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How To Start Your Very Own Mobile ATM Business

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By Johnny Bevers

Technology has put us into an age where we can stay in the comfort of our own homes, work, play, shop and have anything we need delivered right to our residence.  If you are a person that enjoys and wants to preserve this kind of lifestyle with some passive side project and income then the mobile ATM (Automated Teller Machine) business might be worth looking into.  If you get into this business and really learn how to run it, then the operation will customarily run by itself and minimal effort on your part will be required.  The aim of this piece is to educate all interested persons in how to start your very own mobile ATM business.  Our hopes are that a firm foundation of information will be laid out below that will provide some inspirational motivation for this innovative enterprise.

How Much Can You Make From Owning/Operating Portable ATM Machines?


ATM Experts Portable Solution

ATM Experts Portable Solution

Although some get into business simply to stay busy or to start a new hobby, a large majority leave their priority with money and how much they are able to make each month.  It might be best to get this question answered right at the get-go so the reader can decide if this undertaking is financially worthy of all their efforts.  It is important to note that the location of the ATM placement, the amount of traffic in that location and the amount of the surcharge per withdrawal will all be contributing factors to the profits emerging from one mobile ATM machine.  Many ATM operators claim that 3% to 5% of the foot traffic that will actually take notice of your ATM machine will be the ones utilizing it.  If we give an estimate that approximately 300 people throughout  the day are in the vicinity of your unit, then a median of 4% of those people are using your machine at a $2.25 surcharge for each valid withdrawal, then your ATM unit would be generating 360 transactions a month.  Doing the math from that number, we would multiply 360 times the $2.25 surcharge and a monthly income of $810 is rolling in.  For one year you would be looking at roughly $9,720 and that is just from one ATM unit.  Now let’s say that you had 10 ATM machines in operation at any given time, your total earnings would become $97,200.   While this level of earnings  sounds good on the surface, you still have to consider the cost of the machines themselves,  the cost of marketing,  the cost of gasoline to deliver your machines to the particular event, and the cost of any communication infrastructure needed at your particular ATM site.  Now what you establish your business case you’re ready to get started with acquiring and placing your ATMs.

Where To Place Your Mobile ATM Machines

atm machine at fair near ticket stand

Just as in every new business venture, a standard amount of research and brainstorming will have to go into it all before you have lift-off.  The first thing you should do is put yourself in the situation of all the other people who are in locations during times when they need to use an ATM machine the most.  You might seriously consider venues such as movie theaters, convenience stores, arcades, schools, places where sports events are presented as well as other areas where many people are attracted to and will be in serious need of some cash on the spot.

Also keep in mind that placing an ATM on someone’s property may cost you a small charge in rent or commissions depending on what you work out with the owner.  This may also include a signed contract that may be comprised of the length of time the ATM will remain on location, the one who is responsible should there be any damages to the machine and also leave contacts for technical information if maintenance is needed.

Where To Buy Portable ATM Machines

mobile atm trailer

The first decision you will need to make is whether you have the financial prominence to buy your own ATM machine or to simply lease one.  Buying a new ATM machine with reliable safety features can cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000.  Some extra gear might also need to be purchased such as a clip that is used to refill the money in your machine and you might also consider buying a truck in order to move the machine around and service it.  Leasing an ATM can cost you roughly $70 to $120 per month.   Leasing may be the way to go if you’re targeting specific events like state fairs or weekend flea markets.

Purchasing a portable ATM machine can be done from numerous sources.  There are internet websites where you can pick up your very own ATM units.  Some sites include Ebay, Amazon, Nationalcash, ATM Management llc, ATMdepot and ATMexperts just to name a few.

Connectivity Issues Surrounding The Placement Of Your ATM (Hardwire VS Wireless)


Hardwire ATMs are well on the road to being a thing of the past as wireless ATMs are growing in popularity day-by-day.  The fact of that matter is that wireless ATMs are more cost effective, much easier to upgrade, require less personnel involvement and are becoming more reliable.  The very fact that wireless works is why many companies are jumping on board to use them.

The advantage that wireless now has over hardwire ATM units is that in the rural areas they bring convenience to the customers as well as the company providers because they only need to deploy and set up wireless rather than lines to inconvenient locations.  Plainly put, logistical challenges and excessive costs were associated with laying down landlines but this is changing with wireless.  A remarkable improvement has especially come to the developing countries that were never able to have access to ATM benefits until wireless came out.

How To Secure Your Portable ATM

Most ATM machines are installed with a cash recording device which helps especially with robbery.  As well, one of the most common ways for portable ATM owners or renters to secure their ATM units is to hire a security guard to watch it.  Although this requires resources, it is definitely one of the safest methods to have – especially if your ATM machine is in a dangerous location.  Another tip would be to place the ATM unit in a well lighted area where other security cameras are present.  In addition, you could purchase a GPS tracking device inside of your ATM for constant surveillance of your machines.  Once installed, your ATM machines can be tracked and monitored from your smart phone.  Most thieves believe they can steal the entire ATM and break into it later.  With GPS tracking, a quick call to local police will have the perpetrators behind bars in no time.

Long term business prospects and establishing relationships for future business

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Knowing the importance behind where you place your ATM machine(s) can do you a great service in the coming months or even years of your prospective market.  If you find a location that attracts great numbers of people who don’t want to leave the area just to get money, then they are fair game as far as prospects go.  Annual events work great for you if you are only running your ATM business for short or part-time periods of time.  If you have other locations to fill in the other remaining time of a season or year then it will be doubly as good.

A great way to build up some relationships for the future would be to get in touch with the people who also benefit from your ATM machine servicing.  If you were at a fair or an amusement park and nearby vendors were getting more business because customers didn’t have to go elsewhere for their cash, they would be great potential business associates for the long-term.  The same can go for private business owners as well.  It all depends on who else benefits alongside you and if an equitable agreement can be made between you.


The following link does not mention anyone’s name but it bears witness to someone knowing an individual(s) who has operated a mobile ATM business.  There is a small forum of messages associated with this site as well.

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