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Texas Judge Stops Obama Immigration in it’s Tracks!

As NBC News explains, “President Obama’s Executive Action on immigration scheduled to take effect today has been temporarily halted by a ruling by US District Judge Andrew Hanan in Texas, affecting about 638,000 undocumented Asian Americans expected to apply for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) expansion and Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA). While … Continue reading

American Sniper Murder Trial Begins for Chris Kyle on Birthday of Second Victim Chad Littlefield

Many Americans and most Texans have heard of Chris Kyle, American Sniper; but he was not the only hero to die on that fateful day in Glen Rose. Another hero, Chad Littlefield was also murdered in the shooting which took Kyle’s life. As the Star-Telegram explains, “The story of the life and death of Navy … Continue reading

Texas Veterans and the Ways We Honor Them

The Lone Star State is proud of its veterans, and offers many programs and benefits to help and honor them in any way we can. The Texas Veterans Commission is just one organization striving to aid our veterans. There are many others. For those who are looking for benefits and services for Texas veterans, we … Continue reading

Dangerous Texas Cities

Earlier this week, we posted an article which detailed some of the reasons why moving to Texas is a good financial plan. You don’t want to move to the wrong areas in the Lone Star State, however, so we are making a list of the most dangerous cities in Texas. Using the FBI Uniform Crime … Continue reading

Executions in the Lone Star State

According to PBS, Texas now executes a great deal more people than any other state in America, although Virginia actually holds the record for most executed overall. The very first execution ever held in what would come to be the United States of America took place in Virginia in 1608. The state has since executed … Continue reading

Texas Eppicard – the payment standard for child support

By Johnny Bevers The Texas Eppicard (or debit card) program allows for child support payments to be electronically funded through direct deposit into your own bank account or onto a Texas Debit Card.  These are the only two options to receive your child support payments in Texas unless receiving electronic payments would somehow create a … Continue reading

How the Texas Veterans Land Board Helps Vets

Texas has always been a long-standing supporter of veterans.  In 1946, the Texas Veterans Land Board was created to offer Texas-based veterans exclusive benefits for their dedication to their country and service.  Since their start, the VLB has offered offer 200,000 loans to veterans and offers a wide variety of benefits that ensure every veteran … Continue reading

How To File Your Own Divorce In Texas

By Johnny Bevers For those that live in the state of Texas and are considering a divorce or just want to know more, we have provided the reader with step-by-step information about how to file your very own divorce including additional information you will find useful when divorcing in Texas. DIVORCE FILING PROCESS Normally in … Continue reading

How to Get a Concealed Weapons Permit in Texas

By Johnny Bevers There are many reasons one may be itching to get a concealed weapons license. Personal safety and that of your friends and family, protection of personal property, and being an asset to the public in times of need are all legitimate reasons to carry a weapon. The fact that criminals know that … Continue reading

Where To Find A Personal Injury Attorney In The Dallas Texas Area

By Johnny Bevers Have you or someone you know recently been hurt and are looking to be compensated with the help of a personal injury attorney in Dallas?  If you are, then you have certainly come to the right place as we are about to provide you with reliable names that can meet any of your … Continue reading

What is a Signature Bond and When is it Used?

“A signature bond, often called a recognizance bond or no collateral bond, is one of the four main court bonds that a judge might set at a court hearing.  Essentially  a court bond is a legal agreement, or promissory, that the defendant presents him or herself at court to face trial at a future date … Continue reading

Benefits From The Texas Veterans Commission

First opened in 1927, the Texas Veterans Commission was created as the State Service Office to assist veterans of war. Their sole aim has always been to act as the voice of the Texas veterans and assist them to obtain the benefits their fellow citizens want them to have in exchange for their loyal service in the … Continue reading

How To Get Your Marriage License In Texas

Marriage is one of the important events in everyone’s life and couples everywhere try create that perfect magical moment to cement their memory as the best time of their lives.  There are certain rules that have to be followed by every couple planning to get wed as every state across United States of America has … Continue reading

How To Get Your Notary Public In Texas

By Johnny Bevers Understanding how to get your notary public in Texas is not a difficult process but it is important that you know what is required to qualify, what duties you are expected to fulfill and how to avoid legal consequences by becoming knowledgeable about your new skill.  We’ll take you through the application … Continue reading

Warrant Search and Arrest Records In Texas

If you want to hire an employee and need to do a back ground check on him (or her) you can easily get information related to warrant search in Texas.  Running background checks for a person who has applied for a job in your organization to reveal any criminal records or search warrants issued is … Continue reading