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Financial Advisor Vs. Financial Planner: What’s The Difference?

By Johnny Bevers When looking for someone to advise you on how to properly manage your finances, you will almost certainly have to make a decision re: financial advisor vs. financial planner vs. investment advisor vs. financial specialist and so on.  This myriad of different terms to refer to people who perform very similar tasks … Continue reading

Tempurpedic vs. Posturpedic: What’s the Difference?

By Johnny Bevers If you’re considering a Tempurpedic or Posturpedic mattress, it certainly helps to understand the features of each type of mattress.  This featured article will take you through the nuances of each type of mattress to help you make an informed purchasing decision.  Shopping for mattresses these days isn’t as easy as it … Continue reading

What Is A Business Intelligence Analyst And How Much Do They Make?

A business intelligence analyst performs complex data analysis in order to identify certain trends and / or statistics.  They then apply various business models to these trends and statistics in order to predict future outcomes.  Although a business intelligence analyst spends a lot of time looking at and analyzing data, they need to have a … Continue reading

The 10 Best Places To Find Electrolytes In Food

By Johnny Bevers You may think sports drinks are the only way to boost your electrolytes, but did you also know that there are electrolytes in food?  Instead of drinking those sugary sports drinks, you can opt for healthier, more nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables and even dairy products to replace your electrolytes and return your body … Continue reading

Add An Odwalla Juice Cleanse To Aid Weight Loss

By Johnny Bevers Detoxes have become part of the fad and extreme diet groups, but that was not what they were originally intended for.  The Odwalla juice cleanse, for example, focuses on all-natural naked juices to help rid the body of toxins and ultimately help a person lose weight.  While other cleanses have been shown … Continue reading

What Is A Business Analyst and How Much Do They Make?

A business analyst works for either a consulting firm, a company, or independently consults across different businesses.  Their role is to improve the efficiency of the target company through analysis and change.  A business analyst’s role depends on their area of expertise, and so business analysts may be referred to as systems analysts, business process analyst, … Continue reading

Using Dallas Headhunters To Land The Right Job

By Johnny Bevers Job searches are not easy — especially in big metropolises like Dallas.  If your job search is stuck in a rut or you just don’t have the time to find work, a Dallas headhunter could be the answer.  It is especially helpful when looking for high-level positions in competitive industries like IT, … Continue reading