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How Much Car Designers Make And How To Become One

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By Johnny Bevers

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a car designer or what a car designer’s salary even looks like? If you have then you’re in luck as this content is geared directly toward you. Stick around as we discover what it takes to become a car designer, what the job entails and much more. If you get inspired enough then perhaps we’ll all see one of your cars on the market one day.

auto car designTraits Needed to Become a Great Car Designer

bmw z4 car designLet’s get things started with discovering what a true car designer needs to have inside them if they want to achieve any real success. Having a creative mind is going to be important but you are going to require educating to channel those ideas into the proper reservoir when they come flowing out of the floodgates. The first course you should be looking at to generate a sound and solid launch will be Transportation Design. This course is a branch of Industrial Design – also known as Product Design. Surprisingly to most, among the perhaps hundreds of schools for design around the globe, only about 20 of them offer the essential Automotive or Transportation Design courses you will need.

When choosing a school, the institute location and the required courses you’ll be expected to take will be the two largest deciding factors in accomplishing this. A few other key elements to deciding on the school and courses to take must be based upon the reputation, philosophy and teaching faculty of the education center. Getting to the heart of the subject now, the majority of Transportation Designing courses will demand that you carry out a demonstration of your artistic and innovative talents before they can rate you for an interview or provide a place for you. You will need to have exceptional 2D drawing abilities as well as some high school art or other design qualifications. If you are good in mathematics and physics it will be vital because there will be engineering calculations to contend with such as 3D volumes, model scales and aerodynamics. It will certainly be a plus to have the strong ability to express yourself through writing with above average grammar and language skills. The reason for this being that you will be required to write dissertations and research reports.

car design coupeKeep in mind that because the car industry is very international, being multi-lingual can help you tremendously with your career as a car designer. Some other character traits that are valuable to have when working as a car designer are to be able to work well under pressure and quickly. You must be very good at meeting the deadlines given to you, have excellent communication skills, have the ability to convince others of your point of view through presentations, be a team player, possess a very broad insight of automotive design principles, budgeting, marketing and numerous other qualities.

Schools That Specialize In Car Design

car design drawingThe job category as a “car or automotive designer” is quite often considered to be a particular type of commercial or industrial designer. This is based upon how the automotive designer will contemplate and conceive the physical appearance of a vehicle’s interior and exterior. An Industrial Design or Motor Vehicle Design Bachelor’s Degree will be the minimum criteria for a position in the entry-level field.

The locations across America where a student can obtain such degrees can be found in the following public universities. They are listed in order according to the highest student populations.

* Arizona State University

* Ohio State University – Main Campus

* University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

* University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

* University of Washington – Seattle Campus

* California State University – Long Beach

* University of Houston

* North Carolina State University at Raleigh

* San Jose State University

* Virginia Polytechnic University and State University

* University of Cincinnati – Main Campus

* University of Illinois at Chicago

* Western Michigan University

* Auburn University – Main Campus

* Metropolitan State College of Denver

* Georgia Institute of Technology – Main Campus

* Clemson University

* Appalachian State University

* University of Louisiana at Lafayette

* Western Washington University

Salary Expectations

P90068876According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the salary of a car designer in America earning in the lowest 10% is approximately just under $32,000 annually. The median car designer’s salary each year comes in around $61,500 and those in the top 10% generate a pleasant sum of roughly $96,000 per year.

For those car designers in a specialized niche of motorized components production they earn a median annual salary of just over $65,000. Those car designers working in parts and supplies vendor wholesales make an average of around $73,700. Commercial and Industrial designers in the motor vehicle manufacturing end make an average salary just over $86,000 annually.

Job Description and Outlook

mustand car design autoAs you will learn during your education, car designers will be expected to blueprint the layouts of automobile attributes, devices and systems through the use of sketches, prototypes and models from their particular insights of engineering concepts that are all based on automobile operation. They will also get to figure out any aspects that may impact design suggestions by utilizing the history of previous car models, comprehending manufacturing restrictions and also participating with several automotive engineers. These designers also create advanced designs for automobiles that fit particular customer needs and exhibit a company’s values and impression all based upon detailed formulas, digital work aids and mathematical calculations. Extensive traveling – especially overseas – is a big part of the job. The car industry is completely global and so those candidates that normally would not expect to do a lot of traveling will be certain to get various job placements abroad. For those not fond of traveling very much this aspect of the car designer might not be very appealing. As far as job outlooks go, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics or the (BLS), industrial design positions which include automobile designers are anticipated to go up 9% from 2008 until 2018. The main reason surrounding this forecast are the consumer and business-based expectations for current and new vehicles. In addition to this, the added stress on quality, pricing and luxury will generate the need for various new automobile designs which therefore create employment opportunities.

Prime Locations to Work as a Car Designer

To determine some of the most ideal locations and firms to work for as a car designer, you have to go to where the work is. Expecting to find only American based firms/studios is not altogether sensible or practical. There are quite a number of prime locations to work for as an automobile designer and below is a solid list of some of the best ones.

* Chrysler Design – USA

* Designworks – USA

* Foresee – California, USA

* Ken Okuyama Design – USA/Japan

* Prisma Design International – California, USA

* Alfa Romeo Design – Italy

* Arup Vehicle Design – UK

* Bertone – Italy

* Cliff Design – Sweden

* Design Q – Sweden

* Design Storz – Austria

* Drive – England

* DSN – Italy

* Fioravanti – Italy

* Hareide Design – Oslo & Gothenburg

* MotorCity Europe – Germany

* Nissan Design – Global

* Toyota Design – Global

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