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10 Great Ways to Conserve Water and Lower Your Bill

By Johnny Bevers In the United States, there are 36 states facing severe water shortages.  The need for stricter water conservation is becoming a critical need, but most consumers are not informed well enough on how to conserve or even understanding the benefits of doing such.  Conserving water will not only help the environment, but … Continue reading

What Is The Drug Reminyl Used To Treat?

  Reminyl is a brand name for the drug Galantamine. Other brand names include: Razadyne, Razadyne ER, Lycoremine and Nivalin. Reminyl, or Galantamine,  is often used to treat mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease in a variety of clinical settings.   What Is Alzheimer’s Disease And What Are Its Symptoms? Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form … Continue reading

How Long Does Fentanyl Stay in Your System?

By Johnny Bevers Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opiate that is considered even more potent than morphine.  This opiate analgesic is only used to treat patients with severe pain or to help patient’s manage their pain post-surgery when other methods of pain relief are not effective.  People who grow tolerant to pain meds and opiates … Continue reading

How Much Do Medical Coders Make?

Medical coders work in a variety of different settings and enjoy a relatively high average salary.  They must usually undergo considerable training in order to enter the field and may need further training, possibly in more specialized areas, in order to reach the higher levels of pay.  Medical coders translate healthcare professional’s patient notes into … Continue reading

Will Ferric Citrate (By Keryx) Become The Drug Of Choice For CKD/Dialysis Patients?

By Johnny Bevers Ferric Citrate has numerous health benefits that help CKD patients manage serum phosphorus and iron stores Drug is approved by the FDA Helps those on dialysis avoid intravenous iron infusions lowering bundle costs for dialysis clinics Improves patient quality of life and could extend mortality Improves the economics in dialysis clinics Drug will … Continue reading

How Much Do Physicians Assistants Make?

By Johnny Bevers If you’re interested in becoming a physician assistant, but are curious about how much they make, we’ve uncovered some little known facts you should know about before beginning your educational program.  A physician assistant, also referred to as a PA, practices medicine under the direct supervision of a medical doctor or MD.  They … Continue reading

Does Depakote Cause Birth Defects?

Depakote is an oral and intravenous applied medication that is commonly used to treat patients with seizures as well as certain psychiatric conditions. Over the past few years, some studies have made a link between Depakote and birth defects. Depakote is an anticonvulsant medication and a mood stabilizer that helps treat patients with bipolar and … Continue reading

What Are The Minimum Requirements For Homeowners Insurance In Texas?

By Johnny Bevers There is no Texas law that explicitly states that you are required to have homeowners insurance on any property or dwelling. Nor is there any Texas law dictating a minimum requirement for obtaining any insurance. It is entirely up to you whether you obtain insurance for any property you own outright. However, … Continue reading