Monthly Archives: November 2017

Will Negative Headlines Kill The GOP Tax Bill?

The left-wing liberal media is destroying any hope of a tax reduction for the American middle class. Headline after headline of the destroy-Trump media spews contrary rhetoric that aims to kill the legislation and put an end to the prolonged American growth cycle we’ve seen under the Trump presidency. The latest negative attention centers around … Continue reading

Tax Cuts Are Already Priced Into The Market

Yesterday, the market pulled back a little after the Senate unveiled their tax plan shortly after the House. The biggest revelation that came out of the Senate bill was a delay in the corporate tax rate which would start a year from now. This, coupled with a higher repatriation rate impacted the market in a … Continue reading

POTUS Appoints New Fed Chair and Rolls Out Tax Bill

Yesterday, President Trump unveiled his tax plan for America. The biggest thing this plan does is lower the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20% and reduces small business taxes to a maximum of 25%. The bill also allows for immediate expensing of investments made for equipment which will stimulate businesses everywhere to make purchases … Continue reading