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5 Easy Ways To Watch Local TV Online

By Johnny Bevers It is no old wives tale that American’s love to sit in front of the television screen, it has been a pastime in this country for several decades.  Something about laying down on the couch, flipping on the boob tube, and eating bag after bag of Doritos releases tension like nothing else … Continue reading

The Top 5 Cloud Computing Companies For Small Business in 2014

Edited By Johnny Bevers Written by:  Gilbert Baca, New Braunfels, TX; Tex.Org Contributor Cloud computing companies exist throughout the world, literally and figuratively.  Many are public computer network companies that you see every day.  Publicly traded companies like Google and Microsoft are some of the largest providers of cloud storage in the world.  Cloud storage … Continue reading

Why You Should Defragment Windows Often – A How To Guide

By Gilbert Baca, Contributor Defragmenting a hard drive is a very important task in a Windows environment.  If you run any version of Microsoft Windows, defragmentation is an important part of computer maintenance.  Microsoft has always included a defragmentation tool within its operating systems from Windows Millennium on up to XP.  Very limited in early versions … Continue reading

Using CCleaner To Speed Up Your Computer’s Performance

By Gilbert Baca (New Braunfels, TX), Tex Contributor, Having a slow computer can really drive you nuts!  Clicking and waiting, particularly when you are in a hurry will make you pull your gleaming hair out.  There are a lot of reasons that a computer can be slow.  Computer may be old and out of date.  The … Continue reading