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Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) Catching On!

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By Johnny Bevers

To some of us it’s no surprise that natural gas vehicles are gaining popularity for their lower cost of operation.  Natural gas is typically 30 to 50% cheaper than diesel making fleet managers across America salivate at the prospect of lowering their day-to-day expenses.  As companies add new rigs to their logistics fleets, they are paying the extra $30,000 required to upgrade to a natural gas engine.  In most cases, they’re opting for the Cummins Westport ISX12 G natural gas engine.  These engines are designed to exact specifications to directly support the long haul freight industry.  The logistics industry has been very hesitant to adopt natural gas because America’s highways were lacking the necessary infrastructure to support the frequent stopping truckers.  Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE) has met that gap by building out the “Natural Gas Superhighway” to fully support over the road truckers.  Now, truckers can be confident in a variety of locations to re-fuel as they deliver the long-haul payloads.

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Here’s a typical natural gas fueling station (courtesy of Clean Energy):

Clean Energy Fueling Station

Here’s a recent list of known natural gas stations provided by Clean Energy:

  • Birmingham AL Flying J
  • Hope Hull (Tyson) AL Flying J
  • Mobile (Theodore) AL Pilot Travel Center
  • West Memphis AR Flying J
  • Lake Havasu City AZ Pilot Travel Center
  • Phoenix AZ Flying J
  • Winslow AZ Flying J
  • Carson CA Clean Energy
  • Coachella (Indio) CA Clean Energy
  • Commerce CA City of Commerce
  • Otay Mesa CA Flying J
  • Los Angeles CA Ports of LA & Long Beach
  • Riverside CA Riverside Cty Sanitation District
  • Temecula CA Down’s Truckstop
  • Tulare CA Clean Energy
  • Whittier CA Los Angeles Cty Sanitation District
  • Jacksonville FL Lewis Petroleum
  • Midway (Quincy) FL Flying J
  • Atlanta (Conley) GA Clean Energy
  • Dalton GA Pilot Travel Center
  • Tifton GA Pilot Travel Center
  • Altoona IA Flying J
  • Caldwell ID Flying J
  • La Salle IL Flying J
  • Pontoon Beach IL Flying J
  • Fremont IN Pilot Travel Center
  • Indianapolis IN Flying J
  • Lake Station IN Flying J
  • Colby KS Pilot Travel Center
  • Salina KS Flying J
  • Scott (Lafayette) LA Clean Energy
  • Shreveport (Greenwood) LA Flying J
  • North East (Elkton) MD Flying J
  • Joplin MO Flying J
  • Matthews MO Flying J*
  • Pearl (Jackson) MS Flying J
  • Graham NC Flying J
  • Gretna (Omaha) NE Flying J
  • North Platte NE Flying J
  • Albuquerque NM Flying J
  • Las Vegas NV Clean Energy
  • Lordsburg NM Flying J
  • Wells NV Flying J
  • London OH Pilot Travel Center
  • Perrysburg (Lake Township) OH Flying J
  • Seville OH Pilot Travel Center
  • Oklahoma City OK Flying J
  • Roland OK Pilot Travel Center
  • Central Point OR Pilot Travel Center
  • Stanfield OR Pilot Travel Center
  • Mill Hall PA Flying J
  • Smithton PA Flying J
  • Blacksburg SC Flying J
  • Latta (Dillon) SC Flying J
  • Knoxville (Watt Rd) TN Flying J
  • Lebanon TN Pilot Travel Center
  • Amarillo TX Pilot Travel Center
  • Baytown TX Flying J
  • Brookshire TX Flying J
  • Dallas TX Clean Energy
  • El Paso TX Flying J
  • Fort Worth TX Pilot Travel Center
  • Fort Worth TX Clean Energy
  • Houston TX Flying J
  • Laredo TX Flying J
  • Mesquite TX Petro City
  • Midland TX Midland Petroleum
  • San Antonio TX Flying J
  • Waco TX Flying J
  • Weatherford TX Pilot Travel Center
  • Beaver UT Flying J
  • Fort Chiswell VA Flying J
  • Ruther Glenn (Carmel Church) VA Flying J
  • Oak Creek WI Pilot Travel Center*
  • Cheyenne WY Flying J
  • Rawlins WY Flying J

compressed-natural-gas-car toyotaThis list will be frequently updated as more and more highway stations are added across the nation.  While Clean Energy isn’t the only provider of natural gas for vehicles, they are the market leader in this arena and are continuing a leadership position in building out the natural gas infrastructure needed to support the American trucking industry.  Most truckers save right around $1.50 per gallon compared to diesel.  Natural gas prices are expected to remain low due to an incredible amount of natural gas being produced through the fracking process.  America is “flush” with this natural resource which is expected to supply the United States for at least the next 150 years.  Natural gas also produces 25% less carbon-based emissions which is great for the environment.

natural-gas-vehicle schematicBelow is a video by cnet that gives you a closer look at the world of natural gas vehicles.


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