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How Water Works to Encourage Weight Loss

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By Johnny Bevers

Water is one of the most pure and basic elements that you can put into your body.  However, while simple and natural, water is also extremely powerful as well. The right amount of water has the power to lose weight and shed unwanted fat.  Those who want a healthy body and who are looking to maintain a healthy all-over weight, should include substantial doses of water into their weight loss regimen.

The Physiological Effects of Water on the Body

Before understanding the true power that water can have on weight loss, it is essential to know the effects that water has when it is digested in the body.  The physiological effects of water on the body are quite powerful and stem from the fact that the body is already made of 2/3 water; making it the primary component in the human body.  When the adequate amount of water is added to the system the body is able to thrive.  Since the human body can have up to 78% water in it, it is clear that the body needs plenty of water to operate in the way it should.  When extra water is put into the body, it helps virtually every aspect of the system work.  In the body, water is responsible for detoxifying, helping the organs to better absorb nutrients and it helps with metabolism; among other things.  These are all essential functions that the body needs to maintain a healthy weight.

How Water Can Promote Weight Loss

Water not only helps fuel the body, but it also can aid the body in losing weight.  In order to burn calories, the body needs a generous supply of water.  If the body is dehydrated, it cannot burn fat or excess calories as efficiently.  When your body has enough water to use at fuel, it will be better equipped to start burning fat and calories quickly; speeding up the weight loss process.  Drinking a healthy amount of water will flush down the by-products associated with fat breakdown and give the metabolism the energy it needs to run at a high level.

To make sure that you are giving your body enough water to burn off extra calories, it is important to drink water consistently throughout the day.  This is more effective than just drinking a large amount of water in one sitting.  While many suggest eight glasses or more of water a day, depending on your level of activity and the other dehydrating food and water you are putting in your body, you may actually need more water than this.

Drinking water during the day cannot only fuel the body for weight loss, but it can also help keep you full without having to consume snacks that may be high in calories.  Water has been proven to leave consumers with a ‘full’ sensation, and can curve the desire many people have to snack unnecessarily or to over eat.

Choosing the Right Water

Despite what many think, not all waters are created equal. In order to get the most from a water-centered diet plan, it is important to first choose the right water.  Regular tap water can actually have contrasting effects and harm your body.  Typically, tap water is filled with chemicals and toxins.  These pollutants can cause serious health issues and instead of helping the body to remove damaging toxins, it can end up filling the body with more chemicals.

Not all bottled water is safe either, be careful and read the labels of any bottled water you purchase as approximately 40% of bottled water is actually bottled tap water.  Instead of choosing distilled, alkaline, or vitamin water, many times the best way to get clean, pure and healthy water is to filter tap water.

With natural, particle and toxin-free water, the body is getting what it needs and nothing else and will lead to faster, and more effective results.

Instructions for Following a “Water Diet”

After choosing the right water to incorporate as part of your diet, there are several steps that should be taken in order to follow a ‘water diet.’

  • Step 1: For maximum results, consider starting your water diet with a short ‘water detox.’  This is a short time where you flush toxins in the system and prepare your body for maximum weight loss.  Double your water intake for 2-4 days, cut out salty foods and try to eat foods that are naturally high in water.  These are foods like leafy green vegetables and watermelon.  Others may try a more intense 24 hours water only fast to kick start their diet.
  • Step 2: Start every morning with a glass of cold water.  This will get your metabolism going early in the morning and keep it functioning and burning calories all day long.
  • Step 3: Drink a glass of water before every meal.  Studies have shown that those who drink a full glass of water before eating, regularly consume less calories per meal and see improvements in their weight loss efforts.
  • Step 4: Replace any sweetened drinks you consume during the day with water.  This means soda, juice, smoothies, alcohol and sports drinks.  Replacing these beverages with water will cut down your caloric intake and keep your metabolism functioning at a high level all day long.
  • Step 5: Record the amount of water you drink during the day and be sure that you have taken in at least 8-10 glasses of water during the day.  Work up the amount of water you drink daily until you are comfortably consuming at least a half of gallon of water every day.

Weight Loss Success Stories

Men and women alike who have tried the ‘water diet’ have found results with this simple solution to losing weight.  Drinking more water can help dieters of all types lose weight. In studies, such as a recent study headed by Virginia Tech professor Brenda Davy, dieters who drink water before their meals found that the added water enhanced their overall weight loss.

Reuters Health has also found many success stories for dieters that incorporate water into their weight loss regimen.  This study had middle age and older adults drinking two cups of water before every meal.  These individuals ended up losing about four more pounds than the control group that did not drink the extra water before their meals.

A study done by The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism has also found a direct correlation between drinking water and metabolic rates.  Participants in this study, who were healthy and not overweight, were able to increase their metabolic rate by 30% within 30-40 minutes by drinking just 17 ounces of water.

These success stories are real, and backed by detailed research studies. In fact, further investigation into the topic of water diets and weight loss show that consuming just an extra 1.5 liters a day will burn an additional 17,400 calories in a year.  That is approximately five pounds of weight lost.

Water can work with the body to encourage natural and healthy weight loss.  Drinking water is a simple step in losing weight that is is easy, affordable.  Plus, water has zero calories, making it a drink you can feel good about enjoying as you naturally slim down and enjoy the many health benefits associated with water and proper hydration.

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