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Complete List Of Oil Field Companies Hiring Now!

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Since the last article we did on the Texas oil fields was so popular, we’ve decided to do another featuring nothing but companies who are hiring oilfield workers right now!  We’ve received literally thousands of comments from our readers requesting that we put together an article that tells them who exactly is hiring and how to apply for their jobs.  We’ve taken those comments seriously and are providing you the very best leads in the industry.  We decided to not limit oilfield companies to just Texas though, we’re going to provide you a list of the global players in the oil industry.  In addition, we will point you to their websites, tell you who to contact, what their phone numbers are, and what type of jobs they are currently hiring for.  To be featured on our list, employers must have a large number of current vacancies announced on their websites.  This will save you time and energy when performing your job search.  Without further ado, here’s the list!


Ably Resources:

Ably currently has over 3000 employees working for them and have recently announced more than  545 job openings.  Their website is and their job opening span the globe.  They have an incredible website that will guide you through each and every job listing.

Acadian Contractors: 

This group operates out of Abbeville Louisiana.  They are a great employer with employee tenure at 18 years on average.  Acadian is currently hiring  into several vacant positions including riggers, sand blasters, welders and welders helpers, structural and pipefitters, heavy equipment operators, forklift operators, mobile crane operators, and many others.   They have an incredible on-the-job training program that includes paid advancement training.  you can apply directly on their or reach them at 337-893-6397.

 Affinity Management Group: 

Affinity (headquartered in  Houston Texas), specializes in oilfield recruiting and currently has more than 80 openings on their website.  You can access their website by going to:  They are  also eager to talk to you.  You can reach them at 713-452-3100.   We noticed that most of jobs here were for engineers; however, you should check the website often as they also recruit for lower skilled oilfield jobs.

Anadarko Petroleum:

Anadarko is a major player in the local industry.   They are currently doing business in the southern United States and the Rocky Mountains regions and are also major players in the deep water regions of the Gulf of Mexico.   They currently have 63 oil field job openings, mostly in Texas.   You can apply directly online at   They can be reached at one 1-800-800-1101.


Ensco currently has  65 jobs found on their website.   Ensco has an extensive training program  for their oilfield workers.  They also have an extensive fleet of drill ships and are always on the lookout for new talent.   Their website can be found at and those seeking employment on one of their rigs should first start there.  If you don’t see the exact oil job you’re looking for, go ahead and submit your resume anyway.  They’ll seriously keep it on file and contact you when they have a vacancy.










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