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How To Shrink Large Pores On Your Nose

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By Johnny Bevers

If you’d like to shrink those unsightly pores on your nose, your not alone in your quest for facial perfection.  For many people, having large pores on your nose can be a distressing subject.  Society has never pushed the importance of looks more than they do today.  Hopefully, fewer and fewer are learning now not to go to mainstream media for beauty and life guidance tips.  Nonetheless, if you are searching for help, advice and details on how to handle the issue of large pores (or pore dysmorphia) on your nose and face, then we feel you have come to the right place. large nose pores before and after

Laser Treatment To Reduce Pore Size

large pores on woman laser treatment One of the biggest and most predictable questions asked when it comes to laser treatment for the face is, does it really work?   Perhaps a better question to ask about laser treatments for minimizing the size for pores would be; is the end result truly permanent or not?  There are actually some very mixed reviews about whether or not laser procedures get the job done to shrink large pores; however, some of the claims that support this treatment say that Fraxel, Pearl and Candela Gentlelase treatments have indeed shown impressive results.  According to most patients and doctors, the most effective tool for pores remains the Fraxel laser.  Without wearing down or removing your skin, the Fraxel can energize and increase collagen production while it smoothes the texture of large pores and helps minimize scarring.  Some of the best results are seen after only 2 to 3 treatments.  Fraxel laser surgery stimulates collagen production and helps to re-surface the top layer of skin.  The device uses smart technology to only treat areas of the skin that need the therapy to prevent over-exposure to the laser light.  This has yielded excellent results for patients and has helped thousands of people to reduce scarring, crows feet, age spots, and reverse pre-cancerous conditions like Actinic Keratosis.

Do Skin Exfoliants Work?

Young woman applying exfoliating gel to face, portrait, close-up The process of a skin exfoliation is to take the oldest of the dead skin cells from the epidermis or outermost surface and remove it.  It is actually a more important process for the face and body than many people tend to realize.  If it is accomplished effectively, the skin will remain fresher in appearance and a lot smoother.  Another benefit of exfoliation is that for those who use facial skin products, it makes it less difficult for them to permeate the skin’s surface.  The two types of skin exfoliant procedures are chemical and mechanical exfoliation.  There are also natural exfoliants to minimize pores that are recommended as well just by using simple household ingredients.  It is important to note that although skin exfoliants of any type do in fact “appear” to shrink the size of pores, they are in reality only unclogging them which in part does not make a permanent change but only temporary.

Do Anti-Aging Products Shrink Pores?

anti age cream for large pores As you age and your skin gets older, your body will start producing reduced collagen which is the compound that plumps your skin and supports it when you are younger.  When this output slows down, the skin will begin to lose its firmness and the pores in your skin lose their suppleness.  Things like sun exposure will then begin to have a negative impact on the size of pores which happens on a tiny degree, but will eventually become more noticeable.  Some skin care critics argue that pore sizes are strictly hereditary but several dermatologists disagree with this and state that genetics only plays about a 20% role which leaves an existing 80% for actual sun damage and other factors.  To answer the question of whether or not anti-aging skin products can shrink pores on your nose or face, the answer is both yes and no.  It will all come down to the ingredients that are found in the particular anti-aging skin product that you are using.  As many may not be aware, many ingredients that are typically included in these solutions are actually clogging up pores which leave them appearing larger instead of smaller.  Formulations that include alcohol, many kinds of acids or peroxides can actually keep pores open which make them appear larger and other elements such as parabens, sulfates and other detergents will actually close your pores or irritate the skin. Some of the many good ingredients that you should look for in anti-aging products are antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids, retinol, vitamins, hibiscus, ginseng and grapeseed oil.

Natural Treatment For Great Skin That Reduces Blackheads And Shrinks Pores

lemon face squeeze for large pores For those individuals that like to make additional uses for certain fruits, vegetables and other natural ingredients, there are certainly ways for you to shrink those pores and get rid of some nasty blackheads while you’re at it.  There is just so much input on this subject matter to possibly fit in here but we will take a look at some highly agreed upon methods for natural skin therapy.  For clearing out the pores first you may want to try cleansing the skin first with a mild and all-natural soap.  You should do this every day but be sure that you do not over-wash your face. Your pores can get inflamed or become enlarged from excess oil, dirt and bacteria unless you keep them cleaned out just enough.  Some say once in the morning, noon and night is sufficient but at least twice a day is essential.  After this, you can try using ice for about 30 seconds to tighten up the skin before you do any scrubbing. You may also consider taking some fruit such as pineapples or lemons and squeeze some juice onto a face cloth.  Apply this to your face to help tighten the skin as well.  The enzymes in these fruits act as skin purifiers and brighteners and will also tighten the skin. We’ve already covered exfoliants, but with natural components you can try whole oats, sugar, apricot cores and/or strawberry seeds. Using these will produce a gritty kind of quality that will work wonderfully in removing lifeless skin cells from your face.  These are also good to find when mixed in with various other skin products that are natural.  If you have already washed your face before using an exfoliant then you should be extra careful to only lightly wash it again as too much washing can cause skin irritation. If you ever want to open your pores up to cleanse them out then you can try a mini steam bath using a boiling pot of water. Just cover your head with a small towel and sit in the steam for a desired length of time or until you feel the steam has done all that it’s going to.  Diet is also very important for the skin.  You should already be drinking sufficient water daily to help with organs in the body as well as skin regeneration.  Avoid smoking because it literally destroys everything it touches – including the skin. Women should also limit the amount of make-up they use weekly.  These products will only contribute to the clogging of pores and make your original struggle more difficult.  As already mentioned, there are many more remedies to use and things you should avoid but following this guidance is sure to make you see a difference.  Even if you are not able to permanently reduce the size of pores on your nose and face, you can certainly do this on a temporary basis and as often as you’d like. What Dr. Oz Has To Say dr. oz portrait We’ll close this up by quoting an actual doctor on ways to minimize pores whether if it’s just on the nose or the entire face.  Here’s his simple steps to pore minimization:

  • Remove excessive surface oils:  Use oil-absorbing mattifiers that contain synthetic polymers which soak up excess surface oils like tiny sponges.
  • Use non-comedogenic skin care products:  These formulations won’t clog pores. The phrase non-comedogenic should be clearly marked on the product packaging.
  • Skip the spackle:  Don’t hide large pores under heavy silicone primers that smother skin; this leads to even larger pores.
  • Unplug or remove any blackheads:  Exfoliating scrubs, comedone extractors and blemish busters can all be useful.  Biore strips are also a good idea to remove the debris within your pores.  Use these strips by first washing your face, dampening the strips and applying them to the effected area.  Let the strips dry on your skin and remove them after 15 to 20 minutes.  If you applied them properly, you’ll notice that the black heads have been removed.
  • Clean out the debris & smooth out edges:  Pore minimizers should contain one or more of these ingredients: glycolic acid, salicylic acid, retinol. Consider using a skin cleansing ultrasonic brush or tool.  Clarisonic makes an incredible brush that can be purchased at any Dillard’s store in the US.  They can also be purchased online at a large number of retailers like Amazon or EBay.
  • Reduce sun damage:  Wear an oil free SPF 30 daily.  Sun damages the top layers of your skin making it difficult to reduce pore size.  Sun block will minimize the negative effects of the sun.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our article.  Please comment to let us know if we missed anything or if you have any suggestions on pore reduction treatments that have worked for you.

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