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Texas for Trump! Texans Excited About New “Trump” Economy

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Johnny Bevers, Editor, Tex.Org

In the Real Clear Politics (RCP) average, Texans are overwhelmingly supporting Donald J. Trump for President.  The movement is most highly supported on social media through the “Texas for Trump” Facebook page which currently has almost 20,000 “likes.”

The latest polls show Trump with an 8.4 point average lead over Hillary Clinton in the last three Texas polls taken between June 10th and August 14th of this year.  While there are “outlier” polls that paint a tighter race, the industry standard for polls- “RCP”, shows Trump in a dominant position across the Lone Star State.  Right now, he’s the odds on favorite to win in Texas.

Donald Trump on the "Trump Train"

With the support of evangelical leaders like Pastor Robert Jefress of the First Baptist Church in Dallas and Joel Osteen of the Lakewood Church in Houston, it’s no wonder Trump is dominating his Texas position.  Jefress’ church has 12,000 members and a sports radio program called “Pathway To Victory,” which is broadcast to 764 radio stations across America.  Osteen also has an incredibly large audience, hosting the largest Protestant church in the United States and a television program that reaches over 7 million viewers every week.  His sermons are also heard 24 hours a day on Sirius XM radio.  While Osteen hasn’t officially endorsed Trump, he has spoken very highly of him in the past.  Jefress, on the other hand, has openly endorsed Trump and can be seen on T.V. several times each week on a number of talk shows where he openly supports Trump for President.

During his August 23rd campaign rally in Ausin, Texas, Trump saw thousands of supporters and was introduced by Senator Jeff Sessions to a wildly enthusiastic crowd.  In true form, Trump proclaimed that he would strengthen our borders by building a great wall to secure U.S. interests and eliminate illegal immigration.  The wall would also help keep illegal drugs out of the country.  I say the word “illegal” here because Trump is very pro-immigration.  He wants people to use our country’s laws to enter the United States legally to become citizens.  When people over-stay their Visas though, either they must get them renewed or leave our borders.  Most people who believe in America as a sovereign country support this position unequivocally.

While the Hispanic population in Texas may have mixed feelings about Trump, many are coming into his camp because they know Trump will stimulate the economy and create jobs across the country.  The Texas voters are smart, really smart!  They understand that reducing business taxes and repatriating trillions of dollars stashed overseas will stimulate investment across the country.  This alone will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.  In addition, much of Trump’s wall will be built in Texas which will put thousands of construction workers back to work.

Trump also pledges to re-build the rest of the country’s “crumbling” infrastructure.  This will mean new jobs in road construction, new and improved airports, and fixing our dilapidated bridges.  Inking a new NAFTA deal will also create jobs for American workers.  A deal that would allow us to tax at the borders might just give us the flexibility we need to bring our manufacturing jobs back home where they belong.

Our economy has struggled under Democratic rule, and the vast majority of Americans have seen their wages trend in the wrong direction.  Creating a business environment where companies can thrive and compete for the best talent, will drive wages up and produce a more prosperous country for everyone.

Remember, America is $20 trillion dollars in debt and our only hopes of ever paying it off is by giving our economy a shot in the arm with a dose of “Trump.”  In multiple interviews, Art Laffer (former Reagan economist) said, “Trump would be great for the economy.”  Mr. Laffer, a well known “supply side” economist thinks Trump will cut taxes to garner economic growth.  Makes sense, that lower tax rates and less regulation would encourage more and more business development within U.S. borders.

America has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world, which is encouraging corporations to move outside of U.S. borders.  “Corporate inversion,” or the process of moving corporate headquarters to a lower taxed country, has been responsible for the loss of thousands of American jobs.  Many corporations have already completed their inversions and now operate from overseas locations taking millions of jobs with them.  It’s a travesty and a situation that Trump has his sights on correcting.

The Democratic “left” will call Donald Trump a “racist,” but it couldn’t be further from the truth!  Trump has minorities and women at the very top of his organization, so his actions paint a much more inclusive picture of him.  This is simply the left wing play book when their policies fail.  It’s all they have because they certainly can’t run on their record, so they resort to calling their opponent a racist.  They did the same thing with Romney when he competed against Obama in the 2012 election.  I remember Joe Biden speaking to a minority group telling them:  “they’re (the Republicans) are going to put you all in chains.”  It’s all he had, because the Obama administration didn’t put the economy on solid footing.  Instead, he and Obama strapped the American economy with more debt than any other President in history.

I believe America will finally vote for change.  Prominent American leaders have called for Donald Trump to run for President for years and years.  Even Oprah!  Just go back in time and look at some of the videos on YouTube.  Trump has spoken out for years on how America was getting ripped off with our rotten trade deals.  I personally found hundreds a videos showing his great support (and love) for our country.

It’s time.  It’s time for a change in Political leadership.  It’s time for Donald Trump to become the next President of the United States!



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