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How to Get a Learner’s Permit to Drive in Texas

By Johnny Bevers Like many other states, Texas has a graduated license program that is designed to reduce the high number of accidents among teen drivers.  This means that there are several steps that brand new drivers need to take before getting a full license for the first time.  This process can be complicated and … Continue reading

Benefits From The Texas Veterans Commission

First opened in 1927, the Texas Veterans Commission was created as the State Service Office to assist veterans of war. Their sole aim has always been to act as the voice of the Texas veterans and assist them to obtain the benefits their fellow citizens want them to have in exchange for their loyal service in the … Continue reading

How To Get Licensed Through The Texas State Board of Physical Therapy

By Johnny Bevers If you live in Texas and are considering a career in physical therapy, you’ll need to take an educational path that will allow you to become licensed by the state’s board of physical therapy. This involves completing the course of study required by the Texas administrative code and taking an exam required … Continue reading

Texas Vehicle Inspections – What You Need To Know

By Johnny Bevers To avoid being issued a ticket in Texas, you are required to have your vehicle inspected.  The inspection is a simple set of basic checks to ensure that your vehicle is in a road-worthy condition with all instruments working correctly.  The vehicle will also be checked to ensure that it is not emitting … Continue reading

Becoming a Fashion Designer: Education, Salary, Connections

If you’ve always loved fashion and are forever flipping through Vogue and sketching dresses you wish you could wear, a career in fashion design just might be for you. Though you can attain a position in the design world with just a high school education, additional training at an accredited college or university can help … Continue reading

Where To Find Title Loans In Houston Texas

For those looking to borrow cash against a paid off or nearly paid off car a title loan can be a great alternative.  But that term can be confusing; does one get to keep their car during the loan? How difficult is it to obtain a title loan?  Where does one go in the Houston … Continue reading

How Much Do Orthopedic Surgeons Make After School and Expenses

An orthopedic surgeon concentrates in surgery, related to the medical discipline of orthopedics, and will operate on injuries to bones, joints etc.  There are general orthopedic surgeons and also those who have trained to work on a particular area of the body, such as the spine.  The surgeon may also decide to concentrate on one … Continue reading

What Is The Salary For A Radiography Technician and What Do They Do?

If you’re looking for a high-paying job in the medical field without committing to at least eight years of college and graduate study, you may want to consider a career as a radiographer. A radiographer, or radiological technician, takes X-rays of patients at hospitals, urgent care centers, and other medical settings. The average radiography salary … Continue reading

The Importance Of Diversity In The Workplace

  The workplace is becoming more diverse all the time.  In turn this is forcing companies to consider their hiring practices so that they are not viewed as discriminatory.  Diversity can include differences in gender, age, ethnic group and even those with disabilities. There are several key benefits to a diverse workplace and a lot … Continue reading

What Is Liability Insurance and What Does It Really Protect You Against?

By Johnny Bevers What You’re Protected Against When You’re Covered With Liability Insurance: An insurance policy is a legally binding contract taken out by an individual with an insurance company. The individual agrees to pay which can either be paid as a single payment or in installments and this is in exchange for a confirmation from … Continue reading

What Is A CNC Machinist And What Do They Do?

A CNC Machinist is a skilled trade professional who is well versed in the setting up and operation of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines that are used most often in the manufacturing process. These machines may be used in the construction of parts and finished goods for many different industries. Just some of the industries … Continue reading

How Much Do Mechanical Engineers Make?

By Johnny Bevers Want to know how much mechanical engineers really make?  Well check out our perspective below for a salary survey and critical information you’ll want to find out about before taking the plunge into this (sometimes) lucrative career field.The financial crisis of 2008 and subsequent recession highlighted a fact that has been known … Continue reading

What Lipotropic Injections Are and Why You Should Get Them

Originally used to help combat liver related illness in the 1930s, lipotropic injections are growing in popularity in a bid to help people struggling with obesity and weight loss. What Exactly Are Lipotropic Injections?   Early use of lipotropic injections was to help fight fatty liver disease, which is when lipids gather in the cells … Continue reading