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Texas Adds Fewer Jobs, But Unemployment Drops While Population Rises

According to a report from The Dallas Morning News, Texas added the lowest number of jobs that it had in months, since April of 2014. Biz Journal blames an energy sector slump for the decline in jobs. Despite the fact that fewer jobs were added, the unemployment rate dropped to 4.4 percent, says an article … Continue reading

Financial Advantages of Living in Texas

As Time Magazine points out, “The crisis may be over (for the time being) in Washington. But the crisis for America’s middle class continues, as middle-income jobs get harder to find and the cost of living gets harder to bear. Where can Americans turn for answers? In a word: Texas.” According to the US Census … Continue reading

10 Pros and Cons of Becoming a Police Officer

By Joel Barnard, Contributor If you are considering becoming a police officer, have a look at this list of pros and cons first. You might find that they help point you in the right direction and guide you toward a life-long career. Pros 1. Pay The pay for being a police officer, whilst not stellar, … Continue reading

How Much Do Medical Coders Make?

Medical coders work in a variety of different settings and enjoy a relatively high average salary.  They must usually undergo considerable training in order to enter the field and may need further training, possibly in more specialized areas, in order to reach the higher levels of pay.  Medical coders translate healthcare professional’s patient notes into … Continue reading

How Much Do Physicians Assistants Make?

By Johnny Bevers If you’re interested in becoming a physician assistant, but are curious about how much they make, we’ve uncovered some little known facts you should know about before beginning your educational program.  A physician assistant, also referred to as a PA, practices medicine under the direct supervision of a medical doctor or MD.  They … Continue reading

How to Become a Licensed Plumber in the State of Texas

By Johnny Bevers Texas, like most states, has their own set of requirements in order for someone to become a plumber.  These requirements are overseen by the Texas Board of Plumbing Examiners.  This agency creates a list of requirements, regulations and even facilitates the testing to ensure every licensed plumber in the state is adequate … Continue reading

How Much Do Social Workers Make?

By Johnny Bevers Social workers make enough money to live a very good life while helping individuals, families and groups solve and deal with problems in their everyday lives.  While some social workers work in groups or for organizations, others may work in a private practice treating patients with emotional or behavioral problems.  The salary … Continue reading

What Is A Business Intelligence Analyst And How Much Do They Make?

A business intelligence analyst performs complex data analysis in order to identify certain trends and / or statistics.  They then apply various business models to these trends and statistics in order to predict future outcomes.  Although a business intelligence analyst spends a lot of time looking at and analyzing data, they need to have a … Continue reading

What Is A Business Analyst and How Much Do They Make?

A business analyst works for either a consulting firm, a company, or independently consults across different businesses.  Their role is to improve the efficiency of the target company through analysis and change.  A business analyst’s role depends on their area of expertise, and so business analysts may be referred to as systems analysts, business process analyst, … Continue reading

Using Dallas Headhunters To Land The Right Job

By Johnny Bevers Job searches are not easy — especially in big metropolises like Dallas.  If your job search is stuck in a rut or you just don’t have the time to find work, a Dallas headhunter could be the answer.  It is especially helpful when looking for high-level positions in competitive industries like IT, … Continue reading

How Much Mortgage Brokers Make On Average

By Johnny Bevers The average mortgage broker salary varies greatly along a number of different parameters.  The health of the real estate market that the broker is in is one of these factors.  Another is the socio-economic status of their client, and still another, whether they are working in the residential or commercial markets. A … Continue reading

Texas Unemployment: How Long Should You Wait To Go Back To Work?

By Johnny Bevers Since the Republican controlled House Of Representatives continues to block Federal unemployment assistance, how long should you wait to begin a serious job search?  Most states offer 24 to 26 weeks of unemployment assistance, but since the recession, the federal government has been supplementing state run unemployment by adding several months of … Continue reading

Texas Trucking Companies Desperate To Fill Driving Jobs

By Johnny Bevers As the economy heats up, Texas truck companies are desperate to fill jobs to meet the demand of increasing customer shipments.  Unlike other states, people are flocking to Texas for it’s business friendly environment which is increasing the need to supply a bigger population.  So, if you have thought about a job in … Continue reading

How To Get Your Life Insurance License In Texas

By Johnny Bevers The state of Texas has various different insurance licenses available for those looking to start a new, exciting career in this industry. Texas residents who are specifically looking to sell life insurance will find that there are several steps involved with obtaining a license in the state. However, with the right documents … Continue reading

