Current List of Texas US Congressional Representatives

Texas Congressman or Congresswoman, is representative of a specific Congressional district. The representative is elected to a two year term. The law dictates there will be a maximum of 435 members of the House of Representatives. The following list represents the current United States Congressional Representatives from the great state of TEXAS.

The House Explained

DistrictNamePartyOffice RoomPhoneCommittee AssignmentServing Texas Since
1st Moran, Nathaniel2269 RHOB (202) 225-3035  3-Jan-23
2nd Crenshaw, Dan413 CHOB (202) 225-6565 Climate Crisis Energy and Commerce3-Jan-19
3rd Self, Keith1113
(202) 225-4201  3-Jan-23
4th Pat Fallon1118
(202) 225-6673Armed Services Oversight and Reform3-Jan-21
5th Gooden, Lance1722 LHOB (202) 225-3484 Financial Services3-Jan-19
6th Elizy, Jake1725 LHOB (202) 225-2002 Science, Space, and Technology
Veterans’ Affairs
7th Fletcher, Lizzie119
(202) 225-2571 Energy and Commerce Science, Space, and Technology7-Jan-97
8th Luttrell, Morgan1320
(202) 225-4901 3-Jan-23
9th Green, Al2347 RHOB (202) 225-7508 Financial Services Homeland Security4-Jan-05
10th McCaul, Michael T.2001 LHOB (202) 225-2401 Foreign Affairs Homeland Security4-Jan-05
11th Pfluger, August1531 RHOB (202) 225-3605Foreign Affairs Homeland Security30-Jul-21
12th Granger, Kay1026 LHOB (202) 225-5071 Appropriations7-Jan-97
13th Jackson, Ronny118
(202) 225-3706 Armed Services Foreign Affairs4-Jan-21
14th Weber, Randy107 CHOB (202) 225-2831 Transportation and Infrastructure Science, Space, and Technology3-Jan-13
15th De La Cruz, MonicaR1415
(202) 225-2531  3-Jan-23
16th Escobar, Veronica1505 LHOB (202) 225-4831 Armed Services Judiciary Ethics Climate Crisis3-Jan-19
17th Pete Sessions2204
(202) 225-6105 Oversight and Reform, Science Space & Technology4-Jan-21
18th Jackson Lee, Sheila2426 RHOB (202) 225-3816 Budget Homeland Security Judiciary4-Jan-95
19th Arrington, Jodey1107 LHOB (202) 225-4005 Ways and Means3-Jan-17
20th Castro, Joaquin2241 RHOB (202) 225-3236 Education and LaborForeign Affairs Intelligence3-Jan-13
21st Roy, Chip1005
(202) 225-4236 Judiciary Veterans’ Affairs3-Jan-19
22nd Nehls, Troy1104 LHOB (202) 225-5951 Veterans Affairs, Transportation and Infrastructure4-Jan-21
23rd Gonazales, Tony1009
(202) 225-4511 Appropriations4-Jan-21
24th Van Duyne, Beth1337
(202) 225-6605 Modernization of Congress, Transportation & Infrastructure, Small Business4-Jan-21
25th Williams, Roger1708 LHOB (202) 225-9896 Financial Services Small Business3-Jan-13
26th Burgess, Michael2161 RHOB (202) 225-7772 Energy and Commerce, Budget, Rules7-Jan-03
27th Cloud, Michael512
(202) 225-7742 Oversight and Reform, Agriculture10-Jul-18
28th Cuellar, Henry2372 RHOB (202) 225-1640 Appropriations4-Jan-05
29th Garcia, Sylvia1620 LHOB (202) 225-1688 Financial Services, Judiciary3-Jan-19
30th Crockett, Jasmine1616
(202) 225-8885  3-Jan-23
31st Carter, John2208 RHOB (202) 225-3864 Appropriations7-Jan-03
32nd Allred, Colin114 CHOB (202) 225-2231 Foreign Affairs Transportation and Infrastructure Veterans’ Affairs3-Jan-19
33rd Veasey, Marc2348 RHOB (202) 225-9897 Energy and Commerce3-Jan-13
34th Gonazelez, VicenteD154
(202) 225-2531 3-Jan-23
35th  Casar, GregD2307 RHOB (202) 225-4865 Budget, Joint Committee on Taxation,Ways and Means3-Jan-3
36th Babin, Brian2236 RHOB (202) 225-1555 Transportation and InfrastructureScience, Space, and Technology4-Jan-05
37thHunt, WesleyR1520
(202) 225-56463-Jan-23
38thDoggett, LloydD2307 RHOB(202) 225 – 4865Budget | Joint committee on Taxation | Ways and Means 3-Jan-13
118th Congress January 03, 2023

Congressional Room Numbers Explained

There are 3 House office buildings. The three primary House of Representatives are Cannon, Longworth and Rayburn. The House of Representatives share a room numbering system. They are above ground rooms.  The room numbering helps identify members committee offices.

The House of Representatives Cannon building has three digit room numbers. The first digit represents the floor number of the House of Representatives.

The House of Representatives Longworth rooms have four digits and start with the number 1. In the Longworth building, the second digit represents the floor number.

The House of Representatives Rayburn rooms are represented by four digits. The room numbers start with a 2. The second digit represents the floor number. .