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Texas Unemployment: How Long Should You Wait To Go Back To Work?

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By Johnny Bevers

Since the Republican controlled House Of Representatives continues to block Federal unemployment assistance, how long should you wait to begin a serious job search?  Most states offer 24 to 26 weeks of unemployment assistance, but since the recession, the federal government has been supplementing state run unemployment by adding several months of assistance with the latest offer being a “retroactive” 5 month extension.  The legislation has passed the Senate but seems to have stalled out in the House.

texas unemployment  graphic newspaper with man figuresIf you’re out  of work, you shouldn’t hesitate to begin your job hunt.  Companies are in fact hiring and they’re desperate to fill their critical jobs.  Look, without people, they can’t make money, so now that the economic picture has somewhat stabilized, companies are beginning to add people to their payrolls.  So much so, that over 300 American corporations have pledged to do everything they can to pick up the long-term unemployed.  The below list will guide you to a great job, but if you still can’t find work and happen to like writing, I’ll give you a chance to write articles for me.  Just comment on this article that you are without work and unemployment benefits and I’ll pay you to write articles.  There’s only one catch; you have to apply with each of these companies and not have a pending job offer.

texas unemployment by county

people waiting in line for job interviewSo, if you haven’t applied with the above companies, you should get cracking!  Business doesn’t wait and neither should you.  These companies are making the pledge to get you hired.  They promise to not hold your unemployment status against you and actually need your special talents.  Let’s get back to work everyone.  The party’s over.

The video below is just a quick and comprehensive guide to your state unemployment benefits for Texas.


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