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TxTag or Mail! Open a txtag login account online to make your life easier.  How many times have you seen the txtag.org sign in Texas? Maybe you were on a road trip?

Simplify Your Drive with TxTag: Your Guide to Easy Texas Toll Payments

Navigating toll roads in Texas has never been easier, thanks to the innovative TxTag program. Are you tired of the hassle of searching for change or waiting in lengthy toll booths? Look no further – TxTag is here to simplify your driving experience.

Imagine breezing through toll plazas without slowing down, all while enjoying discounts on your toll fees. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or a local Texan, the TxTag system is designed to make your life on the road smoother and more convenient.

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Discover the benefits, the process, and the special programs that await you in this comprehensive guide to TxTag – your gateway to effortless Texas toll payments.

On average Texas Toll Tag holders earn a twenty five percent discount across all Texas toll roads.  You can use the tag on any tollway in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.  Texas uses toll tax to fund road improvement programs. You will need one for each vehicle.

The state of Texas has gotten very “high tech” when it comes to how Texans pay their toll fees.

The “TxTag” program allows Texas citizens to place a sticker right behind the mirror on the inside of their windshield to avoid waiting in lengthy toll booths.  

When your car passes through a TxTag booth, a small microchip is read by an electronic “reader” that charges the fee to the holder of the toll tag.  

Open Texas Toll Tag Account here at the txtag login. Texas Toll Tag Application

Experience the Ease and Savings of TxTag:

  • Say goodbye to manual toll payment hassles – no slowing down, stopping, or pulling over.
  • Enjoy automatic discounts as a proud Tex Tag owner.
  • Start your journey with a minimum of $20 when opening a Txtag account through convenient online or mail options.
  • Familiar with the Texas landscape? Then you’re likely acquainted with the efficient TXTAG system.
  • For those unacquainted, TxTag is a user-friendly program for electronic toll payment.
  • Affix the tag to your windshield, and sensors do the rest as you glide through toll booths.
  • Fare payment is effortlessly deducted from your account.
  • Streamlined and convenient, TxTag means no more fumbling for change at toll booths.
  • Gain additional benefits with TxTag – holders enjoy discounts on most Texas toll roads.
  • Don’t miss out – visit TxTag.org and sign up today for a hassle-free toll experience. It’s simple and worthwhile.

What is TXTAG? TxTag or Mail!

Open TXTAG Login Account

TxTag, managed by the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT), is your key to effortless toll transactions. Whether you’re cruising through routes like Loop 1, SH 45N, SH 45SE, and SH 130 in Austin or traveling anywhere in Texas, TxTag has you covered.

If you encounter any txtag toll bill issues, solving them is a breeze at TxTag.org, or you can seek assistance by calling 1-888-468-9824.

TxTag login account

How to apply for txtag login account –  Txtag or Mail! Open txtag login account

How to Buy a TXtag Sticker

For your convenience, here are the options to manage your TxTag Toll Account:

Online: Visit TxTag.org to access your account, make payments, and manage your toll transactions.
Phone: Call 1-888-468-9824 to speak with a customer service representative and manage your account over the phone.
Mailing Address: Send payments to TxTag CSC, P.O. Box 640749, Dallas, TX 75265.
Mobile App: Download the official TxTag mobile app to easily manage your account, monitor balances, and make payments on-the-go.

Opening an TxTag Toll account online is convenient. Txtag or Mail! Open txtag login account! The minimum “prepaid” amount you can put on your card is $20 dollars.  

You will receive a welcome kit with instructions by mail.  Affix the txtag sticker to your vehicle this way.

 This makes owning the tag a must for busy professionals who need the convenience of getting places fast.  

Choosing to opt in for auto text messages with low balances and credit card issues is a benefit of autopay. Texans can close TXtag accounts at anytime.

How to get a free Texas Toll Tag Sticker

Getting a free Texas toll account tag sticker is as simple as setting up your pre paid bills in your life.

Set up the autopay using a bank account, credit card or a debit card that does not require a pin. Set it up with at least $20 dollars.

Special Programs: Streamlined Access and Benefits

TX Toll Tag for Veterans

Explore the array of specialized TxTag programs designed to cater to various needs and individuals, enhancing readability and understanding.

Veterans, Purple Heart recipients, and Medal of Honor recipients are bestowed the privilege of toll-free travel on Texas highways.

Easily identify your eligibility and enjoy the convenience that comes with these exclusive offerings. If you possess a veterans’ license plate, you’re automatically part of this remarkable program, eliminating the need for a separate TxTag.

Special TxTAG account for motorcycles

For motorcycle enthusiasts, a dedicated program offers a seamless experience with refundable deposits.

Use Bumper TxTags when the windshield has metal or other features. The bumper Texas toll tag sticker requires a deposit as well because it is reusable.


What happens if I run a toll without a tag?

Navigating Toll Payment Issues:

Encountering a toll without payment or a TxTag can lead to complications. In such cases, your license plate is captured in a photograph as you pass through the toll booth without a Texas toll tag account.

This triggers the issuance of a bill sent to your address. It’s crucial to promptly address this situation as neglecting to pay the bill can result in a hefty $250 fine and potential court expenses.

Avoid the inconvenience of legal proceedings by settling the fine swiftly. This proactive step prevents the likelihood of appearing in court to explain the oversight to a judge.

If you believe you’ve been charged in error, reach out to the TxTag Customer Service Operations Center at 1-888-468-9824.

Connecting with a knowledgeable customer service representative ensures the erroneous charge is promptly removed from your account.

For those selling their vehicles or encountering issues like receiving a bill after the sale or experiencing theft, seeking assistance is just a call away.

Connect with the TxTag Customer Service Operations Center and address your concerns effectively. Your journey to resolving toll payment matters is just a phone call away.

Call 1-888-468-9824 if you sell your car and receive a bill in the mail. Call when your car is stolen.


Join the ranks of busy professionals and travelers who benefit from the rapid and convenient access provided by owning a TxTag.

To embark on this journey of streamlined travel, open a Texas Toll Tag account on the TxTag login page.

Discover the seamless Texas Toll Tag Application process that ensures you’re always on the move without interruption.