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An Inside Look At the Casa Del Mar In Galveston

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By Johnny Bevers

If you’re looking for a great hotel in Galveston Texas that’s right on the beach, check out the Casa Del Mar for a clean, convenient stay with a great view of the beach and very close to surrounding attractions.  This is a completely unpaid and independent review of the Casa Del Mar Condo/Hotel.  We give you all the nitty, gritty details before you make your decision to stay here.  Read our write up and be pleasantly surprised! I just returned from what will most likely be my last Summer vacation for the season.  My girlfriend and I were looking for the perfect place to spend our third anniversary together and after much research, we opted for the Casa Del Mar.  We had several requirements when narrowing our hotel choice and decided the following items were very important to us during our one night stay on Galveston Beach.

casa delmar balcony

A view from the balcony of the Casa Del Mar

  • The hotel we chose had to have a great view of the beach.
  • We really wanted a pool.
  • We were hoping for a balcony with a view so we could hear the ocean at night.
  • We needed the room to be spacious and have a small kitchen.
  • The room needed to be driving distance to the downtown area.
  • We needed to be fairly close to Schlitterbahn Galveston since we were spending Saturday at the water park.
  • We needed great customer service just in case we needed something.

Luckily, the Casa Del Mar offered everything we were looking plus a little something extra.  Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a very pleasant wait staff who seemed very positive and energetic.  Once we received our key after a very streamlined and fast check in process, we proceeded to our room.  There was plenty of parking (which was free by the way) and in close proximity to our room.  The Casa Del Mar has three stories, but don’t worry about having to climb the stairs because there’s an elevator to take you to each level.  The elevator was a little slow, but did the job just fine.  The hotel is basically elevated so the real first level is for parking and is raised with pier and beams about 12 feet above the ground.  I’m sure this comes in handy when hurricanes hit the island.  We actually stayed on the lower level which was nice because we were the first ones off the elevator.  As we walked into the hallway leading to our room, we noticed the walls were lined with wooden plank.  This gave us the feel of being on a boat which we actually thought was very accommodating  and pleasant.  Once we entered the room, which still used brass keys to enter, we were immediately drawn into a hallway leading to the living room.

Bunk beds perfect for kids.

Bunk beds perfect for kids.

We noticed the bedroom on the right which also felt like a berth on a luxury liner and two single sized bunk beds to our left that would’ve been perfect for kids.  Next came the “coastal” decorated bathroom, complete with a pleasant shower curtain and well appointed sink and toilet.

bathroom with coastal accents

Coastal decorated bathroom at Casa Del Mar

Moving into the living room area, we found a perfect little kitchenette complete with microwave, stove, sink, and medium sized refrigerator.  There was plenty of counter space and the small counter area had two stools so you could snack and chat while preparing your food.

Private bedroom at Casa Del Mar

Private Bedroom Perfect For a Little Privacy

Adjacent to the kitchen was a nicely appointed living area that flowed right into the outside balcony, complete with ocean front view.  All rooms have an ocean front view because all condos face the beach.  They achieved this design by angling the complex in what appears to be a 30 degree slant toward the ocean.  Ok, heading back into the living room, we found a very nice flat panel television with access to cable television and of course a telephone with access to the front desk and local businesses.

Living Room With Nice Couch and a View!

Living Room With Nice Couch and a View!

Speaking of the front desk, they called us almost immediately upon arrival to see what we thought of the room and pleasantly offered their assistance if there was anything they could do for us.  We actually had no complaints, so the call was very short but certainly much appreciated.  Overall, we felt the room could easily accommodate at least 2 adults and 3 children.  There were two pool areas with access to community BBQs and one of the pools is heated.  It’s the pool on the back left if you’re interested.  All in all, we had a great stay at this complex and would highly recommend it to our closest friends.  I believe we paid right around $240 for a Saturday night in late August, but the staff offered us Sunday night for only $99 as sort of a reward for staying an extra night with them.  Unfortunately, we both had to return home Sunday for work on Monday.

Overall, we had a great time on Galveston Island!  While on the island, our adventures took us to the Schlitterbahn Water park, the downtown area, and a very romantic dinner at the Fisherman’s Wharf.

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