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Today’s Most Common Advertising Techniques To Promote Your Business

Most anyone who has solid business experience should be quick to suggest that one of the best (and common) forms of advertising – if not the best – is word of mouth.  It costs absolutely nothing and as we all know, word can travel very quickly.  But when you are seeking to draw in thousands … Continue reading

How The World Is Doing On the UN Millennium Development Goals

By Johnny Bevers For those individuals who follow news regarding the United Nations, they should have heard and been well aware of the UN Millennium Development Goals or (MDGs). Many might even wonder today what has happened since these goals were put into motion. Whether this is your first time hearing about the MDGs or … Continue reading

Salary Expectations & Training Requirements for Physical Therapist Assistants

By Johnny Bevers A physical therapist assistant salary is dependent on experience, location, training and on the particular position he or she may hold. Generally, though, average salaries are extremely handsome for physical therapy assistants, and training to become one is not particularly time consuming. A physical therapist assistant’s primary duties are to assist a … Continue reading

Salary and Job Opportunities for Marine Biologists

By Johnny Bevers It is extremely difficult to say exactly what a marine biologist salary is, as this salary varies greatly according to qualifications, experience and the exact position.  There is a vast array of job opportunities for marine biologists and, depending on the position, a marine biologist might find him or herself: tagging squid; analyzing … Continue reading

Why Respidol (Risperdal) Is Prescribed And What Its Side Effects Are

By Johnny Bevers If the development of new psychotropic medication (like Respidol) is any indication, then mental illness must surely be on the rise at rates that are beginning to top the charts.  I’m sure anyone taking mental notes of all these new medications is probably about ready to give up at any time.  The … Continue reading

How Much Does Propecia Cost and Does It Really Work?

By Johnny Bevers   Propecia is proving to be an effective treatment in the fight against male pattern baldness, but concerns do still remain over Propecia cost.  Male Pattern Baldness, or Androgenetic alopecia, is a common form of baldness in men with approximately 50 percent experiencing it at some point in their lives, usually once … Continue reading

How the Reverse Trendelenburg Position Aids Surgeons

By Johnny Bevers History and Overview of the Reverse Trendelenburg Position The Trendelenburg position was first invented by the German doctor, Friedrich Trendelenburg and was designed to be used in different surgical procedures to improve access to certain parts of the body during different procedures.  The Trendelenburg is a position where the patient is laid … Continue reading

Does Cocoa Butter Really Prevent Scars?

By Johnny Bevers Over the years of conversations and discussions I have had with countless people, I find it truly amazing that the subject of cocoa butter and what it can or cannot do, just simply cannot be agreed upon.  I have heard people swear by it and that it helps the skin with scarring … Continue reading

How To Really Clean A Pillow Top Mattress Pad

By Johnny Bevers Keep your pillow top mattress pad clean with our simple (easy-to-follow) instructions…  It’s easier than you might think! A good quality pillow top mattress can provide wonderful cushioning and comfort for a great night’s sleep, especially if you suffer from any kind of back or muscle pain. However, like all mattresses, they … Continue reading

The Top Five Culinary Schools in the World

Although you don’t need to attend culinary school to become a great chef, it certainly does help. Notable chefs such as Marco Pierre White, Keith Floyd, Charlie Trotter, Heston Blumenthal and Koumei Nakamura all attended a culinary school. It is extremely unlikely that these chefs would have achieved such notoriety had they not studied such … Continue reading

Want To Become A Respiratory Therapist? A Guide To Education, Salary, And The Best Locations To Work

By Johnny Bevers A respiratory therapist (RT) is a type of practitioner of health who is specialized in treating people with disorders that affect their cardiopulmonary system.  Some of the common ailments are those with asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, cardiovascular disorders and other forms of trauma.  Respiratory therapists work beneath general administration of a major professional … Continue reading

Attractive Salaries for Mortgage Brokers as Housing Markets Bounces Back

By Johnny Bevers What Do Mortgage Brokers Do? As housing demand increase, property buyers in the U.S are increasingly turning to mortgage brokers to negotiate mortgages on properties. Mortgage brokers are agents, who act as middlemen between people seeking mortgages: the borrowers, and financial institution: the lenders. These mortgage brokers may work as individuals or … Continue reading

What You Need To Know About Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance –we all heave a big sigh when we think about it.  Just another boring expense; surely we can do without it?  Wrong! Whether you rent a whole house, an apartment or just one room, insuring your belongings is a must.  Not all insurance companies will cover rented rooms or properties, so chances are … Continue reading

What is the Average Cost of Artificial Insemination?

By Johnny Bevers Artificial Insemination, or AI, is a medical procedure that was introduced in the early part of the last century.  The procedure is one where the sperm of a male donor are placed directly into a woman’s uterus or, less commonly, into her cervix or fallopian tubes.  This means that the sperm will … Continue reading

What is a Signature Bond and When is it Used?

“A signature bond, often called a recognizance bond or no collateral bond, is one of the four main court bonds that a judge might set at a court hearing.  Essentially  a court bond is a legal agreement, or promissory, that the defendant presents him or herself at court to face trial at a future date … Continue reading

How Much Is Malpractice Insurance For Doctors?

The often dismaying subject of medical malpractice insurance costs have become less and less avoidable for medical practitioners each and every year across America. With nearly all fifty States making it mandatory law to acquire such insurance, if those applicable haven’t by now, it is vital for them to get educated on the entire matter … Continue reading