6 things to do indoors in Austin Texas

6 things to do indoors in Austin Texas include crazy fun activities and indoor adult play. Austin Texas is home to several rivers, state parks and a number of other ways to spend time with friends and family outdoors. The sad thing is that weather conditions can easily turn your outdoor haven into something resembling hell. During heavy rainfalls and terrible heatwaves, playing outside isn’t that much of an option. However, this does not mean that you can’t have fun during these times. Along with several opportunities for outdoor enjoyment, Austin also comes with a plethora of avenues for indoor enjoyment. In this post we will be taking a look at indoor play in Austin and the 6 things to do indoors in Austin Texas.

Discover New Restaurants in Austin!

You can still take your taste buds on a trip even if you are not an outdoorsy person. The local cuisine in Austin, Texas doesn’t take any breaks come rain or shine. This is because there are so many options. There are various local brunch hotspots with out of the ordinary menus. Another great cuisine option are the farm-to-table restaurants that are very common here.  Vegans and vegetarians are not left out of the equation also. The vegan restaurants are scattered all over Austin, Texas. Another noteworthy aspect of Austin’s cuisine are the BBQ and burger joints located in several parts of the city. 

Vegan Restaurants in Austin Texas

Have the Ultimate Bowling Experience!

Taking your taste buds on an adventure is just one of the many Austin indoor attractions. Bowling is another way you can make your time at Austin worthwhile without having to go outdoors. Austin is home to some of the best bowling alleys in the whole of Texas. The University of Texas’ Union Underground will give you a hip bowling experience with its glow in the dark bowling alley. If you are looking for something that is a lot more traditional and family-friendly, the Highland Lanes (also known as Dart Bowl) may be just what you are looking for. Highlands Lanes is rumored to have the best burger in the whole of Austin. So, if you are an international tourist looking to enjoy the American experience, there is nothing more American than a night of bowling and burger! 

Austin indoor activities for adults

Have a beer in Austin which is home to many local breweries. They are so many breweries in Austin, Texas that some tourism agencies offer brewery tours around the city. These breweries use fresh sustainable ingredients sourced from the local farmers. Spending time in these pubs is one of the most popular Austin indoor for Adults. Most of the pubs have an eco-system of their own. Tasty beer is accompanied with trivia, food trucks and amazing music! If you are looking to enjoy your time in Austin, Texas, have a beer in one of the many taverns. You will be glad that you did. Start with the Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company.

Have a good laugh at the Austin Texas Comedy Clubs!

Going to comedy clubs are one of the many Austin indoor attractions that you should not miss out on. There is nothing more enjoyable than having a great laugh in those evenings when you can’t go out to enjoy everything Austin has to offer outdoors. Austin is home to a number of theaters and production venues such as Cap City Comedy and Esther’s Follies. These venues have a year long schedule of programs designed for folks looking to laugh. 

However, if you are not in the mood for comedy, you can go watch a movie at one of our IMAX theatres.

Break A Sweat in our Indoor Trampoline in Austin

Another amazing indoor activity that you can engage in during your time in Austin, Texas is trampolining. Austin is home to several trampoline parks that provide a safe environment for both adults and kids to have a great time without going outside. This makes it a perfect indoor activity for both adults and kids. These trampoline parks have a variation of obstacle courses, slides and bounce houses that will ensure that you break a sweat enjoying yourself.

Austin Rainy Day Activities

Austin rainy day activities must include art and history. If you are a sucker for learning new things, visiting one of the many museums in the city is one of the indoor activities you should indulge yourself in. You can learn about the history of the state of Texas at the Bullock Museum and the Texas Military Forces Museum. If you are fascinated by Mexican and Latino art and culture, the Mexic-Arte Museum could intrigue you. 

Your quest for knowledge could also take you to one of the many libraries in the Austin community. The Austin Public Library features a gallery where art exhibits are held. In the library, there are reading porches that overlook the Shoal Creek and Lady Bird Lake. Also take advantage of the virtual library.

Indoor Play in Austin

Create Memories with Laser Tag and Video Games in Austin!! Channel your inner James bond by playing in one of the biggest laser tag arenas in Texas. Blazer Tag Adventure Centre is a three-story game room that has towers, ramps designed to help visitors make fun and lasting memories. This arena features a Sky Trail and an amazing arcade center and a snacks bar. Pinballz is another venue where you can have loads of fun playing games. This arena also organizes laser tag games. However, it is best known for its video game collection. This arena also has an amazing bar and restaurant service in case you get hungry. 

At Austin, Texas, the fun doesn’t end when you can’t go out. There is so much indoor play in Austin that you can engage in. In this post, we have discussed a number of Austin rainy day activities. All you just have to do is choose one that perfectly aligns with your interests. Austin INDOOR attractions are unique and often more fun than outdoors.