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The New American Way Of Life!

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Story by John Tabb
date unknown

I recently came across this tidbit on the internet and decided I should immediately share it with Tex.Org readers.  It illustrates what I deem the “New Socialist Order” in America.  I’m not convinced that Americans truly understand the fundamental differences between Republican and Democrats.  Generally speaking, Republican would like lower taxes and less government, while Democrats would rather provide everything to everybody who can’t or won’t pay into the system.  Until they prove otherwise, I view the Democratic party as America’s “Socialist Party”….

Here’s an illustration of socialism in America:

For a guy and his girlfriend with two kids, all you have to do is follow these proven steps to get ahead:

1.  Don’t marry her!
2.  Always use your mom’s address to get your mail.
3.  The guy buys a house.
4.  The guy rents out house to his girlfriend with his two kids.
5.  Section 8 will pay $900 a month for a 3 bedroom home.
6.  Girlfriend signs up for Obamacare, so guy doesn’t have to pay for family insurance.
7.  Girlfriend gets to go to college for free for being a single mother.
8.  Girlfriend gets $600 a month for food stamps.
9.  Girlfriend gets a free cell phone.
10.  Girlfriend get free utilities.
11.  Guy moves into home, but continues to use mom’s address for his mail.
12.  Girlfriend claims one kid and guy claims the other kid on their tax forms. Now both get to claim head of household at $1800 credit.
13.  Girlfriend gets $1800 a month disability for being “crazy” or having a “bad back” and never has to work again.

This plan is perfectly legal and is being executed now by millions of people.

A married couple with a stay-at-home mom yields $0 dollars.

An unmarried couple with stay-at-home mom nets $21,600 disability + $10,800 free housing + $6,000 free Obamacare + $6,000 free food + $4,800 free utilities + $6,000 Pell grant money to spend + $12,000 a year in college tuition free from Pell grant + $8,800 tax benefit for being a single mother = $75,000 a year in benefits!

Any idea why the country is $18 trillion plus in debt and half the population is sitting around letting the other half pay their way?

Maybe this is a good reason to clean house in Washington in 2016!

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