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5 Easy Ways To Lose Water Weight Overnight

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By Johnny Bevers

Losing water weight can be challenging, and if you have a big “weigh-in” coming soon, we’ll give you 5 easy ways to shed some unwanted pounds overnight.  If you’re in this category, we have some easy-to-follow advice that might help get you to your weight loss goals and get you that slim figure you’ve been looking for.  Fortunately, more and more people are awakening to the importance of fitness, losing weight, eating right and staying in shape.  The common reasons behind such practices are often to look great and have more energy which, in turn will hopefully provide each individual with a little better longevity.


how to lose water weightOn the subject of losing water weight and shedding it at a rapid rate, the reasons for this may vary anywhere from health concerns, to an athlete needing to fit into a weight category quickly (such as a boxer); it might be for a job qualification such as in the military or a government agency, or it may simply be for photography functions as well as fitting into certain pieces of clothing for a special event. Whatever the reason, you are now desiring to eliminate some water weight at a quickened pace; we will provide you with five great strategies to help you succeed in your rapid weight loss endeavors.

1.  Drink More Water

girl drinking bottled water crossing legsDespite how reversed in logic it might seem, the first approach we recommend for losing water weight overnight is actually to drink more water.  This method has shown to be quite practical and most people on the planet are sadly not getting nearly the required daily intake of water they should be.  The body often gets dehydrated when a regular diet consists of high carbohydrate and high protein foods.  This is because after these foods are taken in, the body will retain water for fear that there may not be enough for later purposes. In addition, water will revitalize the body’s organs and flush out unwanted toxins and sodium from the bloodstream.  This is why drinking enough water (regularly) is vital for health and helping you shed that extra water weight.

There is no specific set weight that people will lose overnight from drinking enough water.  Somewhere between 1 – 10 lbs is a typical possibility.  There are no real dangers to drinking water and it would require you to drink ridiculous amounts of water in liters during such a short period of time to get sick or even die (but it has happened so don’t over do it.)  If you would rather drink something with taste, you can switch to certain kinds of tea, but make sure you avoid sugar.  Sugar defeats the purpose of weight loss, because many sugars are stored in the body as fat for later use as energy.  The idea here is to drop weight, so sugar she be left out of that equation.

2.  Change Your Eating Plan

water weight gone pic with skinny girl in front of fruitThe first thing you should target when eating is to lessen your sodium consumption every day because salt will make you retain that unwanted water weight.  Processed foods should be the first thing to go as they are full of salt.  Some foods to avoid are cereals, chips, cheese, as well as frozen and canned foods.  Cooking meals at home are often less salty than those you order up at a restaurant so be encouraged to eat more unprocessed food at home whenever possible.  On the positive side, consider adding foods to your diet that may not already be there.  Foods, such as oranges, beets, bananas, apricots, sweet potatoes and more are all rich in potassium and will help lower the sodium content in your body.  Be sure to get more fruits and vegetables in to increase you hydration levels so your body stays hydrated and reduces sodium at the same time.

Sticking to a strict diet with only 1000 to 1500 milligrams of sodium a day can help you bring down approximately 1.25 pounds of scale weight.  Over a week if you sustain a low sodium intake, it’s possible to lose just over 3 pounds.  For those people who give themselves a couple of days before a weigh-in and give themselves a very rigorous food allowance may experience light-headedness, headaches, irritability and a lack of concentration.  More serious conditions of dieting improperly or in extreme cases can cause considerable functionality-related issues which may include the exhaustion of glycogen in the liver and muscles as well as protein muscle breakdown. If you were to do a complete fast for about 48 hours then it’s possible that you would lose up to 3 pounds of protein, water and glycogen.

3.  Perform Small Exercise Routines

small exercise routines to lose water weightIt’s understandable that in today’s society many people do not have the time or money to exercise quite like they should or would want to.  But if one is serious enough about losing water weight quickly then changes will need to be made.  Ideally, this method of trying to lose quick water weight may be minimal but it is more effective when combined with other approaches.  Many people spend the majority of their day sitting at a desk with limited bodily motion.  Among the elderly and less active persons, it’s common for fluid retention in the legs to set in.  The answer to this would be to start taking walks or at least begin doing a regular routine of calf raises.  By keeping your legs moving you can reduce the water retention from establishing itself.  Next, you should always be sure never to stay sitting or standing in the same place and position for too long.  This is where taking regular walks can become most effective.  Even if you don’t have much time, it’s advisable to get up from your chair every forty-five minutes and stretch or at least move around a little.

Unless you are unfit to walk, there should really be no dangers or precautions to take when carrying out these small but effective exercises.  As an example, if someone were to walk 3 miles per day and burn approximately 300 calories from that activity, in a month they could expect to lose roughly 2 – 3 pounds.  In a year, that would be over 30 pounds lost just from walking alone and this can all be done without any monetary cost.

4.  Let The Sweat Pour Out

lose your water weightFor the younger and more adept, heavy exercise is of course also encouraged in order to shed those unwanted water weight pounds through sweating.  Obviously, it will require the workouts to be on a more vigorous level in order to achieve an effective goal of aiding your body in losing water.  For those in a hurry to lose weight this can be beneficial for reducing some last minute calories before a necessary weigh-in.  Exercise routines like jogging and aerobics for 40 minutes or more as well as just using a sauna can make a significant last-minute difference.

It’s advisable to sit in a sauna for only up to 20 minutes at most and if you have any health concerns you should consult a physician before doing so.  With jogging and aerobics you should also be in sensible health and condition before attempting these forms of physical fitness as they will result in a sort of physical stress putting a little more pressure on your body.  Saunas have been known to reduce body weight by a little over 2 – 4 pounds but not much more and this can often be gained back quickly by hydrating the body.  Jogging and aerobics can produce a similar amount of weight loss as using a sauna but you won’t see the same overnight results.  Still, the act of sweating goes a long way toward losing excess water weight, so any physical activity that produces sweat will have at least some impact.

5.  Use Water Loss Supplements

water weight lose supplementThe last method we can recommend is using medication or supplements that help you lose water or prevent you from retaining it.  These are designed to draw sodium from the body which helps you flush it out and will prevent water weight.  Vitamin B is also effective in this process.  If you are ingesting beta blockers or other medication, be sure that it does not make you retain water.

The precautions to take would be to consult a physician about supplements or medications that you are interested in using before you take them as they can be dangerous if taken for the wrong reasons due to the change in the electrolyte balance of the body.  In extreme cases this method can even cause fatal heart attacks.  It normally takes a week of using water pills in order to see any real water weight loss and this is normally only 1 – 3 pounds, so be careful when using this course of action.  We don’t want you to hurt yourself.

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