Oil Field Jobs In Texas

By Paul Titley, Tex.Org Contributor Oil field jobs in Texas are growing due to oil’s high price and demand throughout the country.  Texas has the highest oil output of any US state – producing around sixty million barrels of crude oil every month.  This equates to approximately one third of the USA’s entire crude oil … Continue reading

Top 10 Items Found On A Hospitality Management Job Description

By Johnny Bevers Writing an effective hospitality management job description can be difficult.  It is recommended that you keep it short and concise, while making sure to lay out all the responsibilities your potential employee will be responsible for.  Managers handle many aspects of the work place and should be informed of what their duties … Continue reading

How To Become A Yoga Instructor – Step-By-Step Guide

By Lisa Czachowski, Tex Contributor Edited: By Johnny Bevers If you have ever had the desire to be a yoga teacher, you will find there are several, easy step-by-step instructions you can follow to help you learn to become a yoga instructor.  A career as a yoga instructor can be a rewarding experience for any … Continue reading

Complete List Of Oil Field Companies Hiring Now!

Since the last article we did on the Texas oil fields was so popular, we’ve decided to do another featuring nothing but companies who are hiring oilfield workers right now!  We’ve received literally thousands of comments from our readers requesting that we put together an article that tells them who exactly is hiring and how … Continue reading

How Much Car Designers Make And How To Become One

By Johnny Bevers Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a car designer or what a car designer’s salary even looks like? If you have then you’re in luck as this content is geared directly toward you. Stick around as we discover what it takes to become a car designer, what … Continue reading

The Top 5 Highest Paying Criminology Careers In America

By Johnny Bevers Criminology careers can be both profitable and gratifying. Many find being on the right side of the law to be the greatest thing one can do with their lives. Before one can deem themselves a lawman (or woman), they need to think about the different possibilities and avenues of achieving their chosen … Continue reading

How Much Do Court Reporters Make and Who’s Hiring?

By Johnny Bevers This article will provide a detailed look at the question:  How much do court reporters make?  It will also provide an overview of the industry as a whole and provide information on training, certification, the duties of a court reporter, the advantages and disadvantages of being a court reporter, employers of court … Continue reading

10 High Paying Part Time Jobs to Supplement Your Income

By Johnny Bevers With the effects of the recession still affecting many people, there are countless individuals who are looking for ways to supplement their income and to start earning more money.  Whether its due to being laid off, or just because bills are starting to pile up, when its time to find an extra … Continue reading

What ACLS Certification Is and How Being Certified Can Further Your Career

By Johnny Bevers ACLS Certification is an important qualification for healthcare providers and professionals.  ACLS stands for Advanced Cardiac Life Support and once you have passed this course you are considered qualified to deal with cardiac arrests, and other heart-related emergencies.  Put simply, it’s a qualification that may help you save a life.  Many high … Continue reading

What Is Biomedical Engineering?

By Johnny Bevers Biomedical Engineering (sometimes abbreviated as “BME”) is a relatively new, but quickly growing field that combines the fields of engineering, medicine and biology in order to provide solutions to a variety of medical problems.  Essentially, biomedical engineers use engineering principles in a medical context.  So, they might be involved in designing prosthetic … Continue reading

Salary Expectations & Training Requirements for Physical Therapist Assistants

By Johnny Bevers A physical therapist assistant salary is dependent on experience, location, training and on the particular position he or she may hold. Generally, though, average salaries are extremely handsome for physical therapy assistants, and training to become one is not particularly time consuming. A physical therapist assistant’s primary duties are to assist a … Continue reading

Salary and Job Opportunities for Marine Biologists

By Johnny Bevers It is extremely difficult to say exactly what a marine biologist salary is, as this salary varies greatly according to qualifications, experience and the exact position.  There is a vast array of job opportunities for marine biologists and, depending on the position, a marine biologist might find him or herself: tagging squid; analyzing … Continue reading

Want To Become A Respiratory Therapist? A Guide To Education, Salary, And The Best Locations To Work

By Johnny Bevers A respiratory therapist (RT) is a type of practitioner of health who is specialized in treating people with disorders that affect their cardiopulmonary system.  Some of the common ailments are those with asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, cardiovascular disorders and other forms of trauma.  Respiratory therapists work beneath general administration of a major professional … Continue reading

Attractive Salaries for Mortgage Brokers as Housing Markets Bounces Back

By Johnny Bevers What Do Mortgage Brokers Do? As housing demand increase, property buyers in the U.S are increasingly turning to mortgage brokers to negotiate mortgages on properties. Mortgage brokers are agents, who act as middlemen between people seeking mortgages: the borrowers, and financial institution: the lenders. These mortgage brokers may work as individuals or … Continue reading

How Much Is Malpractice Insurance For Doctors?

