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Texas Trucking Companies Desperate To Fill Driving Jobs

By Johnny Bevers As the economy heats up, Texas truck companies are desperate to fill jobs to meet the demand of increasing customer shipments.  Unlike other states, people are flocking to Texas for it’s business friendly environment which is increasing the need to supply a bigger population.  So, if you have thought about a job in … Continue reading

Try The Star Cinema Grill In Webster TX For A Great Time

By Johnny Bevers I recently visited the Star Cinema Grill (SCG for short) in Webster, TX and had a fantastic time with my girlfriend.  This isn’t your traditional movie theater.  In fact, it’s a full service restaurant where you can order anything off of a restaurant quality menu at any time during the movie.  You can … Continue reading

5 Easy Ways To Watch Local TV Online

By Johnny Bevers It is no old wives tale that American’s love to sit in front of the television screen, it has been a pastime in this country for several decades.  Something about laying down on the couch, flipping on the boob tube, and eating bag after bag of Doritos releases tension like nothing else … Continue reading

10 Easy Steps to Rid Yourself of Lower Belly Fat

By Johnny Bevers There are many people today who struggle with getting rid of stubborn lower stomach fat.  Any individual who wants to lose lower belly fat, will find that toning this stubborn area can sometimes be a challenge.  While ladies belly fat tends to be the most stubborn, due to the unique makeup of … Continue reading

5 Easy Ways To Lose Water Weight Overnight

By Johnny Bevers Losing water weight can be challenging, and if you have a big “weigh-in” coming soon, we’ll give you 5 easy ways to shed some unwanted pounds overnight.  If you’re in this category, we have some easy-to-follow advice that might help get you to your weight loss goals and get you that slim figure you’ve … Continue reading