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TXTAG: The easiest way to pay toll roads: Login to Your TxTag account now

TxTag or Mail! Open a txtag login account online to make your life easier.  How many times have you seen the txtag.org sign in Texas? Maybe you were on a road trip?

On average Texas Toll Tag holders earn a twenty five percent discount across all Texas toll roads.  You can use the tag on any tollway in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.  Texas uses toll tax to fund road improvement programs. You will need one for each vehicle.

The state of Texas has gotten very "high tech" when it comes to how Texans pay their toll fees.  The "TxTag" program allows Texas citizens to place a sticker right behind the mirror on the inside of their windshield to avoid waiting in lengthy toll booths.  When your car passes through a TxTag booth, a small microchip is read by an electronic "reader" that charges the fee to the holder of the toll tag.  You don't have to slow down, stop, or pull over like you do when paying manually.  In addition, you also receive a discount by owning the Tex Tag.

-It takes $20 or more when you open a txtag account. Txtag or Mail! Open txtag login account

-If you live in Texas, or frequently travel through the state, then you know all about the TXTAG system.

-For those who don't know, TxTag is a program that allows drivers to pay their tolls electronically.

-The tag is affixed to your windshield and is read by a sensor as you pass through a toll booth.

-The cost of the toll is then automatically deducted from your account.

-The TxTag system makes paying tolls easy and convenient. No more fumbling for change at the toll booth!

- Plus, TxTag holders get a discount on most Texas toll roads.

-If you're not using TxTag.org, you're missing out!

-Why not sign up today? It's easy to do and you'll be happy you did.

What is TXTAG? TxTag or Mail! Open TXTAG Login Account

TxTag is operated by the Texas DOT. They manage toll transactions. Where? Loop 1, SH 45N, SH 45SE, SH 130 in the Austin area. Plus, TxTag tag transactions anywhere in the Texas.

Solve TxTag toll bills at TxTag.org or call 1-888-468-9824 for help.

Texas toll tags are more prevalent across the state today. The txtag sticker put on the inside of your windshield has a microchip. A reader above the toll road senses the txtag by microchip. Your prepaid account deducts tolls automatically. Watch your balance if you are not using autopay.

TxTag login account

How to apply for txtag login account -  Txtag or Mail! Open txtag login account

Opening an TxTag Toll account online is convenient. Txtag or Mail! Open txtag login account! The minimum "prepaid" amount you can put on your card is $20 dollars.  You will receive a welcome kit with instructions by mail.  Affix the txtag sticker to your vehicle this way.  This makes owning the tag a must for busy professionals who need the convenience of getting places fast.  Open Texas Toll Tag Account here  at the txtag login. Texas Toll Tag Application

How to Buy a TXtag Sticker

Add money to your txtag toll account in the most convenient way for you. Be it online, phone, in person or by mail. The address is TxTag CSC, P.O. Box 640749 in Dallas, TX. 75265.

Choosing to opt in for auto text messages with low balances and credit card issues is a benefit of autopay. You can close your TXtag account anytime.

How to get a free Texas Toll Tag Sticker

Getting a free Texas toll account tag sticker is as simple as setting up your pre paid bills in your life.  Set up the autopay using a bank account, credit card or a debit card that does not require a pin. Set it up with at least $20 dollars.

Special TxTAG account for motorcycles

 Texas toll tags for motorcycles are different and require a deposit that is refundable. Use Bumper TxTags when the windshield has metal or other features. The bumper Texas toll tag sticker requires a deposit as well because it is reusable.

TX Toll Tag for Veterans

Disabled veterans, Purple Heart recipients and Medal of Honor recipients can drive on all Texas highways free of charge.  Display the corresponding veterans license plate and get this special award.  You do not require a TxTag to drive on toll roads as your veterans tag will identify you for this special program. Veterans without a tag need a Texas toll tag. Be sure your license plate is correct.


What happens if I don't have a TxTag?

What happens when you go through a toll without payment or a txtag? They photograph your license plate when you don't have a Texas toll tag account and go through without payment. They send a bill to your address.  Not paying this bill carries a $250 fine and potential court costs for non-payment. Pay the fine as soon as possible.  This will eliminate the probability of finding yourself in court explaining to a judge why you failed to pay the toll.

Charged by mistake? Contact the TxTag Customer Service Operations Center at 1-888-468-9824.  Speak with a customer service representative to have the charge immediately removed from your account. Call 1-888-468-9824 if you sell your car and receive a bill in the mail. Call when your car is stolen.