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How You Can Communicate (In Private) With “Burn Phones”

“Privacy is becoming a thing of the past, but with a pre-paid “Burn Phone”, you may be able to reclaim your Constitutional right to privacy.”   By Johnny Bevers   Are you tired of the thought that the National Security Agency (NSA) tracking your every move from the coordinates on your mobile (cellular) phone?  Or, for … Continue reading

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Serotonin And What Can You Do About It?

By Johnny Bevers Perhaps you feel lost at times, seemingly forgetting things and sometimes not being able to sleep well.  The regular stresses in your life seem to be taking a toll on you, and your moods are swinging from here to there all at once!  One good reason behind all this could be a serotonin … Continue reading

The Latest Innovations In Rotating Christmas Trees

You know the feeling, you decorate your Christmas tree and somehow it always ends up looking out of balance where you have put less decoration on the back purely because it doesn’t get seen. Think again, wouldn’t it be fabulous to get a full 360 degree view of your tree and marvel as your friends … Continue reading

How To Get Certified As A Real Estate Agent In Texas

By Johnny Bevers The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) is based in Austin and is the agency responsible for policy that leads to becoming certified as a real estate agent in Texas.  Their sole aim is protect the users of real estate services and ensure economic growth within their state.   All applicants for a real … Continue reading

Becoming a Paralegal In Texas

If you’re interested in a career in the field of law but are concerned about the time and cost involved to become a lawyer, you may consider attending school to become a paralegal.  These professionals assist attorneys with tasks like research, writing, and organization.  Read on to learn more about the life of a paralegal, … Continue reading

The Sales Tax Rate in Texas: What is It and How It Works

By Johnny Bevers Perhaps you’re thinking of putting up your own business in the state of Texas.  Whether you intend to sell tangible personal items, offer taxable services, or lease spaces, one of the most important things you ought to learn about is the applicable sales tax rate. To be able to carry out your … Continue reading