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The Absolute Best Texting Games For You and Your Friends

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By Johnny Bevers

If you have a little time to kill, then one entertaining way to spend it is to play some interactive texting games with a friend.  Messaging your girl or boy friend is a great way to flirt and to learn about your potential new partner. The only criteria for a good texting game are that it is simple and fun!  Most texting games should be done as 2 person interactions so as not to get confusing.  We’ve tried it with multiple text players and it gets kind of confusing if you have more than 2 people playing.  We recommend you keep it between you and someone you like or are interested in. So, improve your word power and test your general knowledge.  Use Google search to research fun and interesting questions to ask.  You might just learn something! Whatever you do, just have fun with our list of the absolute best texting games for you and your friends.

20 Questions

image showing twenty questions game

This classic parlor game can easily be played as a text game and is a great way to exercise the brain. Take it in turns to think of a famous person who can be either dead or alive. The other person can then text up to 20 Yes/No questions to determine who this person is. For example, “Is this person alive?” “Is this person a film star?” “Is this person a man?” and so on. If the questioner manages to guess the person with just twenty questions, they win!  People like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, George Bush, and Ronald Reagan are just a few ideas to get going with 20 Questions.

I Spy With My Little Eye

i spy game Maybe you haven’t played this game since you were a child, but I’m sure you can remember it: “I spy with my little eye something beginning with……”  Remember it now? Start this game by texting your friend your location or even sending them a picture. Then, let the game begin! To make it even more fun you might choose to allow imaginary locations, for example, on a space ship, on the beach in Jamaica or in the Himalayas!

Famous First Lines

famous first lines

This game is superb for book worms, and is not just fun but educational too. However, even if you are a serious bibliophile, you might need to do some research first. You and your friend should prepare a list of famous first lines from classic literature (Classic literature usually works best unless you and your friend share an interest in the same kind of books.) For example, “Call me Ismail” from Moby Dick; “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife” from Pride and Prejudice; and “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” from A Tale of Two Cities. Take it in turns to text your quotes to each other. You can then award each other one point for guessing the correct book and a further point for guessing the correct author.  If you’re struggling to find some famous first lines, we’ve got some ideas for you:

  • “Baby I hear the blues a callin” which is the intro to Frasier…
  • “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth” which is the first line of the bible…
  • “Space, the final frontier.  These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise” which is the beginning of all Star Trek episodes…

Truth or Dare!

truth or dare game This age-old game can be highly enjoyable when played over text as you might find that you and your friend are less shy to reveal “truths” when not talking face-to-face. In addition, the camera function on your phone can reveal pictorial evidence of “dares.” Text your friend the question, “Truth or Dare?” He or she can then reply with their choice. If the answer is “truth,” then simply text your truth question to him or her and await their reply! If the answer is “dare,” then text your dare to your friend and await photographic evidence of your friend performing the dare!  If you’re looking for a flirty text challenge with your boyfriend or girlfriend, this just might be the one!

Movie Quotes

Test your knowledge of movies, both current and past. Simply take it in turns to text movie quotes to your partner awarding a point for the correct movie, a point for the correct character, and a point for guessing the correct actor. The only other rule is, NO Googling! For example, you might text to your friend the quote, “There’s an awful lot you can tell about a person from their shoes.” You friend would receive one point if he or she guessed the movie: Forest Gump; one point for the character: also Forest Gump; and a final point for the actor: Tom Hanks. Repeat until you run out of movie quotes!

Which Country Am I In?

what country am i in with world map view

How well do you know world geography and culture? Find out with this simple game. Your friend thinks of a country (or even state if you want to keep it all U.S based) that he or she knows reasonably well. You now text him or her questions to try and determine which country they are in. (The question, “which country are you in?” is obviously not allowed!) For example, you might text the questions, “What did you eat for breakfast?” “What are you doing this afternoon?” “What can you see?” and “Can you see many tourists?” If you receive the replies, “I ate a croissant for breakfast,” “I’m visiting a famous art museum this afternoon,” “I can see lots of old buildings and “there are other tourists everywhere,” you might correctly guess that your friend is in Paris, France.

Story Time!

once upon a time texting game Ever had that artistic urge to write a novel, but just can’t seem to get it down? Well, you and your friend can make up an original story together, one word at a time. Who knows, it might turn out to be a classic! Take it in turns to text each other words in order to compose an original story. For example, you might text the word, “The.” Your friend might then text, “dog.” You in return might type, “ate” and so on until you have a complete story! Spice it up a little if you choose by adding characters familiar to both of you, like friends, teachers and professors.

Alphabet Stars

This is a great game for testing each others’ knowledge of popular culture. Specify a category with your friend. You might choose, for example, 80’s movie stars. Either you or your friend (whoever goes first) picks an actor from this category starting with the letter, “A” (first or last name.) So if you went first you might say Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is now your friend’s go and they have to think of a movie star from the 80’s who starts with the letter “B,” for example, “Mathew Broderick.” Now it’s your turn to think of one starting with the letter “C” and so on. If you can’t think of one then your friend gets one point and vice versa. Continue until you have finished the alphabet and then pick a new category, for example, “Football players,” “Female Singers” or whatever else you fancy. The categories are limited only by your imagination!

Would you___ or_____?

This is a fun text game that can provide some interesting insights into your friend’s character! There’s no competition element; it’s just purely for laughs and giggles. Take it in turns to text each other questions that pose interesting dilemmas such as, “Would you help me cover up a murder if I asked you to?” or “Would you save me or Dave (another friend) from drowning if you had to make a choice?” Beware though; you might find out more about your friend than you wanted to!  This game is also great for couples, so be a little risqué and ask some sexy questions to mix it up.

How Many Words?

How-many-words-from-Justin-Bieber-Game Improve your word power with this simple vocabulary game. Text your friend a long word such as, “Constantinople” or “Serendipity.” Now, take it in turns to text each other a new word that you can make from just the letters of this word. For example, if Constantinople is your base word, “cat” or “stop.”  The first person who cannot think of a word loses one point and the game begins again with a new word.



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