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Does Cocoa Butter Really Prevent Scars?

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By Johnny Bevers

Over the years of conversations and discussions I have had with countless people, I find it truly amazing that the subject of cocoa butter and what it can or cannot do, just simply cannot be agreed upon.  I have heard people swear by it and that it helps the skin with scarring and others simply say that it’s all a myth.  Having done further research on the subject, I am still not convinced one way or the other.  I cannot share a personal testimony of cocoa butter because I have never tried it.  The following information comes as a result of the research that was done in hopes to answer what cocoa butter can/can’t do.  Other hints and tips about skin care will be covered as well. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

Cocoa Butter Claims

Benefits That Moisturize

It has been said that because cocoa butter is a fat, it must have some very appealing moisturizing agents within.  It is an outstanding emollient (softens the skin) and it melts at body temperature.  It also is very quickly and easily absorbed into the skin where is penetrates the top of the skin but also down into the dermis layer (where the human body retains moisture).  The skin will be smoothed out in both tone and texture whenever cocoa butter is applied.

Cocoa butter makes it harder to notice scars because when applied daily it helps enhance the repairs that are necessary for damaged skin.  In fact, many people claim that cocoa butter actually heals scar tissue and have seen positive results through fading scar tissue after its long term use.  In addition, cocoa butter locks moisture in at those deeper levels of skin where it is primarily advantageous as a form of scar treatment.  Many people with acne have reported using cocoa butter to heal their scar tissue after a long term teenage outbreak.  Many swear by its curative properties and have resolved scar tissue to the points where its almost un-noticeable to the naked eye.

Benefits That Protect The Skin

Claims have been widely made that environmental aspects like sun exposure, extremely hot temperatures, and air contamination can all play a vital role in the damaging to skin.  When cocoa butter is soaked up into the epidermis and dermis layers, it forms a layer of hydration and oil that will protect the skin from each exterior weathering component.  It also prevents the re-development of damaged skin tissues.

Cocoa butter consists of compelling antioxidants that aid in protecting against the dangerous impacts of the environment by battling those harming agents that weaken skin cell structure (such as Ultraviolet Rays) and more.  It is highly recommended to keep applying cocoa butter daily to take true advantage of its skin protection.

How Cocoa Butter Prevents Skin Damage and Scarring

Especially during pregnancy periods, a day-to-day use of cocoa butter can prevent scars before they appear.  One should apply and massage it with care into a growing stomach where it will keep your skin soft and pliable.  In turn, this will allow the skin to stretch without worrying about any tearing.

When choosing a cocoa butter product that will be most beneficial, be sure to choose one that contains collagen, elastin and Vitamin E as well.  Hydration is crucial and these four ingredients deliver moisture to help the skin keep its natural elasticity.  Any areas that might be of concern to the individual should apply cocoa butter daily on your body in places such as, the stomach, hips, the legs and the chest which also prevent those awful stretch marks.

As one can plainly see, the benefit claims from cocoa butter are definitely prevalent in our society.  Countess cocoa butter products are out there on the market and raking in staggering profits annually.  One of them is Palmer’s Cocoa Butter products, such as their Cocoa Butter Formula lotions which average in a cost of around $6.29 a bottle.  It claims to, “Heal and soften rough, dry skin and smoothens out marks and tones skin. It also is enriched with Vitamin E.” The description goes on to talk about how it helps with scarring and other skin aid.

Apart from cocoa butter there are other suggested foods, vitamins and minerals that we can ingest or apply in order to protect and treat our skin in healthy practices.

Vitamins And Other Dietary Help

(Practice A Diet That Will Nourish The Skin)

To prevent damage to the skin such as scarring, it is important to eat the correct foods.  For expecting mothers they should already be eating the foods that provide enough nutrients and vitamins for their unborn child.  It is important to eat foods that will improve the elasticity of your skin and so some of the recommended foods to add to your diet are:

* foods that contain Vitamin A which repairs skin tissue such as carrots, mangoes, sweet potatoes, squash and red bell peppers.

* foods that contain Vitamin E which can protect skin cell membranes such as collard green vegetables, seeds, and nuts.

* foods that are very rich in antioxidants which sustain and shield the skin such as blueberries, strawberries, spinach and other fresh fruits and vegetables.

* foods that have healthy fatty acids which keep your skin’s cell membranes wholesome and give skin a glow such as fish, fish oils, eggs, oysters and walnuts.

(Keep those liquids flowing)

Water is very crucial to the detoxifying process in your body. It keeps the flow moving through your system which in turn keeps your skin cells filled out and it makes your skin look healthier. Be sure that you:

* Drink 8 glasses of water a day.  Some even suggest drinking half of your body weight in ounces per day.

* Drink some teas such as herbal that do not contain any caffeine and this will give you some variety instead of just plain old water all the time.

* Eat watery fruits to keep yourself hydrated every day.  Big salad meals will also help which are filled with some nice celery, bell peppers and cucumbers.  Fruits such watermelon, honeydew and strawberries are also excellent water sources.

Quick Tips To Prevent and Help With Scarring

Whenever we get wounds it is important right away to make sure any bleeding stops.  Often in this process one may also clean the wound with their choice of alcohols or iodine.  Some suggest putting Vitamin E lotions on fresh wounds but this isn’t the best guidance.  It’s important that a wound be closed before doing such, because it can hinder healing and cause allergic reactions.  Be sure to minimize how much you move the part of the body that has the cut.

Cover cuts and do not let them dry and scab over as is contrary to popular belief.  Keep wounds covered for about a week and be sure to keep the cut moist until skin begins to grow over it.  Keep pressure applied to the wound as long as possible.  You can purchase special pads to keep the wound flat as it heals to prevent major scarring.  Massaging is also advised when the skin has grown back over.  Apply lotion and massage in circular motions around the wound for a desired time. Massaging helps break down the thick bonds of collagen in the wound.  If you don’t want to use lotion try Vitamin E and apply it 2-3 times daily.

Opinions On Cocoa Butter And Vitamin E

* The famous Canadian and former hockey player/coach Don Cherry has repeatedly stood behind cocoa butter and has told hundreds of hockey players and fans on television to apply it directly after a game. He promotes its use religiously.

* An Australian dermatologist is quoted as saying, “People put a vitamin E cream on, [and over time] notice the improvement, and quite incorrectly, think ‘oh it’s this stuff I’m putting on’ but it’s not.”  As the interview continued he also stated, “the notion that aloe vera, lemon juice, and other over-the-counter oils and creams will fade or shrink scars is also nonsense.”

It seems that almost everyone who knows anything about wounds will have an opinion that sways one way or another. I am of the opinion that the best way to know if Vitamin E or cocoa butter actually work to prevent scars or help in the healing process is to try it for yourself. Even then, it may be no certain guarantee.

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