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What Does Carl Icahn Want With Talisman Energy (TLM)?

 By Johnny Bevers Carl Icahn is one of the world’s 50 richest people.  When he invests in a company, that company often experiences what is called an Icahn bounce.  Literally, so many people follow Icahn’s investments that the share price of companies he buys, go up just because those people mimic his purchases. Icahn could … Continue reading

8 Easy Ways To Care For An Infected Pimple

By Johnny Bevers When the follicle under your skin’s surface clogs up due to excess oil, dirt or even makeup, bacteria will also begin to buildup, which results in an infected pimple.  Infected pimples can happen anywhere on the body, including arms, neck, face, back, etc.  While they are most embarrassing on the face, not … Continue reading

Should Americans Drive Natural Gas Cars?

By Johnny Bevers Petroleum-based fuels are what millions of Americans rely on each day to get them to where they need to go.  But, the market is so reliant on these petroleum-based fuels that when prices go up, Americans are hit hard.  This growing concern for rising gas prices, limited supply and a struggling economy has … Continue reading

How Much Mortgage Brokers Make On Average

By Johnny Bevers The average mortgage broker salary varies greatly along a number of different parameters.  The health of the real estate market that the broker is in is one of these factors.  Another is the socio-economic status of their client, and still another, whether they are working in the residential or commercial markets. A … Continue reading

10 Must See Destinations in the Texas Hill Country

By Johnny Bevers Just between Coastal Plains and the Edwards Plateau in Texas, you’ll find Texas Hill Country.  Overall, Hill Country is over 200 miles wide.  Known for its box canyons and bustling rivers, Hill Country is home to some of the most beautiful sights in Texas.  People from all over the world come to … Continue reading

Response (Counter) To Clean Energy (CLNE) Seeking Alpha Article

By Johnny Bevers In the Seeking Alpha article titled “Clean Energy Fuels: A Flawed Business Model And Morgan Stanley’s Folly,” the author raises some legitimate concerns over Clean Energy, but failed to address some “core” aspects of the business that must be understood.   While most have read Clean Energy’s latest quarterly report, the reader ought … Continue reading