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Bringing in Disease-Carrying Immigrants is a Recipe for Pandemic

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By Angela K. Mason, Tex.Org Contributor

On November 20, 2014, President Obama made a televised announcement informing Americans of sweeping changes that would be coming to the immigration system. These changes were made by executive action, without the permission of Congress…or the American people. Included in these changes is the extension of protection from deportation of almost five million illegal immigrants who will be granted amnesty, work permits, and other benefits. This move, of course, encourages other aliens to enter the country illegally. Frighteningly, ‘Natural News’ warned America back in June that by bringing disease-carrying immigrants into America’s largest cities, we were creating the”perfect storm” for a pandemic outbreak.

Texans, and All Americans at Risk

According to the report, the federal government has a habit of allowing masses of disease-carrying people to enter the United States, often taking them straight into the largest cities in the country. In Texas, this means Dallas, Houston, and several other cities are accepting scores of sick and diseased illegal immigrants. Since the majority of illegals are entering through Texas this makes the state especially vulnerable. This is the “perfect blueprint” for sowing seeds into a deadly pandemic. If purposely planned, this would be the exact way to rapidly transmit deadly diseases which would put all Americans at risk.

Recipe for Disaster

As far as a recipe for disaster, here is exactly how it’s done according to Natural News:

1. Thousands of illegal immigrants enter into the United States via Texas every day.
2. Almost none of these illegals are being screened for infectious or deadly diseases, nor are they being vaccinated.
3. Some of the illegals are even known to be carrying lice, scabies, swine flu, influenza, AIDS, tuberculosis, and other diseases which are made worse by the terribly unsanitary conditions in which they lived. They are also typically packed into confined spaces with others who carry such disease in order to travel, thus spreading it further.
4. These immigrants are not quarantined as Americans who are not vaccinated must be. There is, as of now, no plans to activate a quarantine of illegals, nor is there any plans to begin screening them.
5. These illegal immigrants, with known diseases, no screening process, and no vaccinations are then loaded into buses and taken to large cities to be unloaded into the general public.

And A Good Education For All

Most of the illegal aliens crossing our borders bring their entire family with hem. This means children. Of course, in the politically correct treatment of our “guests,” these new illegal immigrant children must be allowed to enter public schools. While the government will not allow an American-born child to enter the public school system without vaccinations…some for diseases which no longer even exist…these children are welcomed into our country by the busload, disease and all.

Although the federal government insists that America’s own children be vaccinated, and the CDC causes a huge uproar anytime an American child makes it into public schools without having had their vaccines, most of these illegal immigrant children are not being vaccinated. One must wonder why children of the United States, who live in clean home, have excellent hygiene and no signs of sickness are considered a bigger threat to public safety than an illegal immigrant child who has been living in third-world conditions.

The Problem is an Obvious One

Despite the appearance that the White House is not aware of the extremely dangerous issues that these immigrants are causing, the problem is not a hidden one. In regards to the hygiene of these people, the Department of Homeland Security actually called for a donation of 45,000 pair of underwear because these illegals do not have any. The continuous flow of illegal aliens flooding into Texas is already infecting United States Border Patrol agents with deadly disease, and even doctors are speaking out about the dangers of allowing these practices to continue.

Texas FEMA Shelters Above Capacity

Although some of these children are supposed to be screened and treated while they are at FEMA camps waiting for relocation, all of Texas’s FEMA shelters are operating above capacity. Because of this, many illegal immigrants are simply being placed into buses and shipped off to big cities to spread disease. At one point, it was even suggested that they fly these immigrants from Texas to California and just drop the off at the airport. This would be an excellent way to continue the spread of disease. Anyone who has ever seen the movie ‘Twelve Monkeys’ with Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt knows that an airport is the perfect place to start a pandemic.

White House Has No Plans To Change The Recipe

According to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, the White House has no plans to change the status quo. “Not only does the federal government have no plan to stop this disgraceful policy, it also has no plan to deal with the endless waves of illegal aliens once they are released here. If the Obama administration put half the effort into securing our border as it has invested to institute this operation, our state and nation would not be facing this situation. This is a crisis of the federal government’s creation, and the fact that the border remains unsecure — now apparently intentionally — while this operation continues full-steam ahead is deplorable.”

Couldn’t Do It Better If They Planned It

With this recipe for disaster being cooked up every single day in America, one must be forced to wonder whether or not it is being purposely done. The White House not only refuses to stop illegals from coming in, or forcing them to at least be screened first, but it refuses to even acknowledge that there is an issue. The president not only refuses to do anything about these immigration issues and refuses to close our borders, but he, by executive order, against the wishes of the American public, ensures that even more illegals feel welcomed here. Allowing such a public health crisis to be maintained on a daily basis is a very dangerous move. As Natural News points out, “It almost seems as if a runaway pandemic is what this administration wants. Unable to accomplish anything based on its failed philosophies of usurpation and despotism, this administration’s only remaining tool seem to be fomenting crisis, then exploiting that crisis for political gain.” Typical government behavior, no?

Natural News:

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