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Easy Exercises to Help Reduce Breast Size

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By Johnny Bevers

There are many women today who feel as though their natural breast size is too large. Whether they are concerned about aesthetics or feel as though their breasts are interrupting their daily activities, there are many women are looking for ways they can easily reduce the size of their breasts without turning to drastic measures such as surgery. Ultimately, breast size is something that is determined by genetics and overall body fat. While it may not always be possible to acheive drastic changes in overall breast size naturally, there are some exercises that can reduce the amount of fat stored in the breasts, and ultimately, reduce the cup size of the breasts.

The focus on all of these exercises should be on burning fat in the body, and any exercise regiment designed with fat burning in mind, should always be paired with a healthy diet, and 8-10 glasses of water per day.

breast reduction exercises2Aerobic Exercises

One of the most powerful ways to reduce breast size is to perform aerobic exercises. These are cardio-intensive exercises that can help burn calories and melt away extra fat on the body; including the fat that is stored in the breasts. Running, jogging and even brisk walking are great ways to get in daily doses of aerobic exercise. Other cardio intensive moves you can try performing are jump roping, biking and jumping jacks. Many people find it difficult to start performing intensive aerobic exercises without prior conditioning. With this in mind, you will want to start slow with any aerobic training you do until you build up your stamina.


bench with dumb bellsBy performing around 30 minutes of cardio-intensive exercise per day, the body can start burning away the extra fat stored in areas like the breasts. This, over time, can help significantly reduce the overall breast size and get rid of the unwanted fat that is making the breasts seem larger. Many experts state that working out first thing in the morning, before eating breakfast, is a powerful way to lose more weight than working out during other times of the day. For women who are looking for faster and more drastic results with their cardio efforts, this may be a way to speed up the fat loss process.

When aerobic exercises keep the heart rate up for longer periods of time, with activities such as jogging, swimming or biking, the metabolism will speed up for several hours once the exercise is completed. This means fat from the breasts can continue to be burned off even when the activity is completed.

Interval Training Exercises

breast reduction exercise with dumb bellsFor women who want to reduce their breast size, but who don’t want to perform long-paced aerobic exercises; there is interval training. Doing interval training is a powerful way to burn more calories in a shorter period of time, than you would with moderately paced aerobic exercises. This makes interval training a great option for those who may be walking or slowly riding a bike in order to get their aerobic exercise in and who want to ramp up their calorie burn. Typically, interval training is also ideal for those who have less time during the day to complete their workouts and who want to get the most from the time they do have to dedicate towards working out.

To goal of interval training is to alternate between very fast-paced, high intensity aerobic moves and less demanding strength or body weight training. There are many workout DVDs and online videos with different interval routines, but many find that making up their own interval training circuit can be simple. As a rule of thumb, ‘fast intervals’ such as jogging in place, jumping jacks, or jumping rope should be performed between 30-60 seconds at a time. Then there should be a resting interval with exercises such as push ups or sit ups done for 60-120 seconds at a time. The overall workout should be between 25-30 minutes.

Those looking to use interval training as a way to reduce their breast size should remember that interval training can be very physically demanding on the body. Those who are just starting out with their exercise program will want to only do interval training 2-3 times a week.

Weight Training

breast reduction with bench pressWhile aerobic training is a very important part of reducing overall breast size, there are actually weight training moves that can also be done in order to help lessen overall breast size as well. These moves, that target the muscles in the chest, can help burn away excess fat. They can also help transform this fat into lean muscle and help reduce the look of the overall breast size. Remember the breasts themselves have no muscle tissue, you will be working the pectoral muscles behind the breasts, to help reduce the overall bulk in this area.

When doing these exercises, the goal is to create lean muscles, not large bulky muscles. With this in mind, you want to use small two-five pound hand weights when performing these exercises and focus on building up the number of reps you are able to perform, instead of on increasing the weight. This will help you turn the unwanted chest fat into muscle without building bulk. Start with sets of 12-15 repetitions and build from there. These exercises can also be a great way to prevent breast sagging after fat loss.

Anaerobic Body Weight Exercises

breast reduction arm liftAnaerobic exercises are those that tone the muscles. Combining these moves with aerobic exercises, will make certain that excess, bulky muscles are not built. Ultimately, you will want to perform ‘body weight’ exercises as part of this type of workout, that focus on toning your upper body.

There are several great exercises that can be performed using no weights at all, just the natural resistance from the body in order to burn away excess fat and to build lean muscle around the chest area. While these exercises will not target actual breast tissue (as they have glands at their center, not muscle) they will help provide contour in the chest area that can reduce the overall look of the breast size, and help burn away some of the excess fat in the body that may be collecting in the breast area.

lovely breasts after reductionThere are a few different bodyweight exercises that can be performed as part of an exercise plan to reduce breast size. Dips will target the chest area and can be performed with out any equipment. Pushups are another great exercises for targeting this region of the body. If you have a bar at home, doing 10-15 pull ups a day will also quickly help burn away fat in this area of the body. Remember to mix these exercises in with some cardio moves in order to burn more fat. When most women lose body fat they tend to lose it from their chest area.

There are a number of exercises that can help to reduce the overall appearance of breast size. While there is no single exercise that will magically reduce overall breast size by several cups overnight, there are several workout regimens that can help reduce overall breast size. Ultimately, it is important to burn excess fat on the body in order to achieve noticeable results. Cardio-intensive exercises such as the ones listed above, mixed with a healthy diet that is low in fat, can help anyone with larger breasts to reduce their overall breast size and get the more flattering physique they have been looking for.

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