Front side of Alamo in downtown San Antonio TexasThe Dallas Texas city skyline at night


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Hello, and welcome to “Tex” – the online resource for Texans and those interested about our wonderful state!  This site is being built for citizens across the great state of Texas!  Everyday, we discover what you’re searching for through a very special process of search algorithms.  We add new content to Tex.Org every day, so check back with us often to discover what’s most important to Texans.


Tex takes great pride in the content we bring to our readers and we strive to provide you 100% original content that you’ll find both interesting and useful as you navigate our site. Whether you’re looking for a high paid oil industry job or are searching for information on how to qualify for WIC, we’ve got you covered.

Our motivation for building Tex Dot Org is to bring you useful information to help guide you through our great state.


If you have and suggestions for our site or would simply just like to drop in and say hi, simply post a comment on any of our articles.  We read every comment that’s posted our our site and will occasionally share it with our community.  Our users occasionally ask us to write articles they need information on, and we’ve taken those suggestions and put up some very useful info.  We’ve taken these suggestions in the past and have never turned down an opportunity to write a unique piece, whether it’s for one or for many of our readers, so leaving feedback is definitely worth it.  To contact us, just click here.

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