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How Garcinia Cambogia Can Help You Lose Weight

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By Johnny Bevers

Check out Garcinia Cambogia if you’re trying for some weight loss?  That cursed word, “fat” that we all hate to confess we have too much of and trying to shed those excess pounds seems to be a never-ending endeavor of dieting and having to do the most appropriate exercises.  There appears to be no slowing down when it comes to everyone and their dog trying to give out advice on how to look your best.

Being an overweight recipient myself for nearly ten years, I tried exercising more and eating differently but did not get very much of a transformation.  By the time many people have gone to such great lengths with so few positive results, that dreaded thought and attitude of “giving up” begins to look even better.  But every problem does have a solution and if you start to believe the reality of this truth, you’re on the right path.  In the end, I can speak from personal experience that the dieting means everything and those of you who have never heard of Garcinia Cambogia stand only to gain from reading and understanding the following information.

What Exactly Is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia Cambogia is a sour tasting, small greenish to pale yellow fruit that resembles a pumpkin.  It is native to south-eastern Asia, primarily in Indonesia but can be found in India and places in Africa as well.  It is also known by other names such as, Garcinia gummi-gutta, vadakkan puli, brindleberry and gambooge.  It is used for cooking, traditional types of medicine and now more commonly for aiding with weight loss and fat burning.  Hydroxycitric acid (which resembles citrus fruit acids) is an active constituent within Cambogia extract and it is most commonly mixed in with herbal supplements.

How It Helps You Lose Weight

In both Indonesia and India, it has been used for centuries to help hinder and manage appetite.  It is safe for human consumption and works very efficiently which in turn makes it a desirable fruit for those looking to drop some extra pounds.  Whenever we eat food that contains carbohydrates our enzymes known as adenosine triphosphate-citrate will both change those carbs over into fat for storage or into energy we can immediately utilize.  The hydroxycitric acid (HCA) in the cambogia is said to suppress the enzymes that would transfer the carbs we consume into fat and enable them to be burned up as energy instead.

Not only does it work by burning calories but as already mentioned, it impedes on a person’s appetite which will assist in a supplementary means of losing weight.  Our brains have a 36-amino acid known as Neuropeptide Y which functions as a type of neurotransmitter which regulates blood pressure, pain perception and our desires for food intake – among many other capabilities. The (HCA) in cambogia holds an impact over Neuropeptide Y which minimizes one’s desire for fatty-food binge eating including sugar cravings and the like.  The hydroxycitric acid also influences a monoamine neurotransmitter normally found in our gastrointestinal known as Serotonin.  It is known to affect our emotional feelings of happiness and well-being.  It oversees our intestinal movements and helps in the regulating of our sleep, mood and appetite as well.

What To Look For When Purchasing Pure Garcinia Extract

Like the majority of people who want so desperately to lose their extra weight, it is typical to want to ensure that they get the best Garcinia cambogia extract on the market.  But how does an individual go about finding out how one product will differ from the others?  What may seem surprising to a few is that those who have studied the sales of this extract have reported that customers have been making their numerous purchases based upon slanted and biased channels of marketing as compared to what dependable scientific research has proven.

According to Garcinia cambogia reviews, the census states that the greatest extract supplements should have good ingredients and purity matter that avoid artificial binders and fillers like caffeine enhancers or additives.  These are bad simply because they degrade the product’s quality and will render them less potent.  Minerals and/or nutrients such as potassium, chromium and calcium are all safe due to the fact that they assist with absorbing food.  As well, because the significant component of cambogia is the (HCA), it would be fundamental to purchase a garcinia extract that has a higher level containing it.  The most effective extracts to buy will contain at least 50% (HCA) and having even more around 60% is more beneficial.  The best Garcinia cambogia extract products are produced in labs that are (FDA) registered and conformed to proven grade benefits and purities of USP excellence standards.  If they have also been produced under rigorous U.S. Food and Drug Administration cGMP certification then they are even better.

Warnings About Garcinia Cambogia

This weight loss extract has gained such popularity now that many companies that sell it are offering bargain versions of the product.  As a warning, when you are shopping for these types of products online you should know that more often than not the company selling them will not include who their sources are or what ingredients they contain.  Unfortunately this means that you really won’t know what you are buying until you make a purchase and the product is in your hands.  Make sure the site is secure for purchasing online, says that satisfaction is guaranteed and that it’s made in the U.S.A.  If your extract costs you more than $60 then you can be certain that the product has unnecessary additives that you won’t want.  On a general level, it should be known that Garcinia cambogia is regarded as being quite safe if you are only using it on a short-term basis.  Not too much is known about those who have taken it for longer periods of time.  Some of the side effects that have been known to arise from taking this extract include:

  • headaches
  • nausea
  • digestive tract irritation

Not everyone is always a suitable candidate for taking supplements or medications and this extract is no exception.  Those with diabetes, dementia and Alzheimer’s as well as those who are pregnant or breast feeding should avoid its use.  If you are concerned about whether or not you should take Garcinia cambogia then wait until you have done further research and know all you need to beforehand.

Best Selling Brands And Their Costs

The following list contains the top 10 Garcinia Cambogia products that were sold in 2013 as well as their median costs:

#1 Xtreme Garcinia Cambogia which sold for approximately $29.85 per bottle.

#2 Pure Citrimax which sold for roughly $32.99 per bottle.

#3 Hi Tech Garcinia Cambogia Extract which came out to around $32.99 a bottle.

#4 Labrada Nutrition Garcinia Cambogia at $24.99 per container.

#5 Garcinia Lipo which came out to around $25.99 a bottle.

#6 NutraKey Garcinia Cambogia which sold for about $19.99 a bottle.

#7 Absolute Garcinia Cambogia at $27.95 per bottle.

#8 Garcinia Cambogia Gold sold for $25.99 a container.

#9 Betancourt Essentials Garcinia which was sold for about $21.99 per bottle.

#10 BigGenetic Laboratories Garciana Trim which sold for around $29.00 a container.

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