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Add An Odwalla Juice Cleanse To Aid Weight Loss

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By Johnny Bevers

Detoxes have become part of the fad and extreme diet groups, but that was not what they were originally intended for.  The Odwalla juice cleanse, for example, focuses on all-natural naked juices to help rid the body of toxins and ultimately help a person lose weight.  While other cleanses have been shown ineffective, all-natural juice cleanses are highly effective.  But, before anyone starts a cleanse, they should be aware of how they work and what they will get from it.

How The Odwalla Juice Cleanse Works

odwalla fruit juice

Odwalla uses only fresh fruits and vegetables to make their drinks.  You find them in the refrigerated section of the grocery store, because they do not have added preservatives or unnecessary ingredients to make them shelf-stable.  Fruit is washed and sanitized before it is used in the juices and Odwalla uses flash pasteurization to help retain nutritional value and flavor.

Instead of eating three meals per day, you would drink Odwalla juices six times per day instead.  The detox process can last as long as a week, although most people only do the cleanse for about 48 hours.  If this is your first time doing a healthy detox, you may want to stick to two to three days.  Going beyond a week for any type of cleanse is never a good idea.  While juicing does have its benefits, it does not always have the right amount of nutrients to sustain the human body; and those deficiencies could result in negative effects if you expose your body to it too long.

Reasons To Do An Odwalla Juice Cleanse

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Most people use a juice cleanse as a quick-fix to their weight issues, but this is not the intended purposes of these types of cleanses.  These cleanses help detox the body from toxins that are preventing a person from losing weight.  They are meant to be a gateway to improving weight loss, re-energizing the body and almost re-setting a person’s metabolism.

Juicing does not require a lot of digestion from the body.  So, all of the nutrients in the fruits, vegetables and other minerals in the Odwalla juice are rapidly used by the body.  This gives the body’s digestive system a rest too, which helps clean out toxic matter left in the small and large intestine.

But, there are also other reasons to do an Odwalla juice cleanse aside from just giving the body’s digestive tract a rest.  Some other reasons more people are using juicing as part of their weight loss plan include:

  • Increase Fruit And Vegetable Intake

Some people find it difficult to take in the necessary amount of fruits and vegetables each day.  An Odwalla juice cleanse has an abundance of fruits and vegetables, which means the individual is getting a large quantity of fiber, minerals, and vitamins in a single drink.

  • The Body Has a Chance to Clean Out

The body has a chance to clean itself out during a cleanse.  This healthy detox method does not take a lot of time or energy and because the digestive system is resting, the body has time to work on other areas that need detoxing as well, including the kidneys and liver.

The liver is the body’s natural detoxifier, but over time it becomes worn out and fills with excess.  It fills up with the chemicals, food additives and preservatives and other junk a person ingests.  During a cleanse, the liver can remove all of those toxins, which means it will allow it to operate more efficiently after the cleanse is over.

  • Other Improvements

In addition to detoxing the body, there are other improvements a person will notice after their cleanse is done.  They will notice they are more focused, have better mental clarity and their brain seems more alive.  Also, a person’s digestion will improve because it has had a chance to reset.  A person may notice an improvement in their mood and better sleep.  Also, because the digestive system has been recharged, weight loss becomes easier — with improved metabolism.  And, as weight comes off, a person may notice they have healthier hair, nails and skin.

  • Less Equipment and Cost

Unlike other juicing regimens, the Odwalla cleanse does not require expensive equipment.  Instead, you buy the products that are premade.  While this does add up over time, most find that Odwalla juice cleanses are more affordable than other types of juicing diets.  That is because the individual is not spending money on an expensive juicer or wasting money on fruits and vegetables that they will use in their juicer.

  • Some Considerations

Odwalla juices do have higher sugar contents than other natural juicing cleanses.  The juices themselves are thick and gooey.  The ingredients often include apple juice, peach purees, strawberry purees, water and some juices.  Odwalla juices do not mention the amount of fiber they provide, which is important.  Therefore, most experts recommend only performing an Odwalla juice cleanse for maximum of three days to prevent a fiber deficiency.

Discomfort And Energy During A Cleanse

odwalla fruit smoothie ingridients

Cleanses do make a person feel different — and not always in a good way.  While juicing helps a person feel better in the long run, during the cleanse a person may suffer from lack of energy, feel slightly nauseated or even depressed.  That is why most experts recommend only doing a juice cleanse for 48 to 72 hours and preferably over a weekend.

But, after the detox is over, most report feeling re-energized and their symptoms during the cleanse go away relatively quickly.  Some ways to help thwart these symptoms include:

  • Drinking a lot of water during and in between juice meals.
  • Keeping calories up.  Make sure that the Odwalla juices you are drinking meet your daily caloric intake so that you do not fall into dangerous levels.
  • Keep exercise and activity minimal.
  • Because you are not eating food to burn for more energy, activities should be minimal to moderate.

Does Juicing Help You Lose Weight?

odwalla-juice-on sale

Juicing itself is not meant to be a weight loss solution, but used correctly it can help you lose weight more efficiently over time.  How much weight you lose depends on the length of your juicing cleanse and the type of juices you use.  Most people who do an Odwalla juice cleanse notice they start to lose weight within the first two weeks post-cleanse.

Juicing using more vegetables than fruit will increase the amount of weight you lose.  Odwalla does have juices that are high in vegetables and less fruits.  Because fruits have more calories and are higher in sugar, they can actually slow your weight loss progress.

But, how does juicing actually help you lose weight?  Juicing loads up your body with nutrients — nutrients you don’t normally get from eating a regular meal.  For example, you don’t eat two apples, a cucumber, kale salad, celery and large carrot in a single sitting.  Juicing also does not make you feel stuffed or bloated like other meals.  Everything is broken down in a juice, which means it is easier for your digestive system to break down and absorb the nutrients.

You’ll get more energy on a juicing cleanse because your body is not exerting energy to process foods.  That means you’ll have more energy to do more activities, exercise more efficiently and just stay active — all of which contribute to more weight loss over time.

What Happens When You Go Back To Solid Foods?

odwalla juice

When you return to solid foods, do not go back to poor eating habits — this can reverse the effects of your healthy detox.  Instead, start slowly and allow your appetite to return.  Fill your diet with whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and lean proteins.  Also, the majority of your diet should contain at least 80 percent raw fruits and vegetables when you first go back to solid foods.

By watching what you eat and maintaining an active lifestyle, you’ll continue to lose weight long after your Odwalla juice cleanse is complete.

The video below is about a young woman juice fasting and the benefits gained.

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