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Dangerous Texas Cities

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Earlier this week, we posted an article which detailed some of the reasons why moving to Texas is a good financial plan. You don’t want to move to the wrong areas in the Lone Star State, however, so we are making a list of the most dangerous cities in Texas. Using the FBI Uniform Crime Report, one can discover which cities in Texas have the highest crime rate for both violent crime and property crimes.

Not Always What You’d Think

As Texas Monthly explains, “The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports compile crime statistics on hundreds of metro areas. The latest numbers—which track the data from 2013—reveal some interesting tidbits about Texas cities. For instance: the most dangerous parts of Texas, generally, are not the largest cities, with only one of the five most populous cities to to place in the top five on the list. Also: West Texas, generally, has a higher violent crime rate than the rest of the state. And: Austin is basically a fairy tale land populated by elves and hobbits, with a violent crime rate roughly ⅓ that of Odessa, the top city on the list.”


According to Midland Reporter-Telegram, “Odessa had the highest violent crime rate out of 24 metropolitan areas in Texas in 2013, according to the most recent FBI data.” Texas Monthly shares, “Odessa’s violent crime rate of 806 incidents per 100,000 inhabitants is the highest in Texas by a fairly wide margin.”

The violent crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants in Odessa, Texas is 806.4. For murder/non-negligent manslaughter, that number is 2.For:
Rape: 39.3
Robbery: 120
Aggravated assault: 645
Property crime: 4,277.4
Burglary: 790.1
Larceny-theft: 3,050.6
Motor vehicle theft: 436.8


Weslaco, Texas has a population of over 37,000 people. It’s annual crime rate is about 87 per thousand residents. There are 11 violent crimes for every thousand people each year, and almost 76 property crimes per thousand people each year. You have a one in twelve chanc of becoming the victim of a crime in this city.


With a population of 37,048, Texarkana is about the same size as Weslaco. The statistics are close as well. Its annual crime rate is about 78 per thousand residents. For violent crimes, the rate is almost 11 per thousand people, and for property crimes, the rate is almost 68 per thousand. You stand a slightly less chance of becoming the victim of a crime in Texrkana, however, one in 13.

Violent crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants: 558.5
Murder/non-negligent manslaughter: 4
Rape: 51.9
Robbery: 79.9
Aggravated assault: 422.7
Property crime: 3,918.8
Burglary: 975.2
Larceny-theft: 2,750.6
Motor vehicle theft: 193


Lufkin, Texas has a slightly lower population at 35,956. There is an average of a little more than 6 violent crimes committed annually per thousand people, and about 62 property crimes. The crime rate is 68 per one thousand people. One in 15 people become crime victims in Lufkin.


Coming in at number 4, Edinburg, Texas has a much higher population. For its 80, 332 residents, the crime rate is still 68 per one thousand people. There are slightly over 4 violent crimes committed on average per year, and 63 property crimes. Here you also stand a one-in-fifteen chance of being a victim of a crime.

San Antonio

San Antonio is a much larger city with over a million residents. For its 1,380,123 people, the city has an overall annual crime rate of 66 per one thousand people. There are over 5 violent crimes and 60 property crimes committed each year in San Antonio. Your chances of being a victim? Still one in fifteen.

For San Antonio/New Braunfels, the statistics are:

Violent crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants: 459.7
Murder/non-negligent manslaughter: 4.6
Rape: 39.1
Robbery: 107
Aggravated assault: 308.9
Property crime: 4,415.2
Burglary: 849.6
Larceny-theft: 3,226.3
Motor vehicle theft: 339.3


Texas Monthly shares, “Lubbock, the #2 city on the list, drops down to 658 per 100,000. Lubbock’s rate is slanted a bit more toward robbery, while Odessa has more aggravated assault cases, with a shocking 645 cases per 100,000 people.”

Violent crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants: 658
Murder/non-negligent manslaughter: 3
Rape: 38.6
Robbery: 129.7
Aggravated assault: 486.8
Property crime: 4,247.4
Burglary: 975.5
Larceny-theft: 2,961.7
Motor vehicle theft: 310.2

Here are the statistics for some other Texas cities:

Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land

Violent crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants: 559
Murder/non-negligent manslaughter: 5.9
Rape: 22.9
Robbery: 233.3
Aggravated assault: 2896.8
Property crime: 3,488.8
Burglary: 790.3
Larceny-theft: 2,327.6
Motor vehicle theft: 370.9

Beaumont-Port Arthur

Violent crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants: 536.1
Murder/non-negligent manslaughter: 8.6
Rape: 28.6
Robbery: 154.7
Aggravated assault: 344.3
Property crime: 3,359.4
Burglary: 1,003.6
Larceny-theft: 2,169.9
Motor vehicle theft: 185.9

Violent crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants: 524.4
Murder/non-negligent manslaughter: 3.5
Rape: 84.9
Robbery: 96
Aggravated assault: 340
Property crime: 3,426.4
Burglary: 767.6
Larceny-theft: 2,373.4
Motor vehicle theft: 285.4

As Texas Monthly explains, “Amarillo doesn’t place in the top five, but it’s not far off, at #6. Amarillo has the distinction of having the highest rate of reported rapes in Texas, at 84.9 per 100,000. (Rape statistics nationally are believed to be widely underreported, which makes this number somewhat less than reliable in regards to the actual incidences of the crime—it’s unclear, for example, if more rapes occur in Amarillo or if the criminal justice system in the area is set up to report them more easily.)”

Corpus Christi

Violent crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants: 523.5
Murder/non-negligent manslaughter: 5.4
Rape: 44.8
Robbery: 97.7
Aggravated assault: 375.6
Property crime: 4,260.8
Burglary: 848.4
Larceny-theft: 3,254
Motor vehicle theft: 158.4


Violent crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants: 495.4
Murder/non-negligent manslaughter: 3.1
Rape: 71.5
Robbery: 62.3
Aggravated assault: 358.5
Property crime: 3,204.4
Burglary: 732.4
Larceny-theft: 2,361.6
Motor vehicle theft: 110.3


Violent crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants: 430.9
Murder/non-negligent manslaughter: 1.5
Rape: 30.4
Robbery: 80.2
Aggravated assault: 318.7
Property crime: 4,137.5
Burglary: 584.2
Larceny-theft: 3,404.6
Motor vehicle theft: 148.7

Also included in the list of most dangerous Texas cities were; Paris, Galveston, Austin, Longview, Tyler, Waco, Loredo, Corsicana, San Benito, Hurst, Harlingen, and Lancaster.



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