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Try The Star Cinema Grill In Webster TX For A Great Time

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By Johnny Bevers

I recently visited the Star Cinema Grill (SCG for short) in Webster, TX and had a fantastic time with my girlfriend.  This isn’t your traditional movie theater.  In fact, it’s a full service restaurant where you can order anything off of a restaurant quality menu at any time during the movie.  You can even order an alcoholic beverage to sip on while watching the movie.

The SCG is designed to feature new movie releases offering an experience like no other.  It’s like having all the creature comforts of home while being waited on without having to pause the movie while you eat.  The staff is incredibly pleasant and prompt with sending your order into the cooks who make your meal fresh and fast.  Because each meal is made to order, it may take a couple of minutes, but it’s really not a long wait at all.  After my order went in, it was delivered in only 11 minutes, which I thought was fair because it really was made while I waited; hot with the cheese still melting on my burger.  The best thing was I didn’t have to get up, pause the movie, etc.  The seating was incredibly comfortable and spaced out enough between guests it really didn’t feel crowded at all.

star cinema grill people drinking beer and eating


The SCG in Webster, TX is actually advertised as being in Clear Lake.  It’s located at:

1020 W Nasa Road 1 #152
Webster, TX 77598
star cinema grill 3
It’s just off I45 and Nasa Parkway near Kemah, TX.  It’s actually very easy to find by searching on the above address in Google search or maps.

The Menu

star cinema grill entrance

The selection was outstanding offering really quick order items like spinach artichoke dip to shrimp tacos.  Here’s a quick look at a few of the menu items so you’ll get an idea of what they offer:

  • Angus Burger (what I had and highly recommended) – $8.99
  • Macaroni (very good) – $8.99
  • Club Sandwich with bacon, turkey, ham, along with Swiss and American Cheese – $9.49

 The Atmosphere

star cinema grill screen

The atmosphere at the Star Cinema Grill was very casual and everyone there seemed to have a great time.  I think this is a fantastic location to take your girlfriend or your spouse on a date night.  The thing I really appreciated was the ability to have a beer while watching the movie.  Of course they do have the traditional popcorn and soda if you’re so inclined, but you’re certainly not limited.  The movie was much more enjoyable than your traditional theater.  All in all, I’d highly recommend the SCG for a night out on the town.  Why go to a movie and a separate dinner when you can roll it all into one location.  You might save some gas and actually have a better experience.

Below is a video showing how everything works at the Star Cinema Grill


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