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How the Texas Veterans Land Board Helps Vets

Texas has always been a long-standing supporter of veterans.  In 1946, the Texas Veterans Land Board was created to offer Texas-based veterans exclusive benefits for their dedication to their country and service.  Since their start, the VLB has offered offer 200,000 loans to veterans and offers a wide variety of benefits that ensure every veteran … Continue reading

How to Become a Licensed Plumber in the State of Texas

By Johnny Bevers Texas, like most states, has their own set of requirements in order for someone to become a plumber.  These requirements are overseen by the Texas Board of Plumbing Examiners.  This agency creates a list of requirements, regulations and even facilitates the testing to ensure every licensed plumber in the state is adequate … Continue reading

Is College a Post-Secondary Education?

By Johnny Bevers Post-secondary education, also referred to as higher education (or college), is a level of schooling that goes beyond secondary education. For example, it could involve getting a master’s degree after completing a bachelor’s or attending a trade school to learn skills for a specific industry. There are specific institutions that offer post-secondary … Continue reading

How To Get Rid Of Rats Without Poison

By Johnny Bevers Rats in or around your property can be extremely disturbing and potentially hazardous to health.  Unfortunately, it is also a common problem within the United States with two breeds of rat in particular being especially prevalent.  These are the Norway rat, and the Roof rat. Either of these breeds may carry any … Continue reading

How Much Does KinderCare Cost?

By Johnny Bevers The days of a single working parent are over.  In fact, statistics show that more households have two working parents than they did just a few years ago.  With both parents at work, what about the children?  Daycare services are certainly there to meet the demand, but when it comes to paying … Continue reading

Why Oxygenated Blood is Essential for Healthy Living

By Johnny Bevers Most people don’t realize how vital oxygen is for their overall health. In fact, oxygen is the main catalyst in your body that provides you with energy and keeps your body functioning at its best. Oxygen not only helps you breathe and keeps your lungs functioning, but it controls the metabolic processes … Continue reading

How Much Do Social Workers Make?

By Johnny Bevers Social workers make enough money to live a very good life while helping individuals, families and groups solve and deal with problems in their everyday lives.  While some social workers work in groups or for organizations, others may work in a private practice treating patients with emotional or behavioral problems.  The salary … Continue reading

Foundation Repair in Dallas, Texas

By Johnny Bevers In semi-arid areas such as Dallas, Texas, foundation repair to houses and other buildings and structures is often necessary, more so than in much of the rest of the country.  This article will look in detail at the major causes of concrete foundation problems in the Dallas area, how to prevent foundation … Continue reading