The often dismaying subject of medical malpractice insurance costs have become less and less avoidable for medical practitioners each and every year across America. With nearly all fifty States making it mandatory law to acquire such insurance, if those applicable haven’t by now, it is vital for them to get educated on the entire matter … Continue reading

How To Get Certified As A Real Estate Agent In Texas

By Johnny Bevers The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) is based in Austin and is the agency responsible for policy that leads to becoming certified as a real estate agent in Texas.  Their sole aim is protect the users of real estate services and ensure economic growth within their state.   All applicants for a real … Continue reading

Becoming a Paralegal In Texas

If you’re interested in a career in the field of law but are concerned about the time and cost involved to become a lawyer, you may consider attending school to become a paralegal.  These professionals assist attorneys with tasks like research, writing, and organization.  Read on to learn more about the life of a paralegal, … Continue reading

How To Get Licensed Through The Texas State Board of Physical Therapy

By Johnny Bevers If you live in Texas and are considering a career in physical therapy, you’ll need to take an educational path that will allow you to become licensed by the state’s board of physical therapy. This involves completing the course of study required by the Texas administrative code and taking an exam required … Continue reading

Becoming a Fashion Designer: Education, Salary, Connections

If you’ve always loved fashion and are forever flipping through Vogue and sketching dresses you wish you could wear, a career in fashion design just might be for you. Though you can attain a position in the design world with just a high school education, additional training at an accredited college or university can help … Continue reading

How Much Do Orthopedic Surgeons Make After School and Expenses

An orthopedic surgeon concentrates in surgery, related to the medical discipline of orthopedics, and will operate on injuries to bones, joints etc.  There are general orthopedic surgeons and also those who have trained to work on a particular area of the body, such as the spine.  The surgeon may also decide to concentrate on one … Continue reading

What Is The Salary For A Radiography Technician and What Do They Do?

If you’re looking for a high-paying job in the medical field without committing to at least eight years of college and graduate study, you may want to consider a career as a radiographer. A radiographer, or radiological technician, takes X-rays of patients at hospitals, urgent care centers, and other medical settings. The average radiography salary … Continue reading

The Importance Of Diversity In The Workplace

  The workplace is becoming more diverse all the time.  In turn this is forcing companies to consider their hiring practices so that they are not viewed as discriminatory.  Diversity can include differences in gender, age, ethnic group and even those with disabilities. There are several key benefits to a diverse workplace and a lot … Continue reading

What Is A CNC Machinist And What Do They Do?

A CNC Machinist is a skilled trade professional who is well versed in the setting up and operation of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines that are used most often in the manufacturing process. These machines may be used in the construction of parts and finished goods for many different industries. Just some of the industries … Continue reading

How Much Do Mechanical Engineers Make?

By Johnny Bevers Want to know how much mechanical engineers really make?  Well check out our perspective below for a salary survey and critical information you’ll want to find out about before taking the plunge into this (sometimes) lucrative career field.The financial crisis of 2008 and subsequent recession highlighted a fact that has been known … Continue reading

How To Qualify As A Pharmacy Technician In Texas

Becoming a pharmacy technician in Texas is a simple and rewarding career path. It’s as easy as taking a ninety question test. There are not a lot of requirements. The process is simpler than you would think. It’s all up to you to get out there and go get that job. Here’s some very helpful information … Continue reading

Where To Find Police Officer Jobs In Texas

If you’re looking for a law enforcement career in Texas, you should first start by asking yourself which community you’d like to live in and whether or not you have personal or family ties to the people there.  Right off the bat, you’ll have some “skin in the game” because you most likely want to protect and … Continue reading

Jobs In Wichita Falls Texas

“Jobs in Wichita Falls are plentiful with employers ready to hire you today!  Use this short guide to get started on your job search and be sure to visit their web sites to see if you can match your expertise to their needs.  You will find that opportunities abound and learn what is necessary to … Continue reading

Texas Unemployment Office

   By Ann Marie Moore, Tex.Org Contributor The Texas Unemployment Office provides you with financial benefits as a qualified worker who is laid off by a company or whose hours are cut through no fault of your own.  The company you worked for invested in what is called Unemployment Insurance in accordance to the Texas Unemployment Compensation … Continue reading