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Tempurpedic vs. Posturpedic: What’s the Difference?

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By Johnny Bevers

If you’re considering a Tempurpedic or Posturpedic mattress, it certainly helps to understand the features of each type of mattress.  This featured article will take you through the nuances of each type of mattress to help you make an informed purchasing decision.  Shopping for mattresses these days isn’t as easy as it used to be.  You have not only dozens of different brands to choose from, but each brand carries similar lines of products that can make it all that much harder.  But, when you start breaking down each type of manufacturer and the specifications of their mattresses, the decision can become a little easier.

Tempurpedic only began marketing their materials in 1992, but since then they have established themselves as an industry leader in mattress and sleep comfort products.  Posturpedic, on the other hand, has been around for over 60 years.  Both brands have excellent business practices and reputations for excellent products, which can make it difficult to choose between the two.


sealy posturepedic mattress example

Also referred to as Sealy Posturpedic, this is one of the most famous brands of mattresses to date.  They are known worldwide and offer some of the best mattress, pillow and box spring products. Sealy is a U.S.-based company and was named after the city it was founded in — Sealy, Texas.

Tempurpedic stems from research created by NASA. In the 70’s, NASA engineers were able to create a material that helps astronauts stay comfortable while in space.  That same material was refined to make the Tempurpedic products that consumers are used to today.  While it is essentially a memory foam, no other company in the world carries a proprietary blend.

Types of Mattresses

While both brands have the term “pedic” in their name, their makeups are not similar.  Sealy Posturpedic sells over 10 different types of mattresses, ranging from ergonomic/adjustable frames to pillow tops to memory foam to spring mattresses.  Tempurpedic, on the other hand, only uses their proprietary memory foam in all of their mattresses, with varying firmness levels and additional features.  They do, however, have multiple models just as Posturpedic does.

Sealy Posturpedic offers a few different models under their Posturpedic brand.  These models are classified into three main categories:  Classic, Gel and Hybrid.

Classic Series – Features a solid edge system for sitting, a classic coil system, a core support center that presses against your weight for support, and a strong foundation.

Gel Series – Uses a gel-based memory foam mixed with a coil design.  It is designed to keep you cool at night and provide similar memory foam comfort to Tempurpedic, but still relies heavily on a coil system and is not 100 percent memory foam.

Hybrid Series – Uses half foam and half springs along with the cooling gel for a more comfortable night sleep.

Tempurpedic has over 20 different models of mattresses that are not as easily classified as Posturpedic.  But, when shopping for a Tempurpedic, you can quickly narrow down your choices based on the feel (firm, soft, etc.), the Tempur-Adapt system and additional features you want with your mattress.  Not all Tempurpedic models come with a cooling gel, but more models are being released with a cooling gel option so that you do not feel as hot while sleeping in the bed.  This cooling option is found under the “Tempur-Breeze” models.

Tempurpedic mattresses must be sold with their complimenting box spring/foundation.  If you do not buy the piece, the warranty is void.  Posturpedic, on the other hand, can be purchased separately, but their memory foam models must be purchased with the corresponding foundation for warranty protection.

Comfort Considerations


Posturpedic offers firm support for your spine and waist and distributes weight evenly across the body.  But, according to some customer reviews, Posturpedic’s setup is too firm and can actually lead to aches and pains in the morning.  Posturpedic uses titanium innersprings to support the fabric and layers of comfort.  At the core, Posturpedic is designed to push against heavier weights, thus distributing weight evenly.

The outer edges of a Posturpedic are slightly rigid and hold together when you sit on them.  Tempurpedic, on the other hand, has a similar firmness throughout, which means when you sit on them, the edges will mold and slope with your body.

Tempurpedic has more reviews and positivity when it comes to comfort and they function opposite of how Posturpedics do. Instead of pushing against the weight, it conforms around a person’s weight making them feel as though they are sleeping on a cloud.  Because it uses a soft memory foam, it easily molds to your body.  But, that same comfortable memory foam has some negative feedback as well.  According to some users of the Tempurpedic lines of mattresses, because it holds so close to the body, it also keeps in heat — making you feel extra warm while sleeping.

Warranties and Overall Durability

Posturpedic currently offers a one-year guarantee and a nine-year warranty on all of their Posturpedic models.  Most owners of Posturpedic brands have stated that they get eight to ten years out of their mattresses before it is time to replace them.

Tempurpedic offers a 10-year full warranty and full-replacement guarantee.  That means if the mattress fails within the 10 years, Tempurpedic will replace the entire mattress set.  Most mattresses from Tempurpedic last 10 to 15 years.  But, according to some review sites, consumers have stated that Tempurpedic requires owners to meet specific qualifications to receive a new mattress under the warranty — including a Tempurpedic expert coming to their home to measure for dips, imperfections, etc.  And, if the mattress does not meet their stringent requirements, the consumers cannot have it replaced until it does.

Pros and Cons of a Tempurpedic

tempur-contour style mattress

According to reviews online by consumers and professionals, there is a definite list of pros and cons when it comes to buying their brand of mattresses.


The mattresses distributes weight evenly and keeps the spine in alignment.  It reduces strain put on the spine and can actually alleviate back pain.

  • Tempurpedic absorb energy, which means when you move around you will not disturb your partner or vice versa.
  • Tempurpedic mattresses are hypoallergenic, resist bed mites and other allergens too.
  • You do not have to rotate or flip your mattress, which makes maintenance easier.


  • Tempurpedic mattresses are one of the most expensive mattress brands available to consumers.  Often they require special mattress covers and sheets as well, making it difficult to buy bedding for.
  • Brand new memory foam has an odd smell that takes a few weeks to dissipate.
  • The firmness of a Tempurpedic is much harsher when it first arrives and it takes a few weeks for it to adjust.
  • Tempurpedic can be extremely hot.  Even with their latest “cooling gel” feature, most consumers report having hot, uncomfortable nights — especially in the middle of summer.

Pros and Cons of Posturpedic

Just like Tempurpedic, Posturpedic does have its own list of pros and cons that should be considered before purchasing it.


  • Innerspring mattresses sold by Sealy Posturpedic are much more affordable than Tempurpedic models.
  • Because they do not hug your body, you will not feel as hot while sleeping on an innerspring mattress.


  • When you move around on an innerspring mattress there is no energy absorption, which means your partner will feel each movement you make.
  • Innerspring mattresses do not adjust to your body’s weight, they push against it, which can cause excessive back pain.
  • Innerspring mattresses do not offer pressure relief.


CertiPUR-US Seal

Choosing between Tempurpedic and Posturpedic comes down to the type of comfort you are looking for.  If you need a firmer support, you may want to get a Posturpedic.  But, if you need pressure relief or already suffer from back pain, you may find more relief with a Tempurpedic.  Both mattresses come with a warranty that spans close to their expected lifespan; therefore, you may be able to maximize the investment on either brand.  But, Tempurpedic does have a more rigid warranty.

Regardless, both are excellent brands with superior reputations.  It comes down to your comfort needs, budget, and how you like to sleep at night.

mlily serenity mattress

Here’s the real deal. I have a memory foam mattress and since you’ve made it to the end of our article, I’m delighted to gives everybody a heads up on the mattress game. I sleep on an Mlily Serenity mattress that i paid 700 for at my local furniture store. It sleeps hot without a fan to move the air through the foam. If you have a ceiling fan or big floor fan, you’ll be safe to thoroughly enjoy you’re soft cloud of a bed(softness varies with different models). The bottom line here is that if you’re frugal like me, you’ll find sufficient comfort with Mlily. I can’t say anything about other brands, but I’m sure any manufacturer that’s CertiPur certified will be comparable.

Below is a video of the neatest part of owning a memory foam mattress. It’s just something that I found to be interesting and think you might enjoy too.

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