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The Pros and Cons of a Jeb Bush Presidency

By Angela Kaye Mason, Contributor It isn’t often that we hear a politician admit that they may not be a good candidate. Surprisingly, that is exactly what Jeb Bush said at a CEO council meeting for The Wall Street Journal. “I don’t know if I’d make a good candidate or a bad one,” he shared … Continue reading

Oil Prices See A Bottom As Oil Supply Shrinks

By Johnny Bevers After OPEC announced its intention to not reduce its production for fear of losing market share, oil prices plummeted to record lows across the globe.  In it’s most recent report for the week ending December 19,2014, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported an 800,000 barrel decline in American oil stock piles … Continue reading

10 Pros and Cons of Becoming a Police Officer

By Joel Barnard, Contributor If you are considering becoming a police officer, have a look at this list of pros and cons first. You might find that they help point you in the right direction and guide you toward a life-long career. Pros 1. Pay The pay for being a police officer, whilst not stellar, … Continue reading

Business Technology In A Modern World

By Joel Barnard, Contributor Improved business technology has changed the way that businesses, both large and small, conduct their operations. Modern business technology has enabled companies to operate globally in a very efficient manner, to get more from their employees, to streamline and to cut costs, to manage their inventory better, to improve efficiency and … Continue reading

Top “Must See” Texas Attractions

By Angela Mason, Contributor For those who are planning a vacation to Texas, or even those who call the Lone Star State home, there are several attractions that are absolute “must sees.” To make things just a bit simpler, we have compiled a list of our favorites, so be sure to add them to your … Continue reading

Family Fun In The Pineywoods Region Of Texas

The Pineywoods region of East Texas is more than just beautiful in scenery.  This is a great area for busy families of all kinds to get away and go have some fun.  Area attractions by cities within the region include: Alto:  The small town of Alto located on the El Camino Real (or Old San … Continue reading

Texas Considers Finally Allowing Open Carry of Handguns

By Angela Mason, Contributor Despite the fact that everything you know about Texas would likely lead you to believe otherwise, the Lone Star State is one of the very few states left in American which still bans the open carry of handguns. It is a fact that makes many question all they’ve heard about Texas … Continue reading

Laredo Supper – My Favorite Meal!

By Johnny Bevers So many people ask me for this recipe, I decided to post it in our blog area so they can come back to it anytime they feel like cooking it.  It’s really a combination of chili and party food suitable for church gatherings or something to warm you up on a cold … Continue reading

Check Out The “Updated” Houston Museum of Natural History

By De Castillo, Contributor Whether looking for a field trip or family outing in Houston or just something to do while in town, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is one place you’ll want to check out.  Time will definitely get away from visitors who get wrapped up in the exhibits and planetarium.  Luckily, the … Continue reading

“Merry Christmas” Protected By Law in Texas

By Angela Kaye Mason, Contributor War on Religion Nothing New, But Texas says it’s ok to say “Merry Christmas” at School The war on religion is nothing new to mankind. For centuries, man has fought man over something as simple as what he believes in. While it would seem that over time, mankind would learn … Continue reading

Texas Leads Group of 17 States Suing Obama on Immigration

By Angela Kaye Mason, Contributor Abbot Announces States to Sue Obama On December 3, 2014, Texas Republican Gov-elect Greg Abbot made the official announcement that his state will be leading a coalition of seventeen states which are suing Obama and his administration over Obama’s recent executive order on immigration reform. The heads of each of … Continue reading

Oil Demand Picks Up As Prices Drop

By Johnny Bevers Demand for cheap oil is picking up as world markets race to buy and store cheap oil and increase their reserves.  China, for example increased its imports to more than 460,000 barrels per day for an 8.3% increase over 2010 levels.  Guess what?  They’re no stopping!  China is racing to build even more … Continue reading

Lake Brownwood State Park

By De Castillo, Contributor Located a bit north of Central Texas, Lake Brownwood is a true gem for nature vacationers and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Whether seeking a romantic escape, an inexpensive and interactive outing with the kids, or just a peaceful, scenic refuge from the office, this beautiful park has something for everyone.  … Continue reading

Texas ‘No Refusal Weekend’ Ruled Unconstitutional

By Angela Kaye Mason, Contributor On Wednesday, November 26, 2014 the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled that the controversial “no refusal weekend” was unconstitutional. This law formerly allowed police to take blood sampled from drivers, even if the driver refused. Is ‘No Refusal’ an ‘Unreasonable Search & Seizure’? Recently, the implementation of the “no … Continue reading