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How To Make Your Own Graduation Announcements

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By Johnny Bevers

Graduation is an important event, and you will almost certainly want to invite people to share this mile-stone with you, both at the ceremony itself and afterwards at some kind of celebration.  More and more people are choosing to make their own graduation announcements to inform people of their success and to invite them to either the ceremony or an after-party.

The Advantages Of Making Your Own Graduation Announcements

The advantages of making your own graduation announcements are twofold.  First, you can create graduation announcements that look exactly as you want.  This is because when you make them yourself you can use the process of trial and error as many times as you like until you are completely satisfied with the finished product.  When having them done by a printing company you will never be able to have as much input into the final design and look.  Sure you might be able to make one or two changes, but you can’t tailor it with the same level of detail as you can when making your own.

Secondly, is the question of cost of course.  You are more than likely about to enter the working world and starting out can be very tough financially.  Any money you can save now will make things immeasurably easier in the near future as you start thinking about vehicles, down payments on houses and so on.  Even looking for work can cost a considerable amount of money!  Making your own graduation announcements means that your only expenditure is on business paper, ink and envelopes.  This can represent quite considerable savings compared to getting them printed out professionally at a printing store where they of course have to cover their overheads and make a profit.

Putting You Graduation Announcements Together

Making your own graduation announcements is surprisingly easy.  All you really need is a computer, a printer, some business card paper and basic computer proficiency.  Let’s go through the process step by step.

1.  Open up Microsoft word and click on the file button or on the Windows icon in the and then select an appropriate template from Graduation Ceremony Invitations with But really, as all text and images are interchangeable… you can pick whichever one takes your fancy and then adapt it as you see fit.  Alternatively, you could use Microsoft publisher if you are familiar with the program and select an appropriate template from this program instead.  The process of making your own graduation announcements will be the same, simply on a different program.

2.  Once you have chosen an appropriate template from either Microsoft word or s time to get a bit creative.  Change the image or photo to one that reflects the feel you are trying to convey.  Perhaps a photo of yourself in a tuxedo or another piece of formal wear would be appropriate?  Or maybe something a d s crest or motto instead?  It all depends on what you feel is the most attractive, and your options are limited simply by your imagination.

3.  Now it is time to turn your attention to the text of the announcement.  There are a couple of things to consider.  First, what is your graduation announcement for exactly?  Are you merely announcing the fact, or are you inviting the receiver of your card to an event.  Secondly, how formal / informal would you like the announcement to be?  Most people err on the side of formal as it is an important occasion and this is traditionally the way graduation announcements are written.  However it’s up to you (and perhaps your parents) which tone you want to strike.

  • For a formal feel you might find something like this:

Dear Sir / Madam Please join us in celebrating the graduation of Charles De’Wolf Saturday May 16th The Civic Center 29 Broad street Armitage 621000

  • If you would prefer something a lot less formal, then perhaps you could try something a little more like this:

Come Help Me Celebrate! I’m graduating on the 26th of May And we’re partying from 7:00pm! My House 14 Spring Street Milton 51213

**Again, the wording is up to you but check it carefully as you don’t want to send out a hundred or more announcements with a spelling mistake!

4.  Now check your fonts.  Something like comic sans is obviously inappropriate for the first of the two examples above but might work well with the second.  Choose a font that you feel works well with the tone of your text.

5.  Now, check your spacing.  The text should fill most of the card but not look too cramped, and it is also appropriate to leave a border around it.

6.  Once you are happy with the look of you graduation announcement on screen, load your printer with a sheet of business card paper and print one off.  Have a good look at how it looks on paper.  Often images, text, spacing and fonts etc. can look quite different on screen to when they are on paper.  Make any changes necessary and then print out another sheet.  Continue until you are happy with the look. (You are only wasting a little card and ink) Now show it to family and friends to get their input and also to proof-read the text.  Providing you don’t want to make any more changes print out however many graduation announcements you require.

7.  Place the announcements in an envelope and write just the name(s) of the recipient (s) on this envelope, for example, Uncle Pete, Sally and Dave and so on.  Place this envelope inside another envelope which you can stamp and address properly.

When To Send Your Graduation Announcement

If your graduation announcement is to invite people to a celebration or to the ceremony itself, then it is traditional and polite to send your announcements at least two weeks before the event.  If you are merely letting people know that you have graduated, then up to two weeks after the event is fine.  If you leave it any longer than this, it tends to look lazy and almost as if you are doing it as an afterthought.  The best idea is to send them out at least two weeks in advance, but if you’re inviting someone who lives a far distance from you and you think they might come, give them at least 30 days notice as they might have to book airline tickets to come to your graduation.  Keep in mind, airline tickets go up drastically if you’re booking flights less than two weeks in advance.

After Graduation

If you have received gifts or cash for your graduation, make sure to write thank you letters no longer than one week after the event.  Even a week is a bit long as after a few days, people, if they haven’t received an acknowledgement, tend to wonder if you have received the gift or whether you liked it.

It is also a nice thought to send short notes to people who attended your graduation ceremony itself, or even the celebration afterwards, to thank them for taking the time to celebrate with you.

If you have the time and basic computer skills then making your own graduation announcements can be quite fun and also a good way to save a little money.  You don’t really have too much to lose as if you don’t like the final look, you can then make contact with a professional in order to get them re-done.  The only thing you have wasted is a little time and a few cents on paper and ink.

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