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The Absolute Best Grand Re-opening Ideas For Your Business

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By Johnny Bevers

Have you recently undergone some much needed re-modeling and restoration to your business or have you just re-located? All the same, you should remedy any thoughts or concerns about customers you may have lost or those who are curious as to your next step. Why not plan a grand re-opening for your business? The ultimate goal will be to bring back anyone who may have forgotten you and to bring in some long awaited new customers while you’re at it. If you’re not sure how to go about it, or just need some reinforcement for your own ideas, take a few minutes now and go through the following insight into how to create an amazing grand re-opening for your business.

How To Plan A Grand Re-Opening

With an important event such as this, it’s a beneficial idea to make yourself a strict check or to-do list and adhere to it as best as you possibly can.  This way you will not forget or leave out any of your important plans and tactics for this essential part of your endeavor.  You should add to the top of your list what your date and choice of event type will be.  Depending on what time of the year this re-opening will be in could greatly contribute to a theme for your event and will help you better manage the time needed to book guests and make all sufficient planning.  Taking into consideration the nature of your business will also help you decide on whether your celebration should be formal or informal.  Catering and other necessary companies may have to be contacted should you have food, entertainment, decorations and seating as well as any permits or licenses you may need to obtain for reserving venues.  Unless you have more than adequate funding, a budget will need to be drawn up to keep you in line with all of your spending costs.

If possible, have a secondary plan just in case you’re planning an outdoor event.  If it does happen to rain you out, keep your signs outside and point your customers inside your establishment.  This may involve a big “inside” sign or asking one of your employees to stand outside to direct your customer flow.  In all of your planning just remember that your grand re-opening should always be visually appealing for everyone attending.

Grab Attention With A “BIG” Grand Re-Opening Banner

Despite those who think that creating banners for a re-opening will make little positive impact, to the contrary they are ideal for informing your previous and potentially new customers about what is going on.  Banners can offer some motivation and inspiration to the media hype, fascination, and interest that will once more make the public seek you out.  Perhaps it will generate an even bigger gathering than your grand opening.  The internet alone offers an abundance of websites for custom banner designing options and solutions that are exceptional for your grand re-opening.  Be sure to include only a few of the most important details such as the type of event, date and time as well as contact information. If you put too many details on the banner then nobody will want to take the time to read it all.

Grand Re-Opening Invitations And Just The “Right” Wording

This is perhaps the most critical part of your entire re-opening because you want to get people through the door of your business.  It’s all about the customers and getting the word out means everything here.  It would be unthinkable for you not to create invitations containing suitable wording and phrasing in order to best captivate your target market.  The advantage of an invitation over a sales letter is that it will give the essence of esteem and genuineness to your business and make the customers who receive them feel more like a VIP.  It will be gestures such as these that increase business, sales, profit, brand recognition and customer loyalty.

The most effective way to make your invitations stand out and work the best for you is first to put your offer in as a part of the headline.  This will help attract the most attention to your business name in order to ensure that the individual receiving the invitation will want to open it and read it further.  Be sure to make your heading as detailed as you can with including something that will hook the reader in. Feel free to use some amusing imagery in your invitations.  You might very well make someone’s “bad day” if you can make them smile or laugh.  This all pushes you closer to bringing in potential customers/clients.

For cost-effectiveness and getting an immediate announcement across to the receiver, consider making your invitation short and sweet.  Some reliable invitations that are sent out are created in a post-card format that doesn’t require a person to open.  All the information is right there in front of them and they might find it rather unique.  Lastly, if you know exactly who you want to send invitations out to and it’s within your budget, you might contemplate using a great quality printing provider.  The importance of marketing should never be under-estimated because customers grade a business on what lengths they will often go to in order that they bring in revenue.

Advertise With Fliers

If you decide to use fliers to invite people to your business re-opening then you will need to be certain that they grab people’s attention.  You should use the largest brightly-colored paper available to print up your fliers in order to make them stand out when they get mixed in with a bundle of others.  Try using impressive pictures when making a selection and place basic yet thick fonts on your fliers that will be easy to read and never distorted or cluttered.  When you finally do go to place your fliers, find a place where many event fliers are normally posted so you won’t have to worry about more practical locations.  Be assured that the fliers can be seen from a distance and be certain to get them out at least a week in advance before your re-opening.

Advertising In Newspapers

When marketing through a newspaper for your big event, the first move again will be to create a headline that is well-worded, bold and will attract attention.  Without this, readers will likely just pass your advertisement right by without a second look.  It would be wise to use font that is clear, bold and easy to read.  Try not to run over three sentences for a description of your celebration.  You might want to add contact information to your posting and don’t clutter things up and try to include an appropriate photo if you feel the need as well.

Invite The Most Popular Radio Station

Getting a radio station involved in your re-opening can do a lot of positives for marketing your business.  You should get in contact with as many local radio stations as possible or else only deal with a few specific ones who you know are ideal for your event.  Co-operate with the stations that are willing to sponsor your event the most and be sure that they know what they will be getting out of it in terms of advertising, event exposure and marketing materials.  There is definitely something in it for both sides.

Why It’s A Good Idea To Email Your Customers

Sending out emails to your customers is great first of all because it’s free.  If you know who your best clients and customers are then you are at liberty to invite them first and write personalized information that pertains only to them and this can improve your business relationship.  Email also gives you the option to send generic emails to people who may be potential customers and this can save you time.  When sending out your email invitations, be sure to send them out at least one month in advance and consider heading them as, (Coming Soon).  Follow this up later by sending more emails out just one week before as (Grand Re-opening).  Last, send some out on the same day as (Now Open) if you would like to be thorough.

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