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Blue Bell’s First Recall in 108 Yrs After 3 Deaths Link to Brenham County, Texas

According to a report from ABC News, five people have been sickened by an ice cream related illness and three have died in a Wichita, Kansas hospital. The deaths have been contributed to a foodborne illness which has been linked to Blue Bell ice cream. According to the report, “The FDA says listeria bacteria were … Continue reading

FDA Approves Auryxia (Ferric Citrate) Trade Name

By Johnny Bevers Keryx scored another victory on their flagship drug (ferric citrate) by garnering approval by the FDA for the trade name “Auryxia.”  From this point forward, Keryx will market ferric citrate under the approved name, Auryxia.  Investors were somewhat concerned when the FDA disapproved the name “Zerenex” at the same time the drug … Continue reading

How To Protect Yourself From The Ebola Virus

By Johnny Bevers The recent outbreak of Ebola in West Africa has created a pandemic, but not on the viral scale.  The world’s citizens are scared, and because they are constantly reminded that Ebola is just a “plane ride away” from their country, more people are looking for ways to protect themselves from Ebola.  The … Continue reading

What Is The Drug Reminyl Used To Treat?

  Reminyl is a brand name for the drug Galantamine. Other brand names include: Razadyne, Razadyne ER, Lycoremine and Nivalin. Reminyl, or Galantamine,  is often used to treat mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease in a variety of clinical settings.   What Is Alzheimer’s Disease And What Are Its Symptoms? Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form … Continue reading

How Long Does Fentanyl Stay in Your System?

By Johnny Bevers Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opiate that is considered even more potent than morphine.  This opiate analgesic is only used to treat patients with severe pain or to help patient’s manage their pain post-surgery when other methods of pain relief are not effective.  People who grow tolerant to pain meds and opiates … Continue reading

Will Ferric Citrate (By Keryx) Become The Drug Of Choice For CKD/Dialysis Patients?

By Johnny Bevers Ferric Citrate has numerous health benefits that help CKD patients manage serum phosphorus and iron stores Drug is approved by the FDA Helps those on dialysis avoid intravenous iron infusions lowering bundle costs for dialysis clinics Improves patient quality of life and could extend mortality Improves the economics in dialysis clinics Drug will … Continue reading

Does Depakote Cause Birth Defects?

Depakote is an oral and intravenous applied medication that is commonly used to treat patients with seizures as well as certain psychiatric conditions. Over the past few years, some studies have made a link between Depakote and birth defects. Depakote is an anticonvulsant medication and a mood stabilizer that helps treat patients with bipolar and … Continue reading

How To Get Rid Of Rats Without Poison

By Johnny Bevers Rats in or around your property can be extremely disturbing and potentially hazardous to health.  Unfortunately, it is also a common problem within the United States with two breeds of rat in particular being especially prevalent.  These are the Norway rat, and the Roof rat. Either of these breeds may carry any … Continue reading

Why Oxygenated Blood is Essential for Healthy Living

By Johnny Bevers Most people don’t realize how vital oxygen is for their overall health. In fact, oxygen is the main catalyst in your body that provides you with energy and keeps your body functioning at its best. Oxygen not only helps you breathe and keeps your lungs functioning, but it controls the metabolic processes … Continue reading

Tempurpedic vs. Posturpedic: What’s the Difference?

By Johnny Bevers If you’re considering a Tempurpedic or Posturpedic mattress, it certainly helps to understand the features of each type of mattress.  This featured article will take you through the nuances of each type of mattress to help you make an informed purchasing decision.  Shopping for mattresses these days isn’t as easy as it … Continue reading

The 10 Best Places To Find Electrolytes In Food

By Johnny Bevers You may think sports drinks are the only way to boost your electrolytes, but did you also know that there are electrolytes in food?  Instead of drinking those sugary sports drinks, you can opt for healthier, more nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables and even dairy products to replace your electrolytes and return your body … Continue reading

Add An Odwalla Juice Cleanse To Aid Weight Loss

By Johnny Bevers Detoxes have become part of the fad and extreme diet groups, but that was not what they were originally intended for.  The Odwalla juice cleanse, for example, focuses on all-natural naked juices to help rid the body of toxins and ultimately help a person lose weight.  While other cleanses have been shown … Continue reading

8 Easy Ways To Care For An Infected Pimple

By Johnny Bevers When the follicle under your skin’s surface clogs up due to excess oil, dirt or even makeup, bacteria will also begin to buildup, which results in an infected pimple.  Infected pimples can happen anywhere on the body, including arms, neck, face, back, etc.  While they are most embarrassing on the face, not … Continue reading

10 Easy Steps to Rid Yourself of Lower Belly Fat

By Johnny Bevers There are many people today who struggle with getting rid of stubborn lower stomach fat.  Any individual who wants to lose lower belly fat, will find that toning this stubborn area can sometimes be a challenge.  While ladies belly fat tends to be the most stubborn, due to the unique makeup of … Continue reading

5 Easy Ways To Lose Water Weight Overnight

By Johnny Bevers Losing water weight can be challenging, and if you have a big “weigh-in” coming soon, we’ll give you 5 easy ways to shed some unwanted pounds overnight.  If you’re in this category, we have some easy-to-follow advice that might help get you to your weight loss goals and get you that slim figure you’ve … Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Silverfish Bugs

By Johnny Bevers Facts About Silverfish Bugs Silverfish bugs can be easily identified by their scaly silver exoskeleton and antennas. They have scales that cover nearly the entirety of their body and are only an inch in size at most. Nearly unidentifiable by the naked eye, they can be hard to get rid of once … Continue reading

How to Eliminate Brown Recluse Spiders

By Johnny Bevers If you’re looking to kill the poisonous brown recluse, here’s some great information on what they look like, where they live, and how to permanently rid yourself of them to protect you and your family.  Brown recluse spiders are small, sandy brown spiders that commonly have a violin shaped mark on their … Continue reading

Presumptive Signs Of Pregnancy Without A Test

By Johnny Bevers Even if you don’t have a way to get your hands on a pregnancy test proper, there are still many presumptive signs of pregnancy without a test.  A number of these signs can mean a lot of different things, of course, but any combination of these signs can mean that you are, … Continue reading

Easy Exercises to Help Reduce Breast Size

By Johnny Bevers There are many women today who feel as though their natural breast size is too large. Whether they are concerned about aesthetics or feel as though their breasts are interrupting their daily activities, there are many women are looking for ways they can easily reduce the size of their breasts without turning … Continue reading

All About Metronidazole For Dogs

By Johnny Bevers We all want the best for our pet so it is wise to know just a little about any medication your vet has prescribed them.  Metronidazole is commonly administered in the form of Flagyl.  Flagyl is the brand name; metronidazole is the active ingredient it contains.  From now on in this article … Continue reading

Where Can I Get A Meningitis Immunization Vaccine?

By Johnny Bevers It is important that you and your family are vaccinated against meningitis as this disease can be life-threatening – we’ll show you where to go and explain meningitis symptoms in a nutshell.  In addition, it is somewhat contagious and treatment is not always effective even if the disease is caught early enough. What … Continue reading

How the Green Tea Diet Helps With Weight Loss

By Johnny Bevers You probably don’t need another reason to drink green tea. After all, it’s delicious, smooth, and the flavor can easily be changed to suit your tastes for the day. In addition to its soothing qualities, research has been done about green tea that proves that it’s not only an autoimmune booster, but … Continue reading

How To Make Your Own Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream (Cheap!!)

By Johnny Bevers Let’s face it, anti-aging products are expensive, so start saving today by making your own anti-wrinkle eye cream.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised how cheap the ingredients are and how effective homemade eye cream actually is.  Just follow these simple instructions, keeping in mind that you will have leftover ingredients that you can … Continue reading

How Water Works to Encourage Weight Loss

By Johnny Bevers Water is one of the most pure and basic elements that you can put into your body.  However, while simple and natural, water is also extremely powerful as well. The right amount of water has the power to lose weight and shed unwanted fat.  Those who want a healthy body and who … Continue reading

How To Shrink Large Pores On Your Nose

By Johnny Bevers If you’d like to shrink those unsightly pores on your nose, your not alone in your quest for facial perfection.  For many people, having large pores on your nose can be a distressing subject.  Society has never pushed the importance of looks more than they do today.  Hopefully, fewer and fewer are learning now … Continue reading

How To React To An Eggplant Allergy

By Johnny Bevers Eggplant, or “aubergine” in British English, part of the nightshade family, is a glossy, purple fruit that grow on vines, much like tomatoes, and are prized for their meaty flavor and tender texture; unfortunately, some people are allergic to them.  Eggplant is a good source of fiber; vitamin B1, B6 and K; … Continue reading

How Garcinia Cambogia Can Help You Lose Weight

By Johnny Bevers Check out Garcinia Cambogia if you’re trying for some weight loss?  That cursed word, “fat” that we all hate to confess we have too much of and trying to shed those excess pounds seems to be a never-ending endeavor of dieting and having to do the most appropriate exercises.  There appears to … Continue reading

Why Bananas Are Good For You

By Johnny Bevers Ever wonder why bananas are good for you?  Bananas have several health benefits and only a few negatives.  Unfortunately some people are allergic to bananas and that’s really the only negative.  The benefits are many.  First, can really help with your mood as they contain tryptophan and 30% of your days vitamin … Continue reading

How To Make Your Very Own Tick Repellent

If you’re tired of ticks that try to feed off of you and your animals and you don’t feel like running to the store to purchase some over-priced repellent, do not fret.  Like many other products on the market, prices don’t seem to be dropping much anywhere.  Many people are resorting to their own homemade … Continue reading

How To Make Your Very Own Contact Solution

By Johnny Bevers If you wear contact lenses, then you are aware that contact lens solution is a regular part of your monthly budget.  While contact solution doesn’t cost a whole lot, it is a regular expense and one that it would be nice to cut down on.  Well, seeing as contact solution is fundamentally just … Continue reading

10 Natural Alternative Beta Blockers For Great Health

If you thought natural beta blockers didn’t exist, think again!  For individuals like myself who are opposed to taking medication for the body’s well-being, there is hope for those individuals out there who feel completely restricted to medicinal beta blockers.  Whatever medicine is produced to help maintain the body can definitely be found in foods … Continue reading

Why Respidol (Risperdal) Is Prescribed And What Its Side Effects Are

By Johnny Bevers If the development of new psychotropic medication (like Respidol) is any indication, then mental illness must surely be on the rise at rates that are beginning to top the charts.  I’m sure anyone taking mental notes of all these new medications is probably about ready to give up at any time.  The … Continue reading

How Much Does Propecia Cost and Does It Really Work?

By Johnny Bevers   Propecia is proving to be an effective treatment in the fight against male pattern baldness, but concerns do still remain over Propecia cost.  Male Pattern Baldness, or Androgenetic alopecia, is a common form of baldness in men with approximately 50 percent experiencing it at some point in their lives, usually once … Continue reading

How the Reverse Trendelenburg Position Aids Surgeons

By Johnny Bevers History and Overview of the Reverse Trendelenburg Position The Trendelenburg position was first invented by the German doctor, Friedrich Trendelenburg and was designed to be used in different surgical procedures to improve access to certain parts of the body during different procedures.  The Trendelenburg is a position where the patient is laid … Continue reading

Does Cocoa Butter Really Prevent Scars?

By Johnny Bevers Over the years of conversations and discussions I have had with countless people, I find it truly amazing that the subject of cocoa butter and what it can or cannot do, just simply cannot be agreed upon.  I have heard people swear by it and that it helps the skin with scarring … Continue reading

How To Really Clean A Pillow Top Mattress Pad

By Johnny Bevers Keep your pillow top mattress pad clean with our simple (easy-to-follow) instructions…  It’s easier than you might think! A good quality pillow top mattress can provide wonderful cushioning and comfort for a great night’s sleep, especially if you suffer from any kind of back or muscle pain. However, like all mattresses, they … Continue reading

What is the Average Cost of Artificial Insemination?

By Johnny Bevers Artificial Insemination, or AI, is a medical procedure that was introduced in the early part of the last century.  The procedure is one where the sperm of a male donor are placed directly into a woman’s uterus or, less commonly, into her cervix or fallopian tubes.  This means that the sperm will … Continue reading

What Are The Symptoms Of Low Serotonin And What Can You Do About It?

By Johnny Bevers Perhaps you feel lost at times, seemingly forgetting things and sometimes not being able to sleep well.  The regular stresses in your life seem to be taking a toll on you, and your moods are swinging from here to there all at once!  One good reason behind all this could be a serotonin … Continue reading

What Lipotropic Injections Are and Why You Should Get Them

Originally used to help combat liver related illness in the 1930s, lipotropic injections are growing in popularity in a bid to help people struggling with obesity and weight loss. What Exactly Are Lipotropic Injections?   Early use of lipotropic injections was to help fight fatty liver disease, which is when lipids gather in the cells … Continue reading

How To Qualify For WIC In Texas

Before showing you how to qualify for WIC in Texas, first you should understand its purpose.  Proper nutrition is essential for healthy living.  A well balanced diet that provides what the body needs is a body that is encouraged to stay healthy.  The state of Texas recognizes this need and makes nutrition provisions for mothers … Continue reading

Medicaid Eligibility in Texas

Medicaid is the government-provided health insurance aimed at low income people and families. Qualification for Medicaid is decided through a means-tested process, funded by a combination of federal and state government. How to qualify for Medicaid in Texas   There are three requirements in order for an individual to qualify for Medicare. Texas follows the … Continue reading