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Will Negative Headlines Kill The GOP Tax Bill?

The left-wing liberal media is destroying any hope of a tax reduction for the American middle class. Headline after headline of the destroy-Trump media spews contrary rhetoric that aims to kill the legislation and put an end to the prolonged American growth cycle we’ve seen under the Trump presidency. The latest negative attention centers around … Continue reading

Tax Cuts Are Already Priced Into The Market

Yesterday, the market pulled back a little after the Senate unveiled their tax plan shortly after the House. The biggest revelation that came out of the Senate bill was a delay in the corporate tax rate which would start a year from now. This, coupled with a higher repatriation rate impacted the market in a … Continue reading

Sustainable Housing – A Blueprint For The Future

Introduction The booming world population is pushing our natural resources to the brink of extinction. The exhaustible resources are under looming threat because of the increase in demand and the limited supply. Considering the deleterious impact of over-exploitation of our resources on environmental, social and economic systems, the concept of sustainable development becomes significant (Rosen, … Continue reading

The New American Way Of Life!

Story by John Tabb date unknown I recently came across this tidbit on the internet and decided I should immediately share it with Tex.Org readers.  It illustrates what I deem the “New Socialist Order” in America.  I’m not convinced that Americans truly understand the fundamental differences between Republican and Democrats.  Generally speaking, Republican would like … Continue reading

Laredo Supper – My Favorite Meal!

By Johnny Bevers So many people ask me for this recipe, I decided to post it in our blog area so they can come back to it anytime they feel like cooking it.  It’s really a combination of chili and party food suitable for church gatherings or something to warm you up on a cold … Continue reading

Oil Demand Picks Up As Prices Drop

By Johnny Bevers Demand for cheap oil is picking up as world markets race to buy and store cheap oil and increase their reserves.  China, for example increased its imports to more than 460,000 barrels per day for an 8.3% increase over 2010 levels.  Guess what?  They’re no stopping!  China is racing to build even more … Continue reading

Bringing in Disease-Carrying Immigrants is a Recipe for Pandemic

By Angela K. Mason, Tex.Org Contributor On November 20, 2014, President Obama made a televised announcement informing Americans of sweeping changes that would be coming to the immigration system. These changes were made by executive action, without the permission of Congress…or the American people. Included in these changes is the extension of protection from deportation … Continue reading

Does Hercules Offshore Have A Contract In The North Sea?

By Johnny Bevers I recently visited the Hercules Offshore web site and discovered they were hiring a number of people for work in the North Sea.  Hercules recently signed a deal with Maersk, but the deal is for a high spec rig that’s under construction and won’t be delivered for quite awhile.  That said, they … Continue reading

Tex.Org Is Now Secure!!!!

We’re happy to announce that our website is now serving 100% secure content on its servers.  This has been a very long and arduous process, but we’ve managed to move virtually all of our content to a secure state.  We initially got the idea when Google announced that they were going to provide a small … Continue reading

10 Great Ways to Conserve Water and Lower Your Bill

By Johnny Bevers In the United States, there are 36 states facing severe water shortages.  The need for stricter water conservation is becoming a critical need, but most consumers are not informed well enough on how to conserve or even understanding the benefits of doing such.  Conserving water will not only help the environment, but … Continue reading

Response (Counter) To Clean Energy (CLNE) Seeking Alpha Article

By Johnny Bevers In the Seeking Alpha article titled “Clean Energy Fuels: A Flawed Business Model And Morgan Stanley’s Folly,” the author raises some legitimate concerns over Clean Energy, but failed to address some “core” aspects of the business that must be understood.   While most have read Clean Energy’s latest quarterly report, the reader ought … Continue reading

Try The Star Cinema Grill In Webster TX For A Great Time

By Johnny Bevers I recently visited the Star Cinema Grill (SCG for short) in Webster, TX and had a fantastic time with my girlfriend.  This isn’t your traditional movie theater.  In fact, it’s a full service restaurant where you can order anything off of a restaurant quality menu at any time during the movie.  You can … Continue reading

How Much Were Gas Prices The Day Obama Took Office

There’s a viral picture floating around Facebook that’s a snapshot of a gas station with prices the day President Obama took office.  The station owner snapped the photo recently, but these were pretty close to the prices when Obama took office.  Whoever originally came up with the idea was genius!  Now, truth be told, gas … Continue reading

All About Guinea Wasps And How To Get Rid Of Them

By Johnny Bevers Have you ever been stung by a Guinea Wasp?  I have, and the first time it happened when I was a boy…  I’ve never forgotten that experience and I remember exactly the circumstance and how painful the sting really was.  As much as many of us may wish ill upon insects such as wasps however, … Continue reading

Duck Butter And Its Various Meanings

By Johnny Bevers While searching the Internet the other day, I came across a disgusting term known as “duck butter”.  According to the urban dictionary, duck butter accumulates in the scrotum area as a result of not cleaning the area for several days, or even weeks.  The result is a greasy buildup of some of the … Continue reading

How The World Is Doing On the UN Millennium Development Goals

By Johnny Bevers For those individuals who follow news regarding the United Nations, they should have heard and been well aware of the UN Millennium Development Goals or (MDGs). Many might even wonder today what has happened since these goals were put into motion. Whether this is your first time hearing about the MDGs or … Continue reading

What You Need To Know About Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance –we all heave a big sigh when we think about it.  Just another boring expense; surely we can do without it?  Wrong! Whether you rent a whole house, an apartment or just one room, insuring your belongings is a must.  Not all insurance companies will cover rented rooms or properties, so chances are … Continue reading

How You Can Communicate (In Private) With “Burn Phones”

“Privacy is becoming a thing of the past, but with a pre-paid “Burn Phone”, you may be able to reclaim your Constitutional right to privacy.”   By Johnny Bevers   Are you tired of the thought that the National Security Agency (NSA) tracking your every move from the coordinates on your mobile (cellular) phone?  Or, for … Continue reading

The Latest Innovations In Rotating Christmas Trees

You know the feeling, you decorate your Christmas tree and somehow it always ends up looking out of balance where you have put less decoration on the back purely because it doesn’t get seen. Think again, wouldn’t it be fabulous to get a full 360 degree view of your tree and marvel as your friends … Continue reading

Ehow Is Stepping Up Their Game With “Ehow Now”

By Johnny Bevers Ehow is hoping to connect a little more with its users through a new platform called “Ehow Now”.  This all new feature allows Ehow visitors to interact with real, live professionals to get answers to their toughest questions.  This should help improve “live” interaction with the professionals behind Ehow articles and videos.  … Continue reading

Unintended Consequences Of The Obama War On Weapons

  Before Christmas, I was in the market for a Colt AR-15 as I carried this exact weapon in the military… so it was more of a memento for me.  At the time, these guns were available and priced at approximately $1100.  Now that the ban on assault weapons is near certainty, prices have doubled … Continue reading

The Fundamental Differences Between Republicans and Democrats

    To understand the fundamental differences between Republicans and Democrats, it is very important to consider their history as to their intended purpose for becoming a political party.  It is equally important to consider what their fundamental core beliefs were and how they have stuck by their beliefs through their voting record.     … Continue reading

Cabela’s Medical Excise Tax

UPDATE:  APPEARS THIS WAS A GLITCH IN CABELA’S SYSTEM.  OR, WERE THEY JUST GETTING READY FOR THE NEXT PHASE OF OBAMACARE?   It appears that Cabela’s has became the national leader in helping President Obama collect tax for Obamacare.  We’ve found at least 3 different receipts stipulating a “medical excise tax” on goods purchased at … Continue reading