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5 Easy Ways To Watch Local TV Online

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By Johnny Bevers

It is no old wives tale that American’s love to sit in front of the television screen, it has been a pastime in this country for several decades.  Something about laying down on the couch, flipping on the boob tube, and eating bag after bag of Doritos releases tension like nothing else can; the glow of the screen has an almost hypnotic meditative state, at least until the commercials come on.  There are very few things that match the annoyance of these words:  “We’ll be right back after these commercial messages.

Commercials can ruin the whole aura of your television programming.  Many people channel surf or mute the TV and come back.  Still, fifteen minutes of commercials for every hour of local programming can be troublesome when there’s nothing else good to watch, or worse yet, you come back to your muted television having missed some integral plot piece.  This can be maddening to say the least, but there is good news for our digital era.

The evolution of modems into high speed wireless has made watching your favorite programs online (for free or low cost) a possibility.

online tv 5Use Your Search Engine:  After it was founded, Youtube quickly monopolized the search engine racket.  They try to stop trademarked material from being posted, but there are so many users that they just can’t keep up.  Where there is a demand there will be a supply.  This is probably the best method but likely the method least spoken of by the general population.  It’s lack of widespread use is due to the learning curve.  It can be hard to pick up on your own, but over time you get a knack for it.  Lucky for you, this article has an outline of the method how to use this method.

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First thing you need to familiarize yourself with Google’s search codes:

  • Putting quotes around a keyphrase “like this” makes Google and most other search engines seek out that keyphrase.  If the keyphrase is not present on a website, it will not show up on the search results.  Putting a plus sign (+) after the your initial search stops any incoming content without that word or phrase.  For example, let’s say you want to find the first episode of Law And Order. Typing “Law And Order Season 1 Episode 1” will search for that long-tailed keyword only.  Any other searches that don’t fit the criteria will be omitted, making it much easier to find.
  • Familiarize yourself with with proper video streaming sites.  There are many out there; Putlocker, Gorillavid, and Sockshare to name a few. Make sure that when you visit these websites it is not a fake copy.  Some sites will register with the name of the hosting company and put .org/.net/.biz after in order to make it look official.  These sites can contain malware and viruses.
  • Putting a plus sign (+) after the your initial search stops any incoming content without that word or phrase from showing up in the results.  If you want to watch the episode streaming, you should type the following “Law and Order Season 1 Episode 1” +Putlocker
  • Be aware that fake play buttons, even on legitimate sites that give you malware or viruses, destroying your computer.  To combat this you need to familiarize yourself with legitimate video sites; putlocker, gorillavid, and sockshare to name just a few.  Use the plus function with one of these sites until you find a match.

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Youtube:  Before being bought out by Google, Youtube became a successful at an expnential rate.  Did you know you can find full length movies and television shows on Youtube?  This hosting giant frowns upon the practice and removes a lot of videos that break trademark and copyright laws, but the videos still stay around for a long time.  All the search engine codes work in Youtube the same way as they do in step one on Google’s search engine, so just repeat the process here.  This trick can be hard to master, but once you do, you will have a skill to watch TV free that will stick with you for the rest of your life.  No more overpriced bills!

Netflix:  This media giant is mainly known for it’s large library of movies, but it has a lot of TV shows too.  You can get full episodes, with no commercials, and entire seasons of your favorite shows.  The best part about Netflix is that you can play these videos on your computer, your xbox, or even connect it to your television set.  The cost for the basic service is $7.99 a month, but they also have DVD rentals an added monthly fee.

Hulu:  This is a free online service that legally offers tons of television shows.  Hulu has more TV shows, while Netflix caters more to the movie fans.  There are short commercial breaks, but nothing as long as the ones on TV.  The monthly fee for Hulu Plus is, like Netflix, $7.99 a month.  With Hulu Plus you get access to more TV shows and tons of full series features, with no commercials.

iTunes:  You can also buy your favorite series on iTunes.  This is a great option because it allows you to watch without an Internet connection.  While it is more pricy, the ability to download your favorite series, burn it, and watch it anywhere makes it a very popular option.

online tv notebook computerI hope this article helped you find the show you are looking for.  The glow of the computer screen can be just as mesmerizing as that of the television.  If you have a laptop, no need to stop being a couch potato.  Just grab your favorite junk food, some soda to wash it down, and recline.  This is even better than the TV because you can position the laptop screen to make yourself more comfortable.  Cold?  Couldn’t watch TV under the covers before?  Well, now you can!

Below is a video showing 12 surprising facts about Netflix.


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