding career path. It’s as easy as taking a ninety question test. There are not a lot of requirements. The process is simpler than you would think. It’s all up to you to get out there and go get that job. Here’s some very helpful information … Continue reading