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10 Natural Alternative Beta Blockers For Great Health

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If you thought natural beta blockers didn’t exist, think again!  For individuals like myself who are opposed to taking medication for the body’s well-being, there is hope for those individuals out there who feel completely restricted to medicinal beta blockers.  Whatever medicine is produced to help maintain the body can definitely be found in foods and we’re about to provide you with a list of ten natural alternative beta blockers for great health.

As an introduction or review, beta blockers can be known by several other names, such as beta antagonists, beta-adrenergic antogonists (or blockers), beta adrenergic receptor antagonists, and some others.  Specifically, these are drugs that doctors prescribe in order to treat various types of conditions.  Some of the problems and ailments that are associated with beta blocker medications are overactive thyroid conditions, glaucoma, aberrant heart rhythms, high blood pressure (or hypertension), angina, heart attacks (myocardial infarction), migraines, anxiety and a number of other side effects you may not be able to live with.

Beta blockers function by directly approaching the beta receptor.  Cells can be found in the heart muscles, arteries, kidneys and other sympathetic nervous system tissues that lead to stress reactions where beta receptors are contained.  Responses particularly occur when they are triggered by epinephrine (or adrenaline) and binding of the stress hormones while epinephrine receptors are disrupted by beta blockers.  Specifically, cardiac arrhythmias are managed by beta blockers which will help protect those who have already had a first attack, in order to prevent them from having a second.

Plainly put, beta blockers slow down heart pace, reduce the pressure of the contractions of the muscles in the heart and minimize contraction in the blood vessels of the brain, heart and remainder of the body.  A patient with angina gets help from beta blockers by reducing the amount of oxygen that the heart muscles need.  Beta blocker medication can be helpful with anxiety (especially social) by controlling any shaking, trembling, blushing and rapid heart-rates.  While you should always listen to your doctor, you should also consider supplementing your diet with food that leads to a much healthier lifestyle.

Now, we will run through our list of 10 organic foods that act as natural beta blockers:

1) Bananas:  It might be interesting for everyone to know that bananas have comparable affects to beta-adrenergic blockers.  Their natural and essential mineral of potassium facilitates the body in enhancing the elimination of sodium in the blood which reduces blood pressure and blood amount.  Increasing your potassium quantity is helpful for those especially with anxiety because stress will cause the body’s metabolic measure to rise and decrease our potassium levels.  Additionally, a protein in bananas called tryptophan can be transformed into serotonin which regulates hormones and has a soothing effect on your mood.  Vitamin B which is also found in bananas helps to soothe and relax the nervous system in our bodies.  They have also been known to help those who suffer from depression, stress, and stress as well.  For more information, check out: Why Bananas Are Good For You.

2) Pomegranates:  Only in recent years has this common fruit and its juice been noticed by studies that show they are a great source of antioxidants that have higher amounts than green tea and red wine.  This has made it a more popular fruit among those who are looking for natural alternative beta blockers.  An amino acid in pomegranates called GABA works naturally as a tranquilizer that helps in decreasing epilepsy, hypertension and anxiety.  Pomegranates are also fantastic for fighting cancer, boosting your digestive condition, promoting blood circulation and protecting your cardiovascular health.

3) Passionflower:  This is highly used within medications because it naturally works as a beta blocker especially where anxiety is concerned.  Specific elements found within passionflower are found to be relaxing to the human body and is ideal for treating insomnia, tension, stress and other conditions that relate to the blood pressure and heart.  It can reduce pain and relax muscles and therefore is most commonly used in a tincture or capsule form.

4) Chamomile Tea:  Another natural remedy that is high in antioxidants can be found in chamomile tea. This aids in muscle relaxation which induces sleep and helps to combat free radicals in our bodies.  As a result, anxiety and stress can be noticeably reduced as well as the blood pressure is lowered.

5) Turkey:  Turkey meat is a fantastic source of protein that in turn provides our bodies with crucial amino acids (great for battling anxiety).  One serving of turkey offers 65% of the body’s required protein intake.  Vitamin B is also found in turkey which helps steady blood sugar levels as well as relieve pressure put on the nervous system.  The selenium that is found in turkey helps in antioxidant defense which prevents certain cancers and decreases stress on the body.  Who would’ve thought turkey would have been packed with so many great health benefits?

6) Potatoes:  Quite often people look at potatoes as a starchy and fattening food that should be eaten in smaller amounts.  If you can keep them away from the deep fryer then potatoes are a great source of powerful nutrients and antioxidants.  Potatoes actually give us double the amount of potassium than a banana which makes them great for fighting against high blood pressure. Eating potatoes gives the body a good dosage of Vitamin B6 which in part works with enzymes in the body to produce red blood cells and important chemicals needed in our nervous systems.

7) Oatmeal:  Grandmother always told us that oatmeal was good, but as children we could only take her advice without truly understanding all the reasons why.  Oatmeal is known to contain lignans which help to safeguard our bodies against cancer and heart disease.  The intestinal flora in our bodies will convert oatmeal into mammalian lignans which protect hormones and other important parts of the body.  The antioxidants in oatmeal are what deal especially with the heart and greatly gives a jolted boost to our immune system.  All of these factors make for a great natural beta blocker.

8) Broccoli:  If you want to talk about a wonderful food for so many parts of the human body, broccoli is it!  Broccoli possesses a rich source of potassium which facilitates the optimal brain functions and helps preserve a healthy nervous system.  Muscle growth is also encouraged because of this magnificent food.  For the blood pressure, magnesium and calcium are also found in broccoli which helps as a regulator.  There are just too many benefits of broccoli to list, but they also contain carotenoid lutein which slows down and prevents the arteries from hardening.  Ideally, this fights against heart disease and strokes.  When it comes to a beta blocker, you can’t let broccoli pass you by.

9) Valerian Root:  For hundreds of years, valerian root has been used for greatly improving health benefits. It should first be warned that it might be best to talk to a physician or someone with extensive knowledge of valerian root before you start taking it.  Valerian root is often used for people with sleeping troubles and in turn this root battles the levels of stress that take their toll on the body.   Not only does it help you rest but it enhances sleeping quality and effectively fights for people who suffer with anxiety.   Valerian root is taken in natural ways (often in tea before night time sleep) and  is believed that compounds in this plant are able to bind themselves to the mind receptors.  Bottom line, sleep is very crucial for those who suffer from anxiety, stress and heart conditions.

10) Tuna:  For those out there who are fish lovers, tuna is a great source of protein which comes with 23 grams in the size of a serving with 3.5 ounces.  When eaten in suitable amounts, tuna greatly reduces chances for strokes, high blood pressure, cancer and obesity.  As well, tuna provides B vitamins that help build our red blood cells and increase our energy and immune system.  All of these elements combined are a great way to protect the blood and heart which make an effective beta blocker.

Herbal remedies can also be used as beta blocker alternatives.  Many people have found that Indian Coleus with forskolin as its active ingredient can actually be used to reduce blood pressure.  In addition, many herbalists believe that Hawthorn can be used to improve oxygen to the heart.  As always, you should consult your physician before taking herbal supplements as there might be contraindications with other drugs you may be taking.


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  • Terry Reynolds

    I was prescribed beta-blockers following a heart attack in 2010. Unfortunately they disagreed with me so much the doctor took me off them. The problem I took them for was my heart rate would fluctuate wildly during periods of exercise so I am now looking at natural alternatives that may help perform the same function.

    In all the articles I’ve read, which is a lot, the problem I have is that no-one, ever, says how much of a given fruit/veg/supplement one should take for it to be effective.

    If I take this article as an example, do I eat 1 pomegranate or a dozen? How long does it take before eating the fruit takes effect? I realise everyone is different, but for me, there has to be some guidelines for this type of advice to be useful otherwise it’s just a meaningless opinion of the writer with no way for it to be proven or otherwise.

    Perhaps I’m being too simplistic, but at least with the medical option the doctor will say, take an xx milligram tablet daily and you are fairly sure you’ll see results – maybe not what you want but you see them 🙂

    • Marcie

      I totally agree and was wondering the same exact thing! Did you ever find any answers? If so please let me know what you found.

      • Terry Reynolds

        Hi Marcie. Sorry, but no, not really. The problem remains that someone will say eat this if you want that result but there are no guidelines on quantity, length of time before you see results etc etc. TBH, half of what you read on the internet is BS and should be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism. What has worked for me is simply just eating better – whole fresh food rather than processed, cutting out bread and other refined carbs – and exercise. I don’t think there is any one magic food but just eating better should help…IMO!

        • Marcie

          Thank you for responding so quickly! 😀 The thing is I feel terrible on this Beta Blocker and also have gained like 35 pounds! 2 other people I know on Beta blockers have gained like 30 pounds also. We all take a different kind so switching most likely wont do any good. Being over weight is not good for blood pressure or heart either. Im so afraid to get off the blockers though because my heard rhythm is so off when I do, its scary. Thanks again. I will just incorporate some of these healthy foods and exercise and see what happens. Hopefully eventually I can stop taking the beta blocker before I gain 100 pounds 🙁

          • Terry Reynolds

            Please don’t construe what I say next as advice; I am not a doctor and have no medical training or experience. I also felt terrible when taking the BB (forget which brands – he tried 2) which is why I said I wasn’t going to take them any longer and my cardiologist reluctantly agreed. It may be that I was still relatively young at the time (51) and could afford to do so. As I said previously, by far the 2 biggest things that helped me were diet and exercise, essentially lifestyle changes. Don’t get me wrong, I am not perfect and am I’m still overweight but am coming down at a steady pace and am only about 8 KG’s off my target weight. BTW, I have also drastically reduced my LDL cholesterol and triglyceride readings and aim to be off the statins by the end of the year too. Good luck with your journey, I hope all works out well for you. Be strong!