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Using Dallas Headhunters To Land The Right Job

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By Johnny Bevers

Job searches are not easy — especially in big metropolises like Dallas.  If your job search is stuck in a rut or you just don’t have the time to find work, a Dallas headhunter could be the answer.  It is especially helpful when looking for high-level positions in competitive industries like IT, healthcare, and real estate.  With a headhunter by your side, you have access to the latest postings, direct access to human resources personnel and an expert who can help you make yourself more attractive than other candidates applying for the same position.

Identifying and working with recruiters in your area of expertise is definitely a consideration.  While some recruiters are paid directly by the employer, others work as a contractor for multiple firms.  Your best interest are in the forefront of the recruiters mind, but so are their clients.  They are only going to pair you with the job that is right for you based on your qualifications and experience.

Dallas is full of professional headhunters and recruiters that can pair you with the right openings.  If you do not have your resume and references in order, do so before you start contacting Dallas headhunters.  Then, start comparing these top recruiting firms based on specialty to see what they can do for you and your career.

How to Work with Dallas Headhunters

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Recruiters are not paid unless they fill a position; therefore, they are motivated to find a qualified individual to fill their client’s need.  They typically work for the employer seeking an employee, but you can still find recruiters willing to work for job seekers.  Because recruiters are motivated to fill positions, they have a higher network reach and can connect you with other headhunters if you do not qualify for the position that they are currently looking to fill.

While a recruiter might seem like they have very little time, they are there to help employers and job seekers meet.  Do not waste their time.  Have your resources in order before you meet with a recruiter and only work with headhunters that are in your specialty.  By working with one that operates solely in your industry, you’ll have a better chance of finding the right job.  Avoid staffing agencies that fill temporary positions — these often are unreliable.  Instead, work with a company that is seeking permanent employees to fill permanent positions.


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Whether you are a nurse, physician or a medical aide, the healthcare industry is going to be competitive.  You often have dozens of applicants applying for the same position and some of those applicants could be out of state as well.  A Dallas headhunter that specializes in healthcare recruiting can put you in touch with the right positions and help you stand out among your competitors.

Odell Medical Search, for example, offers services to both companies and job seekers who specialize in the medical industry.  They look for the best candidate for open positions and can help potential job seekers find work.  They have a reputation for excellence and are highly successful on both levels.  Also, their staff are well trained and educated in the healthcare and recruiting industry — making them one of the best Dallas headhunters around.  You can learn more by visiting their website.

Information Technology

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With more technological schools popping up each year (both physical and online), the field is booming with talented individuals ready to take whatever open positions they can find.  That means more competition for you, regardless of your experience and training.  Dallas headhunters can find open IT positions and pair you with their clients looking for qualified individuals just like you.

InSource Group is a professional IT recruiter for the Dallas area.  They help pair qualified professionals with open IT positions throughout Dallas and other areas of Texas.  Their website also offers insight on the IT industry, how to land a job and even offers interview tips so that once you’re paired with an interview, you can ace it.  They have a dedicated IT recruiting team that works for individuals and companies.  They keep up-to-date on the latest IT technology, positions and requirements so that they can fill positions with quality people.  Learn more by visiting their website.


The area of sales is high-powered, fast-paced and high-energy.  There is a lot to keep up with and the positions often fill as fast as they become vacant.  By working with Dallas headhunters you will be the first to know about these open sales positions so that you can jump in and apply.

The Lucas Group is a high-end Dallas sales recruiter that helps find sales professionals the right position based on their experiences.  They have a national reach, which means they can help you find positions in and out of the Dallas area.  Their expert sales staff knows how to deliver talented individuals to companies and they specialize in everything from account managers to upper level management to sales representatives.  Learn more by visiting their website.

Real Estate

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The housing market is booming again, especially in Dallas.  As a real estate professional — whether in real estate sales, financing or inspections — you need to move fast to get into openings in the area.  Dallas headhunters that specialize in real estate recruiting can help you find the perfect agency.  Senior and mid-level real estate professionals need a headhunter.  Most of these high-level positions are not publicly advertised; instead, they use a recruiter to help fill their openings.

Morrow & Associates is a high-level real estate recruiter with an excellent reputation.  They fill high level and executive level real estate positions throughout Dallas.  They have been in business since 1993 and handle everything from real estate sales to developers to investors and more.  You can learn more about their process by visiting their website.


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Legal positions — such as an attorney, legal secretary or even a legal partnership — are rarely advertised to the public.  Firms don’t have time to weed out multiple applicants; therefore they resource with Dallas headhunters.

Prescott Legal Search is a Texas-based recruiting firm that specializes in legal recruiting.  They work with some of the largest law firms in Texas.  They have connections with the most influential accreditation firms, deal with the biggest law schools and can find positions that suit your talents.  They have a strict code of ethics and standards that their legal recruiters adhere to.  They also have a reputation for excellence and pairing superior legal candidates with job openings throughout the state.  You can learn more about their services by visiting their website.

Tips For Working With A Dallas Headhunter

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The headhunting business is just as competitive as the industry you’re looking to find a job.  You may have multiple recruiter options in your particular industry; therefore, do not be discouraged if the one you find doesn’t work out.  Also, to make sure your experience is the most successful, consider some of these tips for working with local recruiters:

  • Always send in your completed resume.  While some recruiters are willing to help you complete it, it is more professional and you are more likely to get referrals if you send in a full, professional resume from the day you contact them.
  • Be honest.  A recruiter is looking for a qualified professional to fill their opening — which means they will do background checks, verify references, etc.  Always be honest with a recruiter.  Lying about qualifications will not only result in you not getting a particular position, but could result in that headhunter never working with you again in the future.
  • Keep it private.  Recruiters tell you specifics about a company or job because they are interviewing you for that company.  Do not share that information with other people — including those interested in the job.
  • Be prompt in your communications.  When a headhunter gets in touch with you, respond to their calls as soon as possible.  Also, when your interview is over, follow up with the recruiter.  Recruiters often are working to fill multiple positions at the same time, which means you could be pushed under the pile of applicants if you don’t keep your resume fresh in the headhunters mind.

Dallas headhunters are great resources for finding top-level positions throughout the region.  Whether you are a recent graduate or you are a professional looking to change scenery, a recruiter can help you find the perfect position that suits your needs and your capabilities.

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