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How Appointment Setters Can Grow Your Business

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By Johnny Bevers

If your company has yet to explore the benefits of professional appointment setters; you may want to consider these services and what they can offer in terms of potential business growth.  Many companies in all different industries have found that professional appointment setting services can actually help grow their business.  On a basic level these appointment setters operate solely to help businesses grow without using their own valuable time and resources.  There are many businesses who have found that professional appointment setters can help any sales team increase profits and find measurable success while seeing positive returns on their investment.

appointement setting call centerAppointment setting is known for being one of the most difficult parts of business development, and has been a struggle for many companies for years.  In fact, many small and large businesses alike place appointment setting as one of the most common roadblocks for growing their business.  The goal of appointment setting is simply to call potential clients and to help a company generate sales or leads for potential sales.  The theory is that you can’t make a sale without speaking to a potential customer or client directly.  This is what appointment setters do; they help make appointments in front of leads to provide you with an opportunity to present your sales pitch.

How Appointment Setters Work- More Leads With No Capital Costs

Appointment setters calendarProfessional appointment setters can be instrumental in helping to grow any business because there are virtually no capital costs associated with these services.  When companies decide to outsource their appointment setting efforts, capital costs remain remarkably low.  There is no need to find a location for the staff, manage team members, pay for utilities to run the operation, or any other costs associated with running and managing a large in-house team.  This can help any company save on costs and grow their business while cutting costs.

There are many who have seen the ‘appointment setter jobs from home’ advertisements from companies looking to hire telecommuters to take on these positions.  Many of these appointment setters are able to work from their own home or office setting and require no additional equipment in order to perform their job.  With further exploration into the average appointment setters job description, you will see that even though these individuals usually work from home, they are highly monitored by the companies that staff these appointment setters, to insure consistent quality among workers.

appointment setter paperOutsourcing appointment setting to a company that specializes in lead generation and sales leads; means putting appointment setting in the hands of seasoned experts.  These individuals specialize only in proven tactics used to set sales appointments, meaning companies can benefit from highly concentrated professional services that will result in more appointments or face-to-face sales opportunities.



Freeing Up the Time of Sales Teams

appointment_settingThere are many sales managers who have seen first hand how outsourcing to professional appointment setters can help grow a business.  Instead of having their own trained sales professionals handling telemarketing duties; they can have professionals, trained in appointment setting, handle this task.  Setting appointments and closing sales are two completely different skills.  Sales people are typically great at closing deals.  Appointment setters on the other hand, are better at gathering information and data, securing appointments, and getting past ‘gatekeepers’ to talk directly to decision makers.

There are many sales professionals, who simply aren’t that great at the task of getting sales leads.  They may thrive more when they are able to give a live presentation and showcase the benefit of their product or service, but may struggle with the task of making countless calls to get the initial appointment set up.  However, getting these sales leads set up with appointments is an essential part of the entire process.

The average sales team is already faced with countless challenges that include closing deals, working with new prospects, and handling their current clients to keep them happy.  This can make the average sales professional stressed for time, and struggling to find time to cold call for sales leads.  Typically these other responsibilities take precedent over cold calling.  However, when these responsibilities are outsourced to others; quality from the internal team, customer satisfaction and closed deals can all improve.

By outsourcing the process of setting up appointments to a professional outside source; many sales teams are able to see substantial growth and success in terms of actually closing their sales, as their trained sales team will have more time to focus on other important aspects of their job.

Improving and Shortening the Sales Cycle

headset keyboard mouseFor companies today who are looking to grow their business; improving their sales cycle is always an important goal.  Professional appointment setters will be able to help any company not only with sales leads, but to shorten and improve their overall sales cycle.  Typically, a large part of the sales cycle is involved in setting up initial meetings.  When outside appointment setters are able to do this for busy clients, the majority of the work is already done, and the company is able to close more deals in less time.  Typically, sales teams will spend over half of their time at work with cold calling.  With this time eliminated, the overall sales cycle time can also decrease drastically, as twice the amount of time is able to be spent in face-to-face interactions and with professional sales presentations.  Since most businesses are already on tight schedules; they can eliminate wasted time and effort and take less overall time to close a sale.  Plus, companies who hire the right highly trained appointment setters, often find they are more skilled in getting connected with decision makers.  Expediting key components of the sales cycle in this manner with professional B2B appointment setting services, will improve the sales cycle for any company; meaning more growth in less time.

Coming Together to Improve Team Performance

Overall, all of the features of appointment setting services can come together to help companies improve their entire team sales performance.  When appointment setters do their job, they help make sure that every client meeting has been set up with a potential sales lead that is actually interested in the product or service your company is offering, and that the sales lead meets the targeted client profile of your company.

Typically, businesses are then able to more effectively analyze their sales figures.  This is also helpful in assessing individual performance rates and determining the performance levels of individual sales teams or members.  This makes implementing changes or improvements easier as your data will be more concentrated; and analysis can specifically focus on the ability of team members to perform as they should and close deals with success.

As appointment setters focus in on the target market of consumers that your company typically works with, the sales team can focus on sales, and the company can better learn from its mistakes and make appropriate adjustments, all while saving time.

Brands are often able to expand quickly because they are able to get face-to-face with more direct leads and make sure that their highly-trained, professional and knowledgeable team members are the ones interacting with potential clients and customers.

Appointment setting has long been a common obstacle for companies all over the world.  However, with professional appointment setters, the process can be streamlined, and the proven standby of appointment setting can be easier and more effective than ever for successful companies looking to experience substantial growth.

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