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Bringing in Disease-Carrying Immigrants is a Recipe for Pandemic

By Angela K. Mason, Tex.Org Contributor On November 20, 2014, President Obama made a televised announcement informing Americans of sweeping changes that would be coming to the immigration system. These changes were made by executive action, without the permission of Congress…or the American people. Included in these changes is the extension of protection from deportation … Continue reading

Texas Eppicard – the payment standard for child support

By Johnny Bevers The Texas Eppicard (or debit card) program allows for child support payments to be electronically funded through direct deposit into your own bank account or onto a Texas Debit Card.  These are the only two options to receive your child support payments in Texas unless receiving electronic payments would somehow create a … Continue reading

The Lone Star Elite: Who Are the Richest Folks in Texas?

By Angela Kaye Mason, Tex.Org Contributor In 2013, Texas had more Forbes 400 listers than any other state except California and New York, with 41 slots being filled up with people from the Lone Star state. This year, Texas comes in at third place again, this time with 39 of Forbes’ slots being filled with … Continue reading

Controversial Textbooks In Texas Classrooms

By Angela Kaye Mason, Tex.Org Contributor Bryan McLeroy and the Texas State School Board Thanks to the Texas state school board, there could be very controversial changes coming to the textbooks in our Texas classrooms. It all started with a dentist by the name of Don McLeroy from Bryan, Texas, who apparently agrees with Winston … Continue reading

Does Hercules Offshore Have A Contract In The North Sea?

By Johnny Bevers I recently visited the Hercules Offshore web site and discovered they were hiring a number of people for work in the North Sea.  Hercules recently signed a deal with Maersk, but the deal is for a high spec rig that’s under construction and won’t be delivered for quite awhile.  That said, they … Continue reading

FDA Approves Auryxia (Ferric Citrate) Trade Name

By Johnny Bevers Keryx scored another victory on their flagship drug (ferric citrate) by garnering approval by the FDA for the trade name “Auryxia.”  From this point forward, Keryx will market ferric citrate under the approved name, Auryxia.  Investors were somewhat concerned when the FDA disapproved the name “Zerenex” at the same time the drug … Continue reading

Tex.Org Is Now Secure!!!!

We’re happy to announce that our website is now serving 100% secure content on its servers.  This has been a very long and arduous process, but we’ve managed to move virtually all of our content to a secure state.  We initially got the idea when Google announced that they were going to provide a small … Continue